To the ‘Pro-choice Atheists’ that are not Pro-choice

Being an atheist allows me to call out bullshit when I see it. So here we go, unfortunately…

How exactly are contraceptive consequences entirely our fault? You think you can wipe your hands away with “well, just don’t have unprotected sex and you won’t have unwanted babies” rhetoric? I don’t think so. I’ll get to the part that makes atheists like you hypocrites in a second. 

So, my rights should be taken away because, oops? Birth control isn’t 100% effective, but we have people who have never had a period in their lives make decisions for us. I don’t see a single masturbation law. Shit happens! Condoms break! Let’s not get on the fact that the guy behind this law is accused of domestic violence. Oh, but then I’m just grasping at straws!

I feel like I’m jumping the gun here. First off, that’s not pro-choice. That’s not pro-ANYTHING! Let’s also not forget that there is a male contraceptive well, WAS, but men couldn’t handle the side-effects; the very same side-effects we have to deal with while on contraceptives and that’s if it doesn’t cause other problems. There are some contraceptives that we’re allergic to or just don’t work or can’t use at all. Ever heard of cystic fibrosis? We can get many different types of symptoms from contraceptives in many kinds of flavors. Symptoms that cause weight gain, high blood pressure, mood swings, hormonal changes, swollen ankles, blood clots, missed periods, longer periods, heavier periods, painful cramps, migraines – do I need to fucking continue? – to keep from having children. We’re doing our part at attempting to keep from dealing with what you call the “consequences” before they happen. You know what the religious nutters call that? Murder. But then we have to go through hoops and bounds to get a damn prescription.

In this new law that has passed here in Ohio or any law in the past in that “passed”, where’s the other person’s responsibility? I hoped we haven’t denied science to a point where we’re believing in immaculate conceptions. So if this woman has a miscarriage or the fetus’ father causes harm and the woman has to have an emergency abortion, do they go to jail for murder or does that get a pass under the ‘the fetus wouldn’t have lived outside of the womb’ law?

So, what’s confusing here? How are you somehow morally corrupt when it comes to basic human rights?

Why is it so hard for some of you men who sleep with a ‘Misogyny for Dummies’ under their pillows to let those who actually have the organs make the rights? We’re not dismissing the ones you have, but you’re taking away all of ours.

Still, Kasich’s claim that he is “pro-life with the exceptions of rape, incest and the life of the mother” doesn’t quite rise to the level of a Geppetto Checkmark…-Washington Post

This infringes ‘separation of church and state’ does it not? I only ask because you’re not mad that this is clearly a ‘sanctity of human life’ as John Kasich and the other wackos put it. You’re not mad that this isn’t backed by science and facts, but by religion and feelings? Why?

Not only did that bill and the other one that has yet to make it to Kasich’s desk will just make things worse for those worse off, more and more young women will be putting their lives at stake. How is this helping the poorer families? I’m completely outraged at how intermingled church and state are; you can’t tell the difference! Even with the Affordable Care Act in place, it’s still difficult to get free birth control. So, if legislation’s are being created with these religious barriers or giving doctors religious freedoms on the very thing we need to keep from having to deal with “the consequences”, and they are now making it to where you can’t get an abortion, and you’re still somehow blaming women’s bodies as being the problem, you’re an idiot. Simple.

“You’re irresponsible for getting pregnant, then you’re an irresponsible parent. Abort. Abort. Abort!” Yes, another comment from that very post. These are the same “pro-choicers” who mercilessly attack the “pro-lifers” because then, it’s all about religion and how [god] killed so many babies.

So, it’s our fault for having sex with protection or without, none of the responsibility or culpability for anyone else involved. We’re murderers to religious nutters, irresponsible murderers to atheists – that shit still baffles me – and you have the audacity to laugh when we see our rights once again on the chopping block? That’s some cis-gendered, Stockholm syndrome, victim blaming, hypocritical ass nonsense. The risk is already on us. We’re the ones that have to carry that baby, change our lives during that pregnancy, sometimes end up on bed-rest, during and after the pregnancy. We’re the ones that are already taking a pay cut and now, we’re the ones taking unpaid maternity leave. Yes, yes, changes are coming, slowly but surely, but in the meantime, we’re the ones getting shafted here. For fucks sake, birth control can give women cancer!

It’s amazing that the lot who have so much to say about ‘consequences and responsibilities’ never had a uterus a day in their lives. Stripping away our right to choose because you feel that we are ‘wiping away all consequences and not living with the responsibility of being a woman with birth giving organs‘.

Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2903.01 et seq. (2002) define aggravated murder, murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, aggravated vehicular homicide, aggravated vehicular assault, felonious assault, aggravated assault, assault and negligent assault. The law applies to a person, which includes an “unborn member of the species Homo sapiens, who is or was carried in the womb of another.”

There’s a law like this in 38 states. Notice how life only matters to these people until the umbilical cord is cut. That’s not by accident, that’s by design.

The only individual that should have any control over my uterus is me. I don’t care what you feel, what you think, or what your deity thinks; stay the fuck out of my uterus!

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black santa

Why can’t black kids have a Santa that looks like them?

Let’s put religion to aside here for a second, mostly because I’m black, first.

How foolish of me to believe that there would at least a little reprieve from all the outlandish and ridiculous amount of racism people of color have endured all year long around the holiday season. You online trolls have a lot of nerve.

Let me show you something:

black santa

Black Santa

Guess how many fucks were given? None! Guess who ‘member sitting on either lap? No one, not even me; I don’t ‘member. Guess who lived to see many Christmases after that without any psychological Santa trauma? Me. I’m fine. You know why? I didn’t care! Kids don’t care what color Santa Claus is, you do! The other 364 days of the year we’re told not to sit on strange men laps, but here I am, sitting on a strange man lap. I guess it’s okay since it’s Santa.


Oh shit, a white Santa!


Social media has given racists this awesome medium to use to express their outrage; hypocritical or not. Mall of America is being boycotted over race in 2016 by a bunch of sniveling cowards hiding behind a Cheeto.

They’re boycotting a Black Santa, but they’re not boycotting the pipeline in North Dakota? The war on Christmas is much more important than the war on human decency? These are the same people who have a white Jesus hanging up in their home, not realizing that if Jesus were real, a middle-eastern wouldn’t be welcomed in America.

What’s so wrong with being black in America? Why is it when anything that’s not whitewashed so offensive to so many people? How can white people try and keep a religion white when it was never white, to begin with? Why can’t black kids have hope and see a black Santa for once? Do they realize they’re boycotting a fictional character?

Let’s ask Twitter, shall we?


On second thought let’s not.

See that shit? Do you see that petty, divisive, misinformed ass shit? I do. I also see the fact that “why do you always have to make it all about race?” is bullshit when I see shit like that. You can’t tell me “everything isn’t about race” then turn around and make it about race.

I hate to sound like a broken record to all the victims out there, but Santa isn’t real. He was the Grinch one Christmas, ‘member? I ‘member. It seems that Ol’ St. Nick can be green, blue, and white, but not black. Seeing their beloved Santa being black offends them.

I see what’s going on. It’s okay for it to be “all about race” to racists, but let me tell you something, according to history St. Nick was fourth century Turkish so he wouldn’t have been white anyway.

America is telling black people, black kids especially that it’s not okay to be black. We as parents have to stand up to this regressive nonsense. The importance of representation for black kids is much more important now, especially in the coming 4 – 8 years.

Happy Holidays.

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Hey, Social Media, It’s Still Unacceptable to Censor Speech

Offered Thoughts

Technology has made communication fast, and sometimes, exceptionally furious. Even the slightest endeavor into the world of social media leaves you vulnerable to comments from any person, in any mood, of any mental stability, with any intention, and from practically any geographical location. Our participation in this exposure is strictly voluntary, and the responsibility for being engaged, is on us. The almost 3.5 billion people with internet access in the world are under no obligation to be kind, show respect, give support, or agree with anything we submit. To expect any uniform behavior from that many people is delusional. That won’t stop some people.

Malicious words can be delivered instantly with no thought or reflection and desensitized through a lack of personal interaction. Body language, tone of voice, facial expressions,  and proximity are all lost when communicating rapidly through text. As a result, the severity of an attack is often…

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black atheists

“You have too many white people on your ‘Black Atheists’ page…”

So? Leave. I’m sorry, let me rephrase that: Leave the planet. It’s unavoidable. It’s also pretty fucking foolish. Want proof? Exhibit A:

when youre too pro black

What makes him a special delicate little flower where I’m supposed to just scrap everything and start over, but this time, nitpick through all my likes making sure there’s no sign of the “white devil”? I applaud the white people that like my page.  They liked the page for a reason and whichever reason that may be, I hope they left knowing a different perspective on atheism as well as black people. This “anti-white” to me is a bunch of bullshit! Sorry, not sorry if I piss off some of you so-called “pro-black” apologists.

I guess you can call this post a disclaimer for the present and future members of the Black Atheists page.

Black people like Julian who want solidarity are no different than racist white people. They’re actually worse because they should know better. They’re a different kind of self-hatred and it stems from a perspective of indoctrination. I didn’t make this page for just YOU, Julian. I made this page originally for this very blog. It started getting popular and the rest is history. You wouldn’t believe how many other black atheists are simply glad to have found a page like this. This page is for the learning experience, not for you to be free to say, “fuck white people”.

If he’s so damn afraid of the very thing he doesn’t want any part of, what exactly does that make him? Tell me. I can answer that: Prejudice. He responded the same way white people did when we were allowed to enter into their white spaces; when they had to let us sit in the front of the bus and sit at their restaurant counters. It was met with apprehension, resentment, anger, confusion, hatred, and a bunch of fucking lashing out.

Black atheists are rare. A lot of them are still closeted and a lot of them cannot like a page called black atheists because it’s not worth losing their family, relationships, jobs, homes, etc.. I don’t blame them, it’s fucked up enough out here as it is for us. Protip: There are more of them than there are of us. That is why we are a minority. Also, my page is still relatively small compared to other atheist pages. The demographic isn’t there for people to be bitching about who is liking my page and commenting. Teach them something instead of worrying about what others think. Explain, engage, help them understand.

You can’t learn from other people from other ethnic backgrounds if you don’t open up that dialogue, and or that opportunity to do so. What would a bunch of black atheists all in one secluded group is going to teach other black atheists? We know it already! We are living it right-the-fuck-now! In order to allow for things to change, we have to allow people to learn from us. All black spaces…can’t be just black spaces; especially those that’s all about blaming the white man all the fucking time. That shit gets so old. Yes, white people do benefit from what happened to us and what was implemented in the past; yes that bullshit still affects us today. Yes, we fought and fought and fought for equal rights. We have them, sort of. We’re still marching today about the same kind of shit that happened when my 80-year-old grandmother was a child. So something needs to change. But, with all that in mind, what has it stopped exactly? Black people are really making moves out here. We are making changes. We’re opening businesses, we’re making statements [ I mean, we’ve always been doing that], and we’re making a difference. Black women have been deemed the most educated in the United States. That wouldn’t have happened if people weren’t learning. We all have our place in this world. Allow me to do me, please.

Protip: No one is making you like my page. Page subscriptions work both ways.

I cannot control who ‘likes’ this page. There are over 19,000 likes. You think I’m going to sift through all those people and remove all the white likes? Are you fucking kidding me? This is a public page, and I’m not doing that for you or anyone. There are plenty of GROUPS like that for you to join and they’re not what you think. Most of them are full of hatred and discontent. They antagonize anyone that’s not black. A lot of them have been homophobic, misogynistic, and have complete and total disrespect towards black women especially. Atheism is never the focal point of these pages. They just shine a big bright spotlight on everything that’s wrong in the black community, to them. It’s quite regressive if you ask me.

Most importantly: I wasn’t put on this earth for you to like.

I’m finally getting back into “writing” so excuse me if this is all over the place, but I hope my point was made. If not, I don’t mind further explaining myself.

Also, let’s not get it twisted: White people, you need to take a backseat as well. Yes, this page is open for everyone to be a part of, but if you haven’t been black a day in your life you have no grounds to tell me how to feel about being in my skin. You don’t have the right. You cannot turn systematic racism around on the ones it was meant for. Y’all try that shit A LOT on there and if you think about it, you’ll understand how absolutely ridiculous that is. You should try and understand and possibly learn something, not try and tell us our experiences of being black in America  – or anywhere for that matter – is wrong. Also, miss me with that “race is just a construct, we’re all people” bullshit that you like to spout when race is addressed. Want to know why race is addressed? Because race is why we’re racially profiled, race is why we are treated less than equal, race is why there isn’t a safe place that I know of that don’t have a problem with the color of my skin. You guys, on the other hand, are seen as angels. I wonder why the fuck that is. SO, before you fix your fingers to say that, consider why you’re saying it. Why would you have to say that if race wasn’t an issue? The kicker, that’s not even the fucked up part`. Colorism due to racism and European ideals of what beauty is …is the smoking gun.

Y’know what….

Never mind.

Thank you for reading.

black atheists

“Is it possible to be accepted as a black atheist without being anti-white?”

Yes, someone asked that very question. My answer is yes. There’s no club – just a descriptive label for other people to understand your nonreligious stance. Nothing more, nothing less. To feel as if one has to be accepted into the black atheist community based on a set of standards and mindsets leaves me to believe that there’s a lot of miseducation afoot.

Atheism is a simple concept: You lack a deity. That’s it. It’s kind of different for black people because of how they believe they became religious. I mentioned this before, but not a lot of people know this: White people didn’t shove Christianity down your ancestor’s throats. Christianity is – excuse my language – is really fucking old. It’s always been there. A lot of black atheists use that as the “nail in the coffin” to their arguments. Yes, it doesn’t make it right because white people did in fact, use it to keep us enslaved. They’re wrong, but let’s be right about that wrong, okay? Okay. Moving on…

“Is it possible to be accepted as a black atheist without being anti-white?”

I’m still hung up on the ‘accepted’ part of the question. It looks and feels out of place. You’re not joining a cult, you’re reverting back to what you were before you – if you were – indoctrinated. You live your life minus a deity. I think that is as simple as I can say it.

I’m a black atheist, but I’m not anti-white. They’re not mutually exclusive nor should they be. Calling white people the ‘white devil’ is cute in theory, but it’s not realistic. I’m talking more towards the hoteps now because y’all are ridiculous and need to get over yourselves. What I’m getting at is you don’t have to be anti-white to be a black atheist. That’s totally unnecessary. It’s like trying to find a reason to be prejudice when there’s no need. There’s never a need. You can be pro-black and not be anti-white.

Some would argue: “Well, what would it hurt being anti-white? What power do we have being anti-white? Why would they care?” These are all the wrong questions. The questions that should be asked are: Who told you that black atheism came with being prejudice, too? Why would you want to be anti-white?  What exactly does that solve?

You don’t have to be anti-white to be a black atheist and being a black atheist doesn’t mean being anti-white. There’s no acceptance committee, no cult, no judges, or jury.

Just you. Free from religion.

black jesus

Making Jesus Black Doesn’t Make Him Real

From both atheists and theists alike: Stop it! I get it, we all want to be right in one way or another, but arguing over what color Jesus skin was doesn’t make him any less fictional.

This is the scripture a lot of people are hung up on:

…and among the lampstands was One like the Son of Man, dressed in a long robe, with a golden sash around His chest. The hair of His head was whitelike wool, as white as snow, and His eyeswere like a blazing fire. His feet were like polished bronze refined in a furnace, and His voice was like the roar of many waters.… –Revelations 1:14 – 15

Black Christians, it’s as if you need more validation that you’re important, you have to argue over the color of Jesus. You don’t need a fictional fairy to feel good about yourselves. All life started with Black people, that should be well enough.

Also, stop with “the white man’s religion” because it is not. A lot of you equate Christianity with good moral standing when it’s not, but you knew that. Arab Muslims were conducting slave trades hundreds and hundreds of years before Europeans sailed the west coast of Africa, but more on that later. So we can’t keep using the ‘white man’ as the scapegoat. As quiet as it’s kept, William Wilberforce fought against the slave trade in Parliament all for the sake of Jesus. Yep, a white man, but somehow, that’s irrelevant and a fictional fairy isn’t.

Black, orange, green, or blue, Jesus would still be a figment of your imagination.

PS: Fuck a narrative. You don’t need a narrative based on lies.



National Governor's Association (NGA) Chair Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin conducts a special session on jobs in American during the NGA's Winter Meeting in Washington, Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Oklahoma Passes Bill Making Abortion Illegal

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which state is the most pious of them all? Oklahoma.

It’s not signed into law, yet, but the measure passed 33-12 without a single debate. The bill will also make performing an abortion a felony, a penalty of up to three years in prison.

I don’t have to tell you how unconstitutional this bill is. It’s downright disgusting.

Governor Mary Fallin has signed some pretty messed up bills in the past: 72 hour waiting period prior to performing abortions, common method of second-trimester abortions, prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks if the baby is deemed viable and can live outside the womb, preventing standard health insurance from covering abortions, and requiring physicians to be present when an abortion drug is taken.

What is it with Republicans and women’s rights?  The last I checked, health care decisions were made by the patient and their health care provider, not by inept, bigoted, evil and twisted politicians who lack medical training.

This has to be the most archaic and asinine piece of legislation from her yet. How many more steps do we have to take backwards before we go forward again? Yes, let’s ban abortion so more and more kids can enter the broken and needs revising foster care system to be abandoned, abused and neglected. Yes, let’s say ‘to hell’ to a woman who needs that abortion to live even though the dying fetus is killing her. Yes, let’s take away a woman’s right to choose even though she was raped.

“Life begins at conception”? Well, your god is cruel for killing mine. Your god allowed me to grow a bond, see it on an ultrasound and then miscarry. Now, if “life begins at conception”, who do you answer to if your god is the one that takes it away? Oh, “it’s god’s will” at that point.

These are blatant attacks based on the grounds of Christianity.