I just want to thank you, as an atheist woman, for not posting sexist, anti-feminist and misogynistic memes and for encouraging true respectful discourse. Another atheist page I used to follow blew up with that bullshit all morning and it’s extremely disheartening, as an atheist woman, to see ideology bred by religion used to troll followers. I appreciate that your admins always respond thoughtfully and respectfully to followers and it only elevates my respect for your page.

And also, thank you for making it a safe place for me to learn how to be a white ally in the fight against racism. I feel privileged to be included in the conversation. Keep up all your amazing work, you are inspiring and challenging me every day.

Thank you. –Allie B.

Your page is amazing. I’ve unfollowed every atheist page because they at 1 point or another show that they are run by sexist or just plain ignorant people. Sexism is a big issue in the atheist community and I’m so glad that this page is different. I’m white as fuck but black atheists is the only atheist page on fb that has my support. Because you guys keep it real.

So many atheist icons are detached or just ignorant. Like Bill Maher being against vaccines (what a stupid fuck) or Richard Dawkins with privilege or his child molesting teacher. We need more pages like this in our community . because I feel the atheist community is run by rich white men.  –Ethan H. 

This page what I’ve been looking for. Thanks! –Dee D.