To the theist trolls: For those of you who think you can write some quotes from your fairy tale book and think that will overcome rational thinking? Get over it. And grow up!

To Atheists: If you need someone to talk to, or to air things out, drop a line. It doesn’t have to be about atheism.

**Thinking about using a fake email? You’re a coward and I’ve already won. Sending the message would be pointless. Whatever pride you had left ran away the moment you became a child that wants the last word.
**I also know which emails are fake; they go straight to the trash for the email handler to be reviewed so I don’t even have to look at it, but give it the old ‘college try!’ if you must.
**Can’t comment on Black Atheists’ Facebook page? Don’t immediately assume you were banned. If you were, you’ll know. One of the admins will tell you why you were.