God’ll Have Y’all Forgiving Murderers But Hating Your Gay Relatives

I will never understand the mind of a Christian, let alone a black one. This whole Amber Guyger case has a lot of people upset and for good reason. The family of the slain relative got up and hugged this woman and forgave her. Christians, of course, gushing at the seams and beaming with joyous and holy delight. The rest of us are just sitting back shaking our heads. Why? That just gave the all-clear to kill more innocent black women, men, and children. It’s insulting enough that she only received a 10-year sentence but to get up and hug her? Really?

I’m just so tired of black folk always choosing to be the benevolent ones and everyone focusing on that instead of white folks innate fear and hatred of us. Nothing will change until white supremacy is fully addressed and it won’t happen if we keep focusing on the parts that make them feel good instead of the harsh reality. We keep sparing their white feelings for the sake of safety, for the sake of fear. Look where that has gotten us.

Let’s not forget that forgiveness in the bible, only comes after contrition. There was no contrition had from that woman. She knew how to provide CPR and administer life-saving help for her fuck-up, but instead decided to call her union rep. She never apologized, she never shown an ounce of remorse; she didn’t ask for forgiveness, but black folks are willing to give it to her. The ink on the conviction hasn’t even dried yet. We stand to be the bigger person even when it’s not required of us. It just shows how white supremacy (Christianity) still has a lot of them fucked up. But let a relative be gay, trans, lesbian, or bisexual. You’re ready to throw down and demand retribution, justice and few a rounds with the bible and some holy water. Where’s that same big dick energy for shit like this?

Call me cold-hearted, but this is fucked up. None of this is okay. It would have been a totally different courtroom if the roles were reversed. If the officer was a black man, coming home from a full shift, and he was tired, went to the wrong apartment, saw a woman who was white, innocent and pure; just reeking of privilege. Sitting on what he thought was his couch. He draws and fires his sidearm, killing this national treasure.

The white woman gets forgiven while the black man gets murdered.

Would her family go to court and tell him that God loved him? No. Would he elicit sympathy from the other side? Probably not. Would he receive 10 sorry ass years in prison for an unjustifiable homicide? I think the fuck not! He would be demonized. He would be called a thug who was associated with gang bangers even though he’s a decorated police officer. They would have done every background check, interview classmates all the way from preschool, did a blood test to check for drugs. They would have gone through his life with a fine-tooth comb to find anything incriminating. He wouldn’t garner sympathy from his all-white jury, and the judge would have got his black ass for no less than life.

Her trial is what’s wrong with America. White supremacy and its religion are what’s wrong with black people. How has Christianity blinded you so much that you think forgiving the murder of your brother so that you’d get into heaven? How did a murder get so much compassion in the name of a god who didn’t care enough to stop her?

And people have the nerve to ask why a page like Black Atheists exist. They ask why do I need to “segregate” atheism. We need our own space to address the fuckery surrounding black Christianity. We need our own space to address shit like this because most of you white folks will NEVER get it and will NEVER understand, and not from a lack of trying. It’s simply because it’s easier to refuse to understand.

It’s so frustrating to see every other race get its justice. Then here as black people, the majority of us are content with being walked on because of the lie that there are riches and justice coming when we die. He’s not strong for forgiving her. He’s not moral or noble! He didn’t do anything special. He’s wrong! He’s brainwashed! Miss me with that “We pray for our enemies or we’re no better than them” nonsense! Imagine screaming and hollering for justice just to turn around hug and then forgive the very person who took your child from you.

It’s devastatingly sad that black people glue themselves to religion that doesn’t give us any justice, or peace. All we get are tales from a book that were written by men who didn’t even know where the goddamned sun went at night. We deserve more than that.

I’m done giving any of this shit any of my damn energy.

Oklahoma Passes Bill Making Abortion Illegal

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which state is the most pious of them all? Oklahoma.

It’s not signed into law, yet, but the measure passed 33-12 without a single debate. The bill will also make performing an abortion a felony, a penalty of up to three years in prison.

I don’t have to tell you how unconstitutional this bill is. It’s downright disgusting.

Governor Mary Fallin has signed some pretty messed up bills in the past: 72 hour waiting period prior to performing abortions, common method of second-trimester abortions, prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks if the baby is deemed viable and can live outside the womb, preventing standard health insurance from covering abortions, and requiring physicians to be present when an abortion drug is taken.

What is it with Republicans and women’s rights?  The last I checked, health care decisions were made by the patient and their health care provider, not by inept, bigoted, evil and twisted politicians who lack medical training.

This has to be the most archaic and asinine piece of legislation from her yet. How many more steps do we have to take backwards before we go forward again? Yes, let’s ban abortion so more and more kids can enter the broken and needs revising foster care system to be abandoned, abused and neglected. Yes, let’s say ‘to hell’ to a woman who needs that abortion to live even though the dying fetus is killing her. Yes, let’s take away a woman’s right to choose even though she was raped.

“Life begins at conception”? Well, your god is cruel for killing mine. Your god allowed me to grow a bond, see it on an ultrasound and then miscarry. Now, if “life begins at conception”, who do you answer to if your god is the one that takes it away? Oh, “it’s god’s will” at that point.

These are blatant attacks based on the grounds of Christianity.

The Daily Beast, you thought making a .gif of a Black Man’s death was okay?

You’re disgusting. This is disgusting and you should be ashamed. Question: Where’s the .gifs from Paris? Why can’t we get the same fucking respect? Not just you, everyone who does this nonsense with black deaths.

You made a .gif of a black man getting shot 16 times and you thought that was okay, that it was tasteful? That’s how much Black lives matter to you?

The outrage I have for the stunt you’re pulling is steadily rising. You don’t even have the common fucking decency to take the post down, to remove the .gif at least; after so much backlash. I guess all that matters is how many people you can get to click on your deplorable post. I’m in no way helping with that, but a point needs to be made here.

I can’t feel fine about a “news” outlet that creates .gifs of someone being murdered. Black death is not and should not be entertainment. Black pain is not a fucking cartoon. There’s no excuse, there’s no way to defend your stance, either. It’s kind of hard because it’s inconsiderate, hurtful, disgusting, and unprofessional. I don’t even think TMZ would have done that shit and they’re at the bottom of the barrel.

You said you were taking the .gif down and it’s still there. I know this because I checked. Just when I thought the internet couldn’t stoop any lower, The Daily Beast proves me wrong.

Update: Finally! THANK YOU FOR TAKING IT DOWN. You’re still deplorable.

I’m Not Morally Equipped to Make White People Comfortable

I’ve opened and have welcomed all types of atheists and secularists on the Black Atheists Facebook page and this blog, but let me be crystal clear: This page is dedicated to black people. This is a safe place for everyone, but I need to be for my people. Just because I let you in and build friendships with you all doesn’t mean I’m going to kiss anyone’s ass. I’m not. I’m not sorry.

With that being said: I post a lot of controversial content and I speak my mind because:


The world spends a lot of time caring about what white people think. Sorry, I can’t, and I won’t. If their feelings matter then so do ours.

That goes as far as pointing out racism, discussing white feminism and how it’s only for white people, the issue with white people thinking being pro-black is anti-white, noting that the world doesn’t revolve around them; I also kindly remind them about cultural appropriation, too. Nothing is off limits when I can’t take my son to his preschool without being racially profiled. I can’t walk into a Walgreens parking lot without a white woman clasping her purse and holding onto her child while making sure her car is locked when she sees me.


So, since I inadvertently make them uncomfortable with my blackness I mind as well give them a reason. So when I post black issues, I do it i knowwithout any remorse. Black issues can’t be argued since it’s 2015 and we’re far more likely to be killed by a white terrorist now than we did when my 80-year-old grandmother was a child. I’m not mincing my words, and I won’t pander. Facts are facts and if white people can’t handle that, tell me something that’s new.

The issue I have when white people throw tantrums in the face of facts is this: They don’t have to live with the stigmas that society portrayed on them because they’re laughable. They can throw their stats and numbers back at us, about us, but they can’t seem to do the same thing to themselves. The finger is always pointed at us. So when we have to do the finger pointing they see it as a threat and maybe even as a challenge. That’s fine, but facts don’t stop being facts because they’re mad.

So don’t expect me to feel bad for white people any time soon. Their problems are definitely, in every sense of the word, “first-world”.

Why Being “Pro-white” is Absolutely Ridiculous

I posted this image to BA:

being pro black in america

Not accounting for the trollops that do believe being pro-black is being anti-white. Let’s not get it confused, here.

And in came the flurry of racists and bigots. The main ones were white men. They called the post racist, hypocritical and illogical. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. They mentioned a lot about them being “pro-white” because of black people being “pro-black”. They then had to tell me what they see in the black community. No, that is not what you see, what you see is what the television ALLOWS you to see, what the news outlets ALLOW you to see. You don’t go looking for positive black empowerment because why would you when the opposite is so easily available and at your disposal to use in an online flame wars with black people? Why is it when it is something positive about black people, white people have a problem? What are you so fucking afraid of?

The world we live is the world where lives matters according to their race, color, faith, money, looks, and development.

There have been tragedies happening all over Black America and not one single moment of silence, not a single light was cut off, but as soon as Paris is attacked we have to pray for them? SNL does a PSA? Let’s not point out the black people who died in Paris, okay? I know it wasn’t just white people who died. Anyone who just open fire in a theater is bound to shoot anyone and everyone, bullets don’t discriminate and neither do terrorists. While we’re on Paris, there’s something people should read before they start defending them. Now that we got that out the way, let’s go ahead and get the stick out of your sandy vagina and move the fuck on.

When things like this are milestones, don’t talk to me about “pro-white”. Boko Haram killed 2000 people in one week, in January of this year. The kill count hasn’t stopped since then. They’re doing that and abducting people as sex slaves. Silence. So don’t talk to me about “pro-white”. 147 Kenyans killed at university, by al-Shabab, in April this year. Crickets. These aren’t the only incidents happening in Africa, there are more. You can hear a cat piss on cotton the media coverage for this area is so quiet. So who, in your right mind, should care? Because it damn sure ain’t white, Asian, Hispanic, or Indian people. Again, keep the “pro-white” nonsense at a distance. The terror threat is much bigger in Africa than it is in Europe, but guess who’s getting all the media coverage? Again, don’t talk to me about “pro-white”.

We are slowly coming to the realization that we need to be lifting each other up, not tearing each other apart.

No, I’m not going to just throw facts aside because another terrorist attack happened. Facts don’t stop being facts because someone died a tragic death. Will the world – has the world stopped as profound and as strongly for Paris, for Black people? No. I’m sorry what happened to them happened to them, but we can’t even get BET to air The Million Man March. That’s to be expected since BET is owned by a white man. No, I am not changing the color of my Facebook to of Paris or any other place. I can show my solidarity without standing on a soapbox, preaching to people, mad that they’re speaking facts. I don’t have to belittle like other people have to. Changing my picture through a generator to add colors isn’t going to change anything. It hasn’t. If you’re so hell-bent on being angry at people who have valid reservations about humanity only being human to white people, tell them to their faces. Call them out, don’t make passive-aggressive ass statuses on Facebook crying. What does that solve? How many keystrokes did you just waste? Your opinion and your angst are just a drop in a fucking bucket. Especially those black people who have disdain for outspoken black people, you’re all about being humanist and preachy about letting a tragedy be just that, but you want to passive-aggressively have a Facebook pitch-fork party for anyone who you don’t agree with. There’s enough shit going on without you adding your 2 cents about you being in your emotions.

Moving on…

Pro-Black stems from the pride of having black heritage, being black, not being scared of white people and their ways of trying to downplay black-ism. Pro-white nationalism comes from the pride of having no other heritage but white, the end. Question: The KKK is “pro-white”, and you want to affiliate yourself with them? Okay, you can’t talk or get mad about black people being about and for themselves. You can’t call yourself my ally. You’re just a racist with a different title. How can a majority have anything to say about black people being “pro-black”?  Define your meaning of “pro-black” and “pro-white”, what does it entail? Being pro-black is NOT anti-white. There is no vice-versa, black people can say things about another race all they want; until they’re blue in the face. All a white person can say to that is: “I’m still white, you’re still a nigger, I own you” and flitter off. I can’t think of one thing a black person is a part of in this country that a white person didn’t have a part in or own, as well; not off the top of my head, anyway.


I’m so tired of white people telling black people what they can and cannot do or say, as far as racism goes. When you understand how racism works, you won’t be able to use that in your argument anymore. If I called a white person a “cracker” or a “honky” right now and they followed up with their usual, “Jungle bunny”, “porch monkey”, or “nigger” rebuttal, which one do you think will have more power, them calling me a nigger or me calling them a cracker? Their racial slurs have backing, history, power. Ours are in spite of those facts. They have little to no value, no power, no meaning, no reasoning. It’s laughable.

Black Lives Matter

All of a sudden ‘All lives matter’ or ‘Blue lives matter’ because now we believe we matter. Which we in fact do. Any white person who knows their history from just the past 50 years would know that it’s justified. Our pain and frustrations are justified. It’s 2015 and we are still having this discussion. We still have to fight for our rights. We have to fight to live. We have to fight every day, survive every fucking day. It’s 2015 and black kids can’t go to school without racial discrimination.

The only time white people bring up BLM is when they’re saying they’re the cause for a 9-year-old to be led into an alley to be shot and killed. This is usually after they have to post their numbers and stats about “black on black” crime. Not realizing that it’s steadily on the decline and has been for the past 50 years, but they don’t want to hear that. BLM when it fits their biased agenda. BLM when tragedies like Paris happen and what I mean by that:

real oppression

White Privilege

Ah yes, that again. Get over it. Anyway…

Many working-class people do believe in white privilege. There is no such thing as “reverse racism” because one cannot be racist against whites in a white supremacist system – racism requires racial privilege, but more on that later. Here’s something white people should read: ‘When Affirmative Action Was White‘.

We’ve had it pounded into us that dark skin is ugly, dirty, evil. We’ve been told that our nappy hair is ugly and that we should straighten it. I equate black pride with encouraging girls to study STEM. Whites don’t need pride because there isn’t a constant barrage of messages, covert and overt, indicating that there is something wrong, or inferior, with being white. We have black people bleaching their skin all across Africa because of European ideals and how there’s nothing but white people being thrown in your face on television and advertisements. They define what beauty is. They define EVERYTHING! No one should be made to feel that the vessel they walk around in is inferior, or subject to someone else’s will, or has to conform to some societal norm.

We have to put up or shut up. We have to suck it up. We have to build all the bridges to get over shit, but not them. Slavery wasn’t that long ago, but we have to get over that while we’re forced to not forget 9/11. We have to watch the world cry and make everyone around us feel important, take racism in stride and get good grades and not protest when there’s nothing being done about blatant racism. The white terrorists of this country get more sympathy than us. They get to go to burger king and take snapshots with the cops. We get shot and killed or mysteriously hung. White people are the biggest terrorist threat in the U.S.

racism in a nutshell

As black people, we already have enough to deal with. We can’t live our lives like white people can. They can worry about having hockey shoes for little Timmy’s tryout. We have to worry about getting shot just for walking up the street. There are things I have to remind my fiancé that a white man does not. There are lessons I have to teach my black children that white people do not. We live in two different worlds on the same fucking planet.

Everything in America is already “pro-white” you don’t need a fucking label. The KKK still runs like an organization because they hide behind the “Christian values” tripe and America as a whole hasn’t done a damn thing about them. They. Are. Terrorists. But we’re supposed to be okay with that. We’re “grasping at straws” or we’re “just the typical angry black person”. There are always excuses to cover the white man’s ass.

We don’t even have a black-owned hospital. We don’t own shit! But we started being pro-active about being pro-black and all of sudden, we’re racist?! We’re hypocritical?! We don’t need white people to tell us about black issues. We get it, we know we have a problem within ourselves. The part white people don’t seem to grasp is that they have contributed. We get that while we’re busy chemically assaulting our bodies through perms, relaxers, and bleach, white people are plastic bombing their asses and injecting toxins in their faces; staying in tanning beds longer to get darker. Cultural appropriating everything that is black. Their excuse: “We think it’s cool!” That shit ain’t cool, but if we bring that up, once again we’re racist, we’re assholes, we’re ANGRY. Our natural bodies aren’t something to try to emulate. We don’t have shit as it is and we can’t even keep what we DO have.  We don’t have our language, our own history outside of slavery, our own culture. It was all taken from us the moment we were shipped here. We are trying to get us back.


Black people as a whole: Y’all are getting real forgetful and a bit too forgiving.

Everybody wants to be a nigga, but don’t nobody want to be a nigga. -Paul Mooney

We have to make places designated for black people because we are not wanted or needed in white spaces. We are used as the token black friend more than I am willing to accept. Whether we see it, or not. We are used as targeting practice, we are being used as the go-to when white people need to feel better about themselves. You want to talk to ME about “pro-white”?! You can get the fuck out of my face. We live in a place where white people can be black, but black people can’t be white. That one-drop rule is a bitch.

Blacks have a condition, not a problem

Blacks have a condition, not a problem. Whites have the problem, racism, that creates our condition. All we can do is react.

~ Rev. Dr. C.T. Vivian, 1992

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