“Science Doesn’t Benefit Us”

Excuse me but, what?! One of my contributor’s friends (obviously a religious nut-job) had this to say on our Facebook page:

Do you even logic?

Do you even logic?

The greatest rebuttal to said nonsense was that of one of our members:

“Dear atheists, can science protect you?” – It already has. Thanks to science I am able to go to the doctor and get antibiotic when I’m sick. My car is also safer to drive thanks to scientific tests and analysis. 

“Did science expand your breast with your initial breath?” – Science itself can not do anything. We learn how phenomena take place and how nature works through science.

“Your promotion of science is enabling governments to take actions based on equations. Not based on wisdom seeking justice or justice seeking wisdom; the infinite equation.” – Our promotion of science? Science is not only promoted by Atheists, it has always been promoted and was pioneered by theists. Wisdom is nothing more than learning your faults over time and reflecting on what could have been to better the outcome of those faults. That is a general form of science in the scale of a lifetime regarding personal choices.

“Equations that do not benefit community, sustaining freedom and natural rights. Yes, you have been deceived before and now in combative nature you seek to be deceived at your own game.” – Equations such as 1+1 or the observation that homosexuality is not unnatural and therefore should not be banned? Last I checked, it was specific faiths trying to inhibit our nature, not science. Science does nothing but explains how it is that nature works and theorizes as to why.

“Rather than to continue to trust in God and revive your faith.” If you pledge covenant to one, how can you another? I assure you, if you pledge covenant to science, the damnation of your youth in inevitable.” – Okay, this is fucking ridiculous. First off, you can accept science (which is the study of nature and natural laws through a process which allows us to try to bypass our biases because they have a tendency to cloud the truth) and still be religious. As a believer, you probably think that God is outside of the laws of nature and is eternal. With that belief in place, there is nothing to say that God didn’t create the Universe. If you want to believe that He did, that’s fine, but you can’t ignore everything within his creation and then tell us that WE’RE damned for actually accepting it.

For those of you who are religious yet reject science, you are more blind then I, I assure you. If, for the sake of argument, God exists and has created everything that we observe in the natural world, and we use the process of science to be more conclusive about our observations, by denying what we find, aren’t you in essence denying your God’s creation as well? – Theresa C.