I Didn’t Think I Would Need to Make a Blog Post About This…

When something bad happens to someone – when it comes to ‘Black Atheists’ on Facebook I’m immediately blamed. Why? Because people think this group: facebook.com/groups/blackatheists belongs to me. It doesn’t. Instead of actually putting forth the five-seconds it would have taken to find out who the owner of the group was, people immediately come to me. I’ve gotten hate-mail and death threats due to what goes on over at that group. They complain to me about how the page is full of racists and kick anyone out that isn’t black or harass the people who aren’t black in to leaving. That’s tragic and I’m sorry that it happened, but it has NOTHING to do with me! I had JUST LEFT that page not too long ago because I disagreed with a lot of what was going on there. I barely posted or even participated in any of the posts in that group. Why would I?

If you haven’t noticed, the style of that group is totally different from my blog(s), page, and group. I use the same font in all of my cover page pictures and I introduce myself every 3-4 months on both the group and the page. I even have it in the description on both the group and the page that I’m not affiliated with that group. I’ve gone out of my way to make that known and yet…I’m doomed to having to make this:


I shouldn’t have to do shit like this if people would just READ!


“My friend shared something from your page and I’m offended!”


What exactly does that have to do with Black Atheists as a whole? Shouldn’t you be taking that up with the person that shared something from our page on THEIR wall? After I post something, I have no control who shares what, when or where. It’s obvious that a lot of people don’t understand how Facebook work.

Since that seems to be a growing case on BA, I’m going to show you guys how easy, fast and simple it is to build a bridge and get over it.

Exhibit A:


Now get over it.

The time you spend sending me messages, trolling and spamming the Black Atheist Facebook page with your disapproval of our existence, you could have easily shrugged it off and hidden whatever it was that pissed you off. That or simply scroll past the highly offensive content. But of course, that’s too much like right.

If you’re coming to BA, hopefully it’s to have a debate and to not tell us you’re going to pray for us because you lack a better argument.

Becoming A Contributor for Black Atheists’ Facebook Page

Let me get this out-of-the-way now: No, you do not have to be black.

That’s usually the question people ask when considering being apart of BA’s team. It doesn’t matter what race you are. Every once in a while I look for admins, but mostly right now, I’m only looking for contributors.


  • We prefer if people posted everyday at least 5-10 times. We like to keep the page active and content current due to how Facebook sometimes check how and what is shown on people’s news feeds.
  • We are not paying you. That should be a given.
  • Even though we are not paying you and you’re not truly obligated to keep us in the know when you cannot take part for the day, week or month, it’s only common courtesy if you do so. We all have lives and we will always have times where we’re busier than the other contributors and admins, so it wouldn’t hurt to just let me know.
  • Please do not post anything from “Proud to be Atheist”, or The fraudulent AaRT Facebook page. There are two of these pages floating around and one is genuine and the other one isn’t.
  • Give credit to images where possible. If you gotten it from ‘Atheist Republic, make sure you link their Facebook page with the content you’re posting.
  • Try sharing instead of uploading images that come from other Facebook pages.
  • When it’s possible, avoid feed the trolls at all cost, just simply ignore them and I’ll get around to banning them. They’re totally not worth our time. If they come with a sub-par decent debate, fine. Just don’t stoop down to their level when they start the name calling. It makes you both look like tools.
  • Please take note to this document I’ve created on the page.

Before you are considered to becoming a contributor, you will be of coursed asked a series of questions that I hope you’re okay with.


Addressing The Butt-Hurt: “Your Page is Offensive!”


This is for the atheists and theists. If you don’t like the content in which is on my blog/Facebook page, no one is forcing you to stick around.

Maybe I should have a disclaimer:
Warning: This page may cause butt-hurt, if you have the skin of unborn fetus, please exit stage left.


Seriously, apply as much as needed and then get the fuck on.

I’m truly getting sick and tired of the butt-hurt atheists mostly. I post a picture about Jews they get offended. My co-owner posts an image about having sex with an inflatable Jesus and they get offended (you know who you are). All I’m saying is, everything isn’t going to be Gaussian blurred image in the background, with a quote in the foreground. It’s not going to be about Neil deGrasse Tyson, or Carl Sagan all of the time. I shouldn’t have to say this but, everything isn’t going to be unicorn farts of rainbows and skittles.

I’m definitely getting tired of THIS shit:


I don’t need you to give me an ethics lesson, nor do I need you to give me posting etiquette lessons. I’ll post what the fuck I want! If it’s within the guidelines of Facebook, I don’t give a shit about how you feel.

Now, I bet next week, it’s going to be some more bullshit, and all I’m going to do is post this link under their comments and that’s it. Read it, don’t read it. I’m washing my hands of ya’.

What’s funny, it’s usually JUST ONE of you. Every now and again, one of you come out of the woodwork after you supposedly had enough. Well this my version of having enough. You butt-hurt cry-babies bitch and moan like I cross some invisible boundary that only you can see. It’s the internet, get the fuck over it. If you don’t like the content, oh the-fuck well.

Oh, I didn’t forget about you theist trolls, not much to say except that you need new material. Please don’t expect me to respect your religion any time soon. Thanks.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?: My Atheism Is Making Me and My Son Homeless

I don’t know, man. I’m starting to believe strangers on the corner would treat me better than my “family“.


June 15, 2013 (my son just turned two on the 14th), I got into an argument with – wait, let me start from the beginning…

I’m staying with a relative long enough to get back on my feet. I made it clear to this relative that I’m not planning on staying here too much longer – seeing as I hate it here. Moving back into my childhood home; where I was neglected, abused, molested and used was the last thing I wanted to do, but it beats having me and my 2-year-old son out on the street. Trust me, if I had somewhere else to go, I would have taken that, anything would have been better than moving here.

I’m currently in school, but I’m out of work at the moment and for some reason, no matter how many job offers I apply to, or the amount of job applications I fill out and send, no one wants to hire me. I have to stay optimistic because I’m not about to spend another 6-months in this hell-hole. Moving on…

Anyway, I got into an argument with my grandmother about the bullshit she was telling people about me and all the lies she was telling them. She even set me up, telling me things about my own relatives that weren’t true and they were supposedly in on it to see what I would do about it. What kind of family does this? Then again, this is the same family that told me that someone is out to hurt me but they wouldn’t tell me who.

This argument wasn’t about religion in the slightest. My relative made low-blows on my personality, my character and tried to embarrass me in front of the very same relatives that are against me. To me, she only embarrassed herself. This relative brought up my past a lot and took jabs at my son. Then she decided to go lower than that and tell me she doesn’t trust me as well to tell me she doesn’t like that I’m an atheist. I simply told her that it’s my life and my choice. What triggered this low and petty blow was one word: goddamn. Yep, I was talking to one of the other relatives in the room and this holier-than a communion wafer screams “I won’t take you taking the lord’s name in vain in my house!” I almost laughed but I ended up looking at her like she had two heads.

I was speechless! This is the same woman who would sell you out, and get you jumped by some unknown person – mind you, this mystery person that was going to hurt me, never surfaced yet. So we argue some more and she simply says well you have a month to find somewhere to say because I don’t like your atheism in my house”. So I confirmed what I said earlier to her: “I know more about your bible than you do”…I think that pissed her off.

But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
1 Timothy 5:8

If someone’s religion was so sure, so great; what I say in vain shouldn’t matter. To kick me out because I said “goddamn” sounds like to me she was finding an excuse to even bring up my atheism.

My fans of the Facebook page told me that I should just lie and say she shown me the light to keep from being out on the streets. I don’t know how I feel about lying about that. I’ve never been known to bite my tongue or kiss anyone’s ass, I feel that it would be beneath me to start now. I was also told to respect my elders and their religion. I’m sorry, what? Respect is earned! Furthermore, I’m not going to respect a religion that enslaved a people – which are still slaves to that imaginary sky-daddy today.

Her reasoning to hold strong to her sky-daddy’s nuts? Her 45 surgeries and doctors telling her she won’t make it to see 18. She didn’t stop there. She then went on to say I’m not working and out of a place to stay because I’m an atheist. All I have to say is, if that’s all god can do to me then he’s a fucking idiot.

I’m not about to lie, I’m not about to kiss anyone’s ass to keep from hurting their feelings. Their feelings wouldn’t get hurt if they didn’t have such foolish beliefs.

Once I’m out of here, they’ll never hear or see from me or my son again. To kick me out, that’s fine, but to kick out my 2-year-old son because I’m not a sheep? That’s the lowest of the low. Fuck em’.

Troll Nation: A Letter To Sarah Davis

Dear, Troll…aka Sarah Davis,

I would like to discuss some things you said in a statement on BA‘s Facebook page. Which statement you ask? This statement:


The statement in question.

You know, I shouldn’t be the one that gives you your five minutes of shame, but if I don’t who will? You and Jade Black‘s irrational views of atheists hurts me to my core. The fact there are people as feeble-minded as the two of you, does something to me. This letter, to you and people like you is to discuss a few things you said in your statement. I’m sure this isn’t your first rodeo and you probably learned a few jokes and things you think may upset an atheist on the way, but this time, you chose the wrong page.

You may think what you said was original, but it wasn’t. Many people before you have said the same thing on the very same wall. You’re not creative or funny in the slightest. Jade Black is just morbid, I don’t see her as an individual, either. Her logic is: “I have a degree, but you don’t so until you prove to me you have a degree, I’m smarter than you“. Says who? Anyway, I’m trailing off the main subject of this letter. Let’s break that P.O.S down, shall we?

First of all, the only person that’s racist, is you. Black Atheists are rare and are hard to find because many of them hide behind the very religion they object to keep from losing the very people who they love. My page is not racists, neither are other diverse pages are racists. It’s that there are so few of us, that diverse pages exist. Reaching out to my people is not racist. Segregating bathrooms, restaurants, dance halls, schools, business, is racist. Lynching a man for whistling at a white woman is racist. Your comment, is racists. Do you not see the error in your ways? The hypocrisy? The contradiction?

Second, atheism does not equate to science, but that does not mean science is not relevant to the question whether there is a god, or not. We believe in what can be proven. We believe in peer reviews, theories, hypothesis’, and the like. That doesn’t mean we’re scientists. It just mean that you’re simple-minded and refuse to think outside of the box. All Scientists aren’t atheists, either; just wanted to clear that up, too. Atheists don’t claim to have definitive knowledge of whether there is a god, or not; there’s no science involved in that. Your immediate stance on what you think you know, shows you know nothing at all. So you lash out because of it – like a little girl not getting her way. Science has taken away more and more religious explanations for natural phenomena. Everything we learn from science and knowledge makes your god less and less likely to exist. We simply have no reason or need to describe our universe using supernatural explanations anymore.

I put religion down because I don’t like it? Can you, or anyone else, give me a reason to why I should like religion? The holy bible in particular speaks of slaves, misogyny, murder, rape, hate. Why would I not put it down? Your god is not love and peace like you think it is. It said so itself:

Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. Matthew – 10:34

Here’s another one:

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. Isaiah – 45:7

It contradicts the first scripture, but you catch my drift. If your own argument is based off of my rejection of your god then, so be it. So the-fuck be it. Did you notice how you’re downing us for downing your religion because YOU don’t like it? Moving on.

Thirdly, I think you’re lying about this part:

“most atheists I know are poor, uneducated, and mean. Usually have no family or friends unless their friends are atheist, and they are usually on drugs, and sad with their life.”

You used that to push your agenda as well as used that as your reason to make your statement seem valid. Let me tell you, it’s not. Want to know why I think you’re lying? How could you be tolerant of those atheists long enough to “know” them and judge their way of living but, it didn’t take you all but 10 minutes to spew hatred on Facebook? I think I know why, the lack of fear of getting your teeth kick in, that’s why. I don’t think you get to know an atheist at all. I don’t know about the ones you “know” and I can’t speak for them but I’m not on drugs, uneducated, mean, poor, or pick and choose my friends. Would you mind giving me some kind of proof of these friends of yours, if you don’t mind? if they’re poor, I would like to see if I can help them out. Something it seems you’re not able to do since a lack in a deity is so beneath you. You’re despicable.

Lastly, I make a damn good parent. My son loves me and I, him. He knows nothing of this god, to him I’m his god. He came from me, I carried him inside of me for 9-months. He’ll be 2 next month and not once has he told me he hated me for not believing in a god. Children aren’t born believing in a god, they’re taught that later on. I sacrifice and compromise for my son because that’s what parents do, theist or atheist. A lack in a belief doesn’t make or break parenting skills. Another stab at things you don’t know. So if loving my son, giving him my all and my last makes me selfish then I’ll be that. You continue being a bigot and I’ll continue being awesome.

That concludes this letter.

This Is Why…

When I receive messages from supposed atheists that make simple-minded comments like this: Idiocyforblogtroll2 forblogtroll3

To answer your simple-minded question to “what the fuck is black atheists” or, “why is there a page for black atheists”…this is why:

thisiswhy thisiswhy2 thisiswhy3 thisiswhy4 thisiswhy5 thisiswhy6 thisiswhy7 thisiswhy8 thisiswhy9 thisiswhy10 thisiswhy11 thisiswhy12 thisiswhy13 thisiswhy14 thisiswhy15 thisiswhy16 thisiswhy17 thisiswhy18 thisiswhy19 thisiswhy20

thisiswhy0Anymore questions?

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