Therapy with a Religious Therapist

I kind of went off on my therapist yesterday. She knew where I stood on religion but was adamant about asking if I read the bible.

“I have to ask again, have you considered reading the bible?”
“I have read it, that’s why I’m an atheist.”
“Explain. I don’t quite understand what you mean.”
“It means that I read the book and that’s why I’m an atheist.”
“Can you go into further detail?”

I explained why as a black person, I could not in good conscience agree or apply anything in that book to my daily life. This went on for 30-45 minutes where I had to explain to this white woman what this book means to black people and why I’m not with the bullshit. The book has a bad track record and I wasn’t okay with being yet another person using it as an excuse, weapon, scapegoat, or a tool to get me through trauma that the book itself didn’t cause; people in my life did. I mentioned that I don’t need it to have a moral compass; that it was absolutely unnecessary to use it as a reference for common sense. I then told her that for me to be okay with that book, I’d have to be okay with everything that comes with it: the centuries of slavery, that’s still happening to this very day but in the forms of forced manual labor in our jail systems. The bigotry, the systemic racism. You get where I’m coming from; I don’t have to preach to the choir.

She listened without interrupting even when I mentioned Mormonism and Catholic molestations. She stayed tight-lipped when I mentioned how prayer in the absence of change is wasted breath. “Prayer alone solves nothing. I prayed for years as a child for the abuse to stop, while others prayed for my demise. Yet, I’m still here. Not unscathed, but I’m still here.” I asked her where is this just god with all this turmoil in the world? So much hatred and death. Either god is nonexistent or complacent. She couldn’t answer.

I don’t think she will be mentioning religion to me again. Although, I have made my stance known months ago. I guess she thought she could try again. I’m depressed, riddled with anxiety, but I’m not dumb, stupid, or blind and I’m for damn sure not desperate. I understand that that’s her way of coping and using it as a form of meditation or spirituality is fine and I’m not knocking her personally for it, but it’s obvious that the book means something totally different to each of us respectfully. I just hope I gave her at least something to think about. She made quick work to get off the phone with me afterward and I hope this doesn’t drive a wedge in our rather good therapy/client relationship. She’s otherwise, a good therapist. She’s helped me a lot with my PTSD and childhood trauma that I would have otherwise allowed to eat me alive.

God’ll Have Y’all Forgiving Murderers But Hating Your Gay Relatives

I will never understand the mind of a Christian, let alone a black one. This whole Amber Guyger case has a lot of people upset and for good reason. The family of the slain relative got up and hugged this woman and forgave her. Christians, of course, gushing at the seams and beaming with joyous and holy delight. The rest of us are just sitting back shaking our heads. Why? That just gave the all-clear to kill more innocent black women, men, and children. It’s insulting enough that she only received a 10-year sentence but to get up and hug her? Really?

I’m just so tired of black folk always choosing to be the benevolent ones and everyone focusing on that instead of white folks innate fear and hatred of us. Nothing will change until white supremacy is fully addressed and it won’t happen if we keep focusing on the parts that make them feel good instead of the harsh reality. We keep sparing their white feelings for the sake of safety, for the sake of fear. Look where that has gotten us.

Let’s not forget that forgiveness in the bible, only comes after contrition. There was no contrition had from that woman. She knew how to provide CPR and administer life-saving help for her fuck-up, but instead decided to call her union rep. She never apologized, she never shown an ounce of remorse; she didn’t ask for forgiveness, but black folks are willing to give it to her. The ink on the conviction hasn’t even dried yet. We stand to be the bigger person even when it’s not required of us. It just shows how white supremacy (Christianity) still has a lot of them fucked up. But let a relative be gay, trans, lesbian, or bisexual. You’re ready to throw down and demand retribution, justice and few a rounds with the bible and some holy water. Where’s that same big dick energy for shit like this?

Call me cold-hearted, but this is fucked up. None of this is okay. It would have been a totally different courtroom if the roles were reversed. If the officer was a black man, coming home from a full shift, and he was tired, went to the wrong apartment, saw a woman who was white, innocent and pure; just reeking of privilege. Sitting on what he thought was his couch. He draws and fires his sidearm, killing this national treasure.

The white woman gets forgiven while the black man gets murdered.

Would her family go to court and tell him that God loved him? No. Would he elicit sympathy from the other side? Probably not. Would he receive 10 sorry ass years in prison for an unjustifiable homicide? I think the fuck not! He would be demonized. He would be called a thug who was associated with gang bangers even though he’s a decorated police officer. They would have done every background check, interview classmates all the way from preschool, did a blood test to check for drugs. They would have gone through his life with a fine-tooth comb to find anything incriminating. He wouldn’t garner sympathy from his all-white jury, and the judge would have got his black ass for no less than life.

Her trial is what’s wrong with America. White supremacy and its religion are what’s wrong with black people. How has Christianity blinded you so much that you think forgiving the murder of your brother so that you’d get into heaven? How did a murder get so much compassion in the name of a god who didn’t care enough to stop her?

And people have the nerve to ask why a page like Black Atheists exist. They ask why do I need to “segregate” atheism. We need our own space to address the fuckery surrounding black Christianity. We need our own space to address shit like this because most of you white folks will NEVER get it and will NEVER understand, and not from a lack of trying. It’s simply because it’s easier to refuse to understand.

It’s so frustrating to see every other race get its justice. Then here as black people, the majority of us are content with being walked on because of the lie that there are riches and justice coming when we die. He’s not strong for forgiving her. He’s not moral or noble! He didn’t do anything special. He’s wrong! He’s brainwashed! Miss me with that “We pray for our enemies or we’re no better than them” nonsense! Imagine screaming and hollering for justice just to turn around hug and then forgive the very person who took your child from you.

It’s devastatingly sad that black people glue themselves to religion that doesn’t give us any justice, or peace. All we get are tales from a book that were written by men who didn’t even know where the goddamned sun went at night. We deserve more than that.

I’m done giving any of this shit any of my damn energy.

The Other Side of Suicide | A Letter to Asilee

I wrote this back in 2015, even then I knew, even then I saw; even then I fucked up.

I miss you.

I can’t see your smile anymore. I can’t hear you laugh anymore. I can’t play Final Fantasy with you anymore. I can’t look behind me and see you standing there smiling up at me anymore. I need to hear your voice again. I don’t have a single recording of any kind of your voice. Memories of your voice are slowly fading away with the rest of me.

I miss you. I miss your son – our, son, misses you. I don’t get to see him anymore. Your daughter misses you. She’s getting so big. She wonders where her mother went and when she’ll be back. What am I supposed to tell her? Being a single dad is rough, but I have help. You were the glue that held us together. I’m still trying to figure out what went wrong, but you’re no longer here to tell me – if you would even tell me. I’m searching through your diary and your journal and it leaves more questions than answers.

Why did you leave me, Asilee?

I thought we were fighting your darkest battles. I thought we were winning. You were seeing a therapist and making progress. God, I wished you would just talk to me. You kept everything bottled in and wouldn’t let the main person in your corner in. You kept building walls up as I was knocking them down. Why did you fight so hard to keep me out? Your battles were my battles and I’m sorry if I went MIA. I didn’t mean to. I hope you understood that I had battles of my own and I got lost. Look at me, here I am telling you that your battles were my battles, but I didn’t let you help me win the war.

Asilee you were my best friend and now you’re gone and I don’t even know what killed you. I know it was the suicide; I have all the details to that. I just don’t know what killed you. I tried my best. I hope you knew that. I did everything in my power to help you; to help us.

We had hopes, dreams, and tasks that we wanted to accomplish. We were supposed to get married. We were supposed to go to E3 together. We were supposed to learn how to drive together and pick out your car. We were supposed to build my first rig together. We were supposed to go into business for ourselves to leave a legacy for our children. What kind of legacy is this going to be when the person who gave me hope is gone?

The person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life is no longer here with me. I just need this to be a nightmare. I’m trying so hard to wake up. I want to wake up and see you lying next to me asleep or hear you out in the living room playing Final Fantasy.

This letter is too little too late, but I’d give anything to see your face again; to see you smile again. I would give anything to be able to hold you in my arms again.

I know I sound selfish and I’m sorry. At least you’re not suffering anymore because I could tell that life was eating away at you like a disease. Taking more and more pieces of Lee away from me. I watched you struggle to hang on and I felt so helpless; Lee I tried.

But I guess my best wasn’t good enough.

 This is an exercise I thought of when I was talking to my therapist. I decided that I needed to remind myself of what I’d lose and who I’d hurt if I decided to end everything. All of what is mentioned is true; things that have been said to me and discussed.

It has opened my eyes.


via The Other Side of Suicide | A Letter to Asilee

‘Christians Against the Little Mermaid: Boycott Halle Bailey’ | There is No Hate Like Christian Love

It’s 2019 and bigoted white people, are coming out from their caves to defend the accuracy of ‘The Little Mermaid’.

First, let me just say this just proves how accepting Facebook is of hate groups such as this.  The response to diversity tells us much about how online discourse now functions, but Facebook is a different beast. I could so much as post something nowhere near as vile, nowhere near as hateful as this and get banned for 7 days to a month, minimum. I called an incel for what he was and got banned for 3, but for some reason, hate groups like this flourish. I don’t get it. It’s not just this one, but this caught my eye because of the obvious, glaring, blatant racism.


Disgusting, yes. Shocking, somewhat. Surprising, not at all.

Since when is blatant racism a tenant of Christianity, you ask? Since forever. The more I see shit like this coming from Christians, the more it’s proven that they’re using religion as an excuse to be bigoted and hateful towards people. They’re not Christian at all, they’re cowards. Some would ask, “why are you giving them attention? You’re giving them what they want!” Okay? So? I’m supposed to speak up! To be quiet and to ignore it is to be complacent.


I don’t get it. I don’t think I ever will. So much hatred over a fictional character’s ‘race’. White people are so used to being the lead protagonist in everything; they’re so used to being represented in all aspects of visual media, anything outside of the norm causes so much outrage, so many tantrums. They’re so fickle.  They are the first ones telling people to get over race when they are clearly the ones that should heed their own advice.


They’re so mad and outraged at a character that’s not even real. Those kids in deplorable conditions living in cages are real. Where’s the outrage for that? Why is it that y’all “don’t see race” until diversity comes along and “ruin” your childhood? It’s amazing how some of you racists tried to apply “Science” as to why Ariel could never be black because how deep they are underwater that sun wouldn’t reach, therefore, no melanin. Another one stated that they would be albino because of lack of sunlight.

They can’t even science right because lack of sunlight doesn’t cause albinism. There’s a singing crab and talking fish and they’re trying to apply science? Just say you’re racist and stop talking. While we’re at it, in case you didn’t know, water amplifies sunlight. Not only that, they live in very cold water, they would have very dark skin and a thick layer of blubber (fat) like other sea-dwelling mammals. If you also haven’t noticed or bothered to pick up a book, deep water fish tend to be dark colored. Melanin is what HUMANS need to regulate their vitamin D intake and to reduce sun damage. All fish get their vitamin D from their food sources. The only thing the sun would do is damage. You can stop trying to hide behind science to use as a guise to mask your racism.

Not only are they naive to their own religious texts, but they’re also ignorant of education, which isn’t surprising in the slightest.

“The fact that #NotMyAriel and #Colored were trending should tell you everything that you need to know about this country. The same people that are saying #NotMyAriel were raised by the very same people who said, ‘Not my drinking fountain’, ‘Not my school’, and ‘Not my neighborhood’. They were also the same people hanging nooses, and crude depictions of Obama from trees chanting ‘Not my president’ when Obama was in office.”

“Your kind”? I can do a TEDtalk about your kind, my friend.

They’re one and the same. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

We made Cinderella black, we can make Ariel black. Not a single fuck will be given. Go ahead and ‘drop Disney’, they already have your money. Are you going to drop Jesus, too? He’s not white either, if he actually existed, that is. Imagine being an adult and angry over the casting of a fucking fictional fish.

There was also a deaf Latina mermaid in the Little Mermaid television show. Yes, it’s canon, her name is Gabriela and she had an interpreter, he was an octopus named Ollie. Y’all need to stop and realize that you’re not arguing about the race of Ariel for ‘Mermaid science’ reasons, but for racist reasons. Sea urchins, eels and numerous underwater species that have dark or colored skin is a myth, but white mermaids are real. Get bent, seriously.

‘Mermaid science’ isn’t a thing, but if this is the hill you religious, racist bigots want to die on, be my guest, but you should probably sit down and think about your life choices. Put down the bible and pick up a science book. She’s a fish with mammaries and you’re worried about the scientific accuracy of the skin tone of those mammaries. What a hill to die on.

You Can’t Be a ‘Good Christian’ and a Republican

Republicans somehow believe their political affiliation and Christianity intersect, meaning they believe that they’re good Christians and that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. That’s a common misconception. Then there are Christians who protest that they voted Republican based on their religious grounds. They cannot call themselves a Christian, let alone a “good” one and also be a Republican because everything that the Republican party stands for goes against a lot of what’s in the Bible.

But let’s talk about the Republicans that have all but erased the separation of church and state, or at least trying to. They talk about doing God’s work through voting against their best interest, which is a growing problem with the religious in the United States. Too many of them vote based on their hatred, their ignorance, and their religion. They use their misguided, uninformed, disgusting idea of what Christianity is to tell them what they should vote for. One of the main ones is abortion. They praise Trump and call him their savior. Republicans boast about how Trump is doing a great job, and that he is a good Christian. First of all, none of that is true and if they think Trump is a Christian, I can’t imagine what else they believe. Then again, they do believe a man named Jesus died for them for all of 3 days and then floated away to be with himself in heaven. Secondly, before anyone else says it, Christian Republican’s hypocrisy came long before Trump.

Republicans team themselves up with Christians so they can tap into their hate for gays, people of color, poor people (even if and when they’re poor themselves), the disabled, the LGBT and other social issues. They use the bible to lean on and justify their hated based on “religious morals”. The hypocrisy is dumbfounding, their contradictoriness is lost on them and that in itself is jarring. Do they not realize that they’re betraying their own religious morals? There’s an overwhelming majority of Christians that says their faith is one of love and compassion, but that doesn’t seem like it’s true at all. I don’t think it ever has been. The Republicans want to get rid of what they call “entitlement programs” such as food stamps and welfare. They want to get rid of funding for veterans. They want to get rid of healthcare – the little that we do have. All the while, the bible states to love and help your fellow man. Here’s my beef:

In the bible, it states: “Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me” -Mark 10:21, but here they are, voting away what little help, what little dignity most people have left. “You gone raise my taxes for who now? Them poor folk? Oh, hell no!” It seems to me that the root of their belief system is a deep-seated fear, anxiety, and culture shock that they are losing what that they think they are entitled to. The Bible also states that those who practice hypocrisy really aren’t Christians at all. So there’s that.

As an atheist, I see all religions as a scapegoat that are only used to excuse the religious from living in reality. I think the obvious and yet ignored disconnect is when someone religious uses their religion to hate who they want, to demonize, abuse, and disown, and to exaggerate their own moral superiority, when the religion they claim to a have a clear understanding of told them to look to their own sins instead of trying to find it in others.

A Bishop in Colombia Plans to Spray His Town with Holy Water

Well, considering that holy water in most places, especially churches are full of fecal matter, all he’s going to do is give his constituents pink-eye. This Catholic Bishop is going through with this plan because he says demons are plaguing his town. He’s going to do this ‘holy deed’ by helicopter borrowed from the navy. Wouldn’t it be easier to just bless the water? I’m sure it’ll definitely be a lot less expensive. And what if that doesn’t work? What if the crime rate doesn’t go down and people are still being murdered left and right? What will he do then?

Colombia’s busiest port, Buenaventura has been ravaged by paramilitary gangs, who extort, kidnap and terrorize locals. “Los Malos” as the guerrillas are known, meet resistance with horrific violence: Victims are dismembered while still alive. Their body parts often wash up on shore.

That’s pretty bad, but if prayer hasn’t worked, what makes him think his blessed toilet water will? But let’s follow his logic here: God created water, right? He somehow believes if he put his own little spell on it; his own little blessing and dump it on people, somehow those crazy demons is supposed to go away? If this wasn’t so sad, it’d read like something from South Park.

I don’t even want to ask how he got the money to rent a helicopter, we already know the answer to that one. It’s just evident that religion requires little thinking and a whole lot of wishing.

Modern problems require modern solutions, I guess.

Black Atheists That Have a Problem with Homosexuality, What the Fuck is Your Problem?

Black atheists, what is your problem with homosexuals? How is it that you can remove the shackles of religion, but cannot remove the veil of ignorance? You’re an atheist but you’re a bigoted atheist? You’re okay with atheists as long as they’re not gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc? I understand completely that atheism is nothing more than the denouncing of gods, but it’s important for me to ask, why not go a step further?

I made a post yesterday wishing all my queer members a happy pride day and of course those who didn’t agree had to say they’re unfollowing and that “Atheists subscribe to nature, science, logic. (since when?) This pride stuff isn’t natural or logical.”(homosexuality is found all over the animal kingdom, but that’s another blog post) and proceeded to block me. Those that didn’t leave like they said they were, stuck around for their five minutes of fame until they were blocked. It’s like this every year so sure, I’m expecting it, but it just shows how far we as a black community have to go and to grow. Some of us may have removed religion from our lives, but still, have religious-like beliefs stunting our growth.

As we all know, the black community is pretty homophobic, but let me point something out that one of the “atheists” said:

real black atheists don’t support homosexual in no forns. Fuck that white shit

I should not give this person the time of day just based on their grammar alone, but I must bring this up, seeing as this isn’t just one bad apple. He’s on a tree with a fuckton of other bad apples. I’m seeing parallels between people like him and religious people. If it can’t be explained, god did it. If black people are doing it, but it’s disapproving to other black people, it’s “white people shit”. Skateboarding, atheism, veganism, not spanking your children, being LGBTQ+, etc. is “white people shit”.  It’s as if the realm of possibilities for certain social constructs, ways of life, and the like are limited to their small, simple minds. The list seems to grow incessantly and recklessly. It’s like [they] have their own special list of detestable things that only “white people be or do” and black people shouldn’t be or do. You know what? Soon, someone is going to walk up to me and snatch my black card away and tell me I’m no longer invited to the ‘cookout’.

This does confirm that religion cannot be blamed for this person’s hatred of LGBTQ+ (wait, he said that he’s okay with lesbians, which also makes him a contradictory, hypocritical misogynist). For him and atheists like him (men make up most of the black atheist community), it’s simply ignorance and hate.

But to note, homophobia is a European concept. The buggery laws that were passed in 1533 made homosexuality a crime and of course, those laws, like a disease spread to other countries, especially those they colonized. The Buggery laws are still active for many countries, the West Indies, South America and, North & West Africa just to name a few. This also confirms that not a lot of people educate themselves and just go along with their own misguided beliefs. It’s sad because we as a people can do better.

I think it would be in the best interest of the black community to be more informed than this, more open-minded than this, more educated than this. It saddens me to see that no matter what god or lack thereof, there is always going to be that crab in the bucket mentality.

We still have a long way to go.



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Religion is Destroying The Black “Community”

Why is it destroying the black “community”? Because you have black people who blame it on ‘ho culture’ and ‘women having babies they can’t afford’ to deflect the true core issues in the black “community”. It’s amazing what the black man can blame on the black woman.

African American religious cultures were born in the crucible of American slavery, a system that not only ruptured direct connections to African history, culture, and religious community, but also set the context for the emergence of transformed and new religious systems. Africans brought forcibly to the Americas came from a variety of cultural, linguistic, and religious environments in West and West Central Africa. [Religion in American History – Judith Weisenfeld]

In someone’s rage filled message, they so kindly told me that atheism is ruining the black “community”; atheism is the problem in the black “community”. It’s funny and sad at the same time because they’re too blindsided and closed-minded by religion to realize that that’s the furthest from the truth. The sadness comes from when I tried to tell them the truth they didn’t want to hear it.  They didn’t want evidence or proof, just someone to blame.

Religion in the black “community” is obviously alive and thriving. With more churches next to chicken spots and liquor stores than houses with people living in them in some places to mega churches with pimps in pulpits, religion in the black “community” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There’s too many still willing to give up everything in return for false promises of an afterlife. They’re willing to stay shackled to religion just to have something to hold on to.

They’d rather disown family members because of a book; kick them to the curb because of a book while forgetting that their very own book has something to say about things like that. Religion coincides with one’s personal beliefs every time. They judge you based on that very book, they don’t think for themselves because of that book. That book was shoved down our ancestor’s throats but atheism is the problem? They’re giving their 10%, sometimes it’s their last to a con artist while they watch their own neighborhoods crumble down around them. They see this every day, but they want to give everything to a God who hasn’t given anything to them.

We have a sad history here in America, that much is true:

African Americans played a major role in their own conversion, and for their own reasons. Africans brought to America initially resisted giving up the religions of their forefathers, but over the years, and with the birth of new generations on American soil, accepting Christianity became part of accepting America as home. Over time, large numbers of slaves found the biblical message of spiritual equality before God appealing and found comfort in the biblical theme of deliverance. [Religion and Slavery -Africans in America, pg 2]

And it has gone downhill ever since.

I can understand to some extent why the black “community” holds steadfast to their beliefs, I can see why they stick to it like glue. Being black in America hasn’t gotten much easier, it may never get easier. They need something to cling on to. Religion seems like the perfect escape. It’s the perfect scapegoat when anything happens. I have to ask: When is enough going to be enough? When are we going to get off our knees? We prayed when they hung us and now we’re praying when they shoot us, then we forgive them. What has prayer or forgiveness done for us? It made the pulpit sharks greedy and the congregation needy.

Religion has done a good job dividing the black “community”. That’s what it does because it promotes tribalism.

2 Corinthians 6:14

14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Sura 4:91

They wish that you disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them,

It’s acceptable to hate and distance themselves from others based on beliefs or lack thereof because a book told them to. We’re seen as enemies and ‘satan worshippers’ and yet this is from a book written by people who didn’t have a clue where the sun went at night. That goes for anything they disagree with at any given moment: bisexuality, atheism, homosexuality, lesbianism, wearing clothes that expose skin, listening to rock music, not going to church. The list, as time goes by, gets longer and longer. Whenever they come across something they deem unacceptable in their god’s eyes then they will pray for your wretched soul and pit you against family members and friends.

Children aren’t allowed to grow up and think for themselves. They have to believe what the adults believe; be subjected to the same nonsense they’re subscribed to because of mere coincidences they consider ‘god’s will’. God is in their heart so it has to be in their children’s. When things go wrong in their lives, they tell them to have faith in god. God will get rid of that child’s cancer if they pray hard enough. If they die then it was god’s will. If they ask questions contradicting what they’re preaching then it’s “god works in mysterious ways”. They teach children in bible school and in the pulpit to shut out evidence that contradicts them. They grow up believing in a god instead of their own capacity to think; which leads to anger and false delusions.

Religion would rather attempt to save souls than to save lives. It teaches people to be helpless and wait on god’s will to swoop in and save the day. If they’ve actually read what they subscribed to, they’ll see that there’s no need for god’s will. Their life has already been predestined. ‘Letting go and letting god’ is how so many of us in the black “community” can allow so much to happen and still go to sleep at night. “God allowed you to get molested because he wouldn’t give you more than what you can handle. He was teaching you a lesson.” Imagine what that can do to someone mentally. “Just pray about it, go to church! Your bills will get paid in FULL!” It’s sad because, with some of us, that’s all we have is god. At the end of the day, some of us go to bed at night hoping god is listening to their prayers as they fall asleep. They have nothing else to look forward to in the morning except maybe a bottle and the bible.

“Not a single advanced democracy that enjoys benign, progressive socio-economic conditions retains a high level of popular religiosity.” – Gregory Paul

If you reach out about possible mental illnesses, the black “community” will tell you is because you don’t have enough “faith” and that it’s “the devil’s work”. They push you back into church missionaries and tell you to believe in god. They slap some olive oil on your forehead, dunk you in luke-warm water, speak in tongues and move you along. They totally dismiss the idea that mental illness is a real issue because god is the duct tape of the black “community”. You can use it to fix anything. It’s not really a fix, it doesn’t fix anything. Now you’re left with black people apprehensive to help in any shape or form: reaching out for help, therapy, and medicine.

Religion allows superstitions to thrive. It thrives because of so many people that are dependent on invisible beings and undetectable forces. Religion and supernatural beings are one in the same. Because of this, anyone who questions it has to be the one that provides the proof and not the one that makes the claim. They become irate when you ask them to put up what they consider proof and they’re usually empty-handed. Their religion tells them to believe without evidence. Faith is seen as a virtue:

John 20:29

29 Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Religion blocks out logic, education, science, literature, reason and a means to deflect their true reasoning behind their suffering. Religion has proven time and time to be unhealthy, but those who refuse to bend to reason will never understand that.

“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” – Karl Marx

Black Female Bisexual Atheist

coI’ve come to terms with my sexuality quite recently. I’ve been an atheist since adolescence, but I’ve been a black woman all my life. Obviously, a quadruple threat.

Being black in America is already a minority, but being an atheist is a minority within a minority; hence the slogan. The church is tantamount in black culture, it has done more harm to us than it has helped. Turning your back on religion in the black community can be social suicide for a great deal of us so a lot of us are afraid to ‘come out’. There are situations where considering coming out as an atheist and or bisexual will leave you waking up in a cold sweat.

According to the bible, I’m deemed as a second class citizen as a woman because Eve ate a forbidden apple. That’s all it took. No second chances, no reprieve, no forgiveness whatsoever. Because of this and the black community holding on so strong to religion, I’ve been treated unfairly by my family.  They didn’t find out I was bisexual until much later, but when they did it was worse than them finding out I was an atheist. There were so much malice and malcontent. These were the same people who would quote bible scriptures day and night about what Jesus would do to help their fellow man. The television would stay on BET on Sunday’s and all you’d hear that day is gospel music. They were peaceful until you were seen as a threat to their beliefs.

I’ve found that when you add being anything other than cisgendered into the equation as a black woman, the amount of patience that bigots and self-haters have for you completely diminishes. It’s coming from all sides: the black church community, the LGT community, the hotep community. Black churches don’t really mean come as you are, the LGT community thinks you’re lying or seeking attention, the hotep community lacks lotion. The black community as a whole lacks open-mindedness and understanding in so many ways. We face discrimination in our own community and most of it is because of religion. We seem to hate ourselves first and everyone else second.

I was very deep in the closet when it came to my sexuality. I was there until I was fed up. I was reluctant to come out of the closet due to so many stigmas. I already had so much socially stacked against me as it was. When I came out though: “Now, you’re just doing this shit for attention.”, “This is just a phase.”, “You aren’t really bisexual, you just haven’t found the right man, yet.”, “How are you bisexual with kids?!”, “You can’t be bisexual because those people are confused; they want their cake and eat it too!”, “I knew there was more to why I couldn’t stand your ass. God was trying to tell me!”, “You’re just incapable of monogamy! Just admit it!”, “Didn’t you know? Bisexuality isn’t real!” The struggle is real and a lot of it is within the LGT community. It’s almost as if we’re shut out from it. I’ve never felt more invisible. It seems as if gay and lesbian are the true sexual orientations and other sexual orientations are seen as illegitimate, not real, or just a product of confusion, which is total bullshit.

To summarize the Hotep community: It’s a bunch of ashy ass negroes who think they’re ‘Kangs’ and ‘Qweens’ from West Africa – Egypt, specifically. They hold black women up to a high standard when it comes to their wombs and nothing else. Other than that, their place is behind a man and silent. They bash black women while putting white women on a throne to be saved. They wear ankhs and are obsessed with third eyes. A lot of them have taken off the shackles of Abrahamic religions and found another religion through hoteppery. The rest are atheistic but it’s negated with alkaline water and yonis. It’s still all quite confusing to me, but they don’t like free and outspoken women like me. Oh, did I mention a high percentage of them are homophobic? I forgot that part. Apparently, homosexuality is due to systematic racism and the prison system. I was brainwashed by the white man, didn’t ya’ know?

As a black woman in America, our voices aren’t heard or taken seriously. More often than not we’re disregarded and dismissed. When it’s time to steal what little culture we’ve created for ourselves, then we’re taken seriously long enough for it to be stolen and rebranded to something different. If I’m angry, I’m loud and ghetto; aggressive and bitter. If I wear my kinks and curls, then I’m to be touched and petted or told to straighten my hair. If I wear braids, I’m sent home from school or told to take them down. If I’m just sitting, minding my own business, then my face is resting in bitch mode. Maybe that’s just how I look? I’m told to “smile, girl you’re too pretty to be frowning like that!” I’m supposed to take what I can get in relationships and be grateful. I’m not allowed to build my own gaming rigs, play video games, love metal, enjoy anime, or read mangas and comic books without someone questioning my motive: “Why do you like doing white boy shit? Here’s a blunt, get turnt!” “Anxiety?! Depressions!? Panic attacks?! Where they do that at? We don’t believe in that shit! Just go outside! Pray about it!”

On society’s terms, I have to hold myself up to these impossible and unusual norms and standards to keep people around me happy.

Fuck. and. That.

I’m a quadruple threat and I’m cool with that. I’m an introverted loner but at the same time a laid back individual. If where I decide to stick my vagina and if who I decide to be as a person is a problem for someone, then how is that my problem? I spent a great deal of my life in different closets, but no more. I’ll be 30 this year and enough is enough.

Tip: I’m allowed to feel however I want. No one is allowed to tone police me. No one.

Can You Be a Black Christian and ‘Woke’?


No. Allow me to explain, even though it should be obvious.

Social media has brought on a movement of sorts; the ‘black consciousness’ movement. Let’s discuss that.

How can you be “conscious” and religious?

To be truly “woke” is to be frustrated and angry all of the time. To be Christian and “woke” you’d have to sidestep a lot of black issues and by issues I mean the chokehold religion has on black people.

On social media, I’ve noticed a lot of conscious black people speak strongly against racism, bigotry, misogyny, colorism, and police brutality but in the same keystrokes sending prayers to those who may have lost someone to police brutality. It just seems odd to me that these ‘woke’ black people would still need something as fickle as religion. It’s almost as if they don’t realize that religion is a problem.

You can’t be ‘woke’ and a Christian, Hebrew Israelite, Hotep, Muslim or whatever else you call yourselves these days. Sure, get mad and upset that I’m pointing this out, it won’t change the facts.

Religion is used to justify murder, rape, robbery, and enslaving of black people around the globe. If you believe in hell and satan, god and angels how woke can you actually be? What level of ‘woke’ is that? That’s more like sleepwalking.

Our ancestors weren’t allowed to read when they were brought to America but they got religion shoved down their throats. They were killed on the very basis of religion. Religion told their slave owners that it was okay to have black people as slaves, but we’re going to ignore that and “not trust whitey”. If you’re ‘woke’ and pro-black but religious, you’re skipping a step and it looks more like cherry-picking to me.

There’s something else I’d like to address: Those that say that they’re all ‘woke’ and all, but will walk past each other every day and say nothing to each other, even if a child speaks to them. We cannot be ‘woke’ to what we want and nod off on everything else.

Turning to a white man’s religion to give you the strength to forgive someone who killed your family member or friend is a slap in the face to that very same movement. To ignore so much harm religion has done to black people is the same as accepting it and you can’t call yourself ‘woke’ or ‘conscious’.

Dear Black Preachers

Some of you have some nerve. Don’t get me wrong, no one is perfect over this way and that shouldn’t even begin to be the retort for what I have to say, but some of y’all are fucked up.

I see you in your new Mercedez Benz and your fancy suits and your flashy jewelry. I see all of that under that velvety smooth ass robe. I see the matching gators, too. Don’t get me wrong, not a lot of you – but a great deal of you – can’t ball out of control like that, but you try, you try and when you think about it, that’s just as fucked up as the ones who can.

Luke 12:15: “And He said to them, ‘Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.’”

You and along 10 other preachers on that same street can’t do a damn thing for the community you’re siphoning from? Not even a community garden? You don’t even have the decency to pave the parking lot to park your Benz or Maserati in? Nah! No one cares about that. Jesus isn’t in the parking lot or on the curb. The congregation doesn’t care about no pot holes! Jesus’ll fill ’em! They damn sure don’t care about what’s going on around them, either. You fill your pockets full of money from families who could have used that money for food and bills. But since they believe that god will make it alright for them, they just willingly do it. Most of you know it’s wrong. You take and take and take but barely do you ever give. God isn’t your personal savior in no other means than the almighty dollar. The others? Money and the perfect platform to shout their bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic rhetoric to the naive and delusional congregation. You hide behind a “Well, Jesus said, or I think [he] did” facade as a reason to spout such nonsense.

Ecclesiastes 5:10: “He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with its income. This too is vanity.

You kill me how you boast about how you got 50 people to foot a coach bus to take a trip to a damn casino like that’s something to boast about. I would ask if you actually read the bible, but that’s pretty redundant at this point. You’re not in it for Jesus in the first damn place.

Mark 8:36: “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”

Hey, you. I know I probably lost you by now, with all the bible scriptures you didn’t know existed. I didn’t even have to mention the camel but listen you’re doing your black communities a disservice.

It’s bad enough that another sect of sheep called the Jehovah’s Witnesses do drive-by soliciting. They would straight pull up on you in the dead of winter, roll down the window, be on the wrong side of the street just to ask you if they can give you something, something to fucking read. Don’t even bother to talk about what they want you to take from them. What if you have questions? Is there some quota they have to meet with Jesus through a lifelong binding contract or they go to hell? No telling what’s motivating these old ladies. They fill up the ‘Free Little Libraries’, not with books of anything other than ‘The Book of Mormon’ or ‘The Watchtower’ and every time I take that shit and throw it in the garbage. It’s bad enough when they do it, that’s the only time you’ll see them in the community. They’re too busy worried about what other people are doing in public which has been shown in the bible, that you’re supposed to do in private. Enough is enough!

It’s stated that black churches are collecting billions from their communities, but there aren’t any new job creations or opportunities. There’s no excuse for the abandoned buildings and businesses, and homes, too. You expect us to sit in church from 10:30 to 1:30 and listen to you, shake around and make noises in the pews for you, play in your choirs and indoctrinate your children with bible study, but you can’t do a damn thing for the people you’re sucking the life out of? You know what it’s helping? Gentrification.

With all that money you’re making by making them tithe EVERY Sunday and in some cases Thursday and Saturday, you can mentor them on saving that 10%, but that’s too much like right. That mean you don’t get any.  That’s not including all the functions and “dinners” that tithe envelopes and money trays are passed around. That’s not ‘church’, why am I paying you for just being a part of the church community?

You prey on their hardship. You use that as your foundation in your sermons. You use that as a hook and lure to get them to hand over their money. It’s always about the money.

Then you have pastors like Eddie Long who molested children. Nothing worse than a pastor preying on its flock instead of protecting them, teaching them.

It’s quite disheartening to see so many of you pimp pastors taking advantage of so many people. You’re reaping all of the benefits.

“Come as you are! But you bitch, you better have my money!”

To the churches and pastors that at least try, you can do better, too. Nothing is stopping you from calling bullshit for what it is. Turning a blind cheek because it’s not affecting you at all is how we got in this mess. Nonchalantly sweeping more and more shit under the rug is doing no one any favors. Eventually, that rug will have too much shit under it and everyone will begin to notice.

The Pitfalls of Being A Black Atheist

You see a lot of shit that other people don’t.

Black Christians may be fine with Jehovah’s Witnesses driving up in this “community” dropping off their propaganda bullshit in our Little Library, but I’m not. I’ll take those booklets out of there every time I see them. Not only is it hypocritical, but it’s ass-backwards when it’s sitting next to books about the universe and dinosaurs. It’s problematic enough that there are enough black Jehovah’s Witnesses indoctrinating young minds, I’ll be damned if I allow someone to drive up in here from the suburbs only to drop those booklets off and leave is going to, too. If all you have to offer to these kids in tougher times is religion, just stay home and pray, it has the same effect. From the looks of things, religion hasn’t worked well for any of these kids.

the watchtower

Answer: Hell to the fucking No!

Other Christians, especially black ones assume you’re Christian

I hate this with a passion! I know, I know it happens to everyone, but I’m not stupid. It’s much more obvious in the black “community”. It’s much more in your face, too. You could be standing, minding your own business and look up, you’re in a prayer circle for no damn reason.

“Which church you go to?” “Here’s a pamphlet for what’s going on at church this weekend.” “Do you have a church home?” “Why ain’t you in church, chile!” “Should baptize your daughter before she gets too old.” “Did your Christen your son?” “Here’s a bible. I have so many of these at home!” “Which scripture is your favorite?” “Circumcise that boy!” “Make sure when you marry it’s in a church! You have to be good with god, ya know!”

After a while, it all sounds like they all got their notes from each other. They all sound the same. They all sound cherry-picked.

When they find out you’re not a Christian, they ostracize you – in most cases, at least try – from the “community”.

All you have to say is you don’t so much as pray and they’ll look at you differently. Start explaining why and watch the bullshit before you unfold.

Add any more labels alongside “atheist” and you’ll start having to keep down vomit every time you hear, “now, you’re just doing this shit for attention”.

Especially if you’re anything other than straight, then don’t be a woman on top of that. It’s like the shit you already have stacked against you just tripled.

Some would say, “You wouldn’t have all these problems if you didn’t make yourself a target by having labels you know would make you a target.” Well, no one told them they had to believe that nonsense either, but I’m supposed to hide behind a figment of who I am because of apologists? Because of victim blamers? Because you cannot handle being an adult?

I’m not being black for attention. I’m not being a woman for attention. I’m not being bisexual for attention, nor am I confused. I’m not being an atheist for attention. I’m being Lee and Lee isn’t the one with the problem here. I’m being told that I am the problem. Everything about who I am is a problem for other people when it shouldn’t be.

Other hoteps assume you’re ‘Hotep’ because you’re an atheist or have atheistic ideals.

A lot of “hoteps” aren’t religious, they think god is a black ‘wombman’. Don’t get me to translate it. I don’t know what it is. They like to think they have third eyes. See the contradiction? They replaced one religion for another, but at the same time, have a lot of atheistic ideals so they join black atheist pages or ‘Real Black Atheist’ pages. Emphasis on ‘real’ because that means a lot to them.

They have certain beliefs and ideals on what an actual atheist is. It’s ridiculous. They’re just as bad as churchgoers because they push that shit onto others. I don’t want to be your “Qween”. I want to be Lee. Also, let’s get this out of the way: You hoteps should seriously stop getting hung up on Africa. Most of you never been there, don’t know much about the place outside of Egypt and West Africa and even then, you’re 95% of the time wrong.

Furthermore, stop cultural appropriating a people who haven’t raised a finger in all of our time being here in America to help us or defend us. Miss me with that, “they got their own problems” bullshit. That right there tells me you should just be quiet. Go sit down and finish Hidden Colors, 1,2,3, and 4 that you only watched five minutes of.

You’re subjected to a lot of Christian fuckery on a daily basis.


Christian fuckery can come in all shapes and forms because it takes many shapes and forms just as fast as you can say, “I give it all to Jesus!”. Usually, it’s unavoidable because it’s unpredictable. You could be sitting at a bus stop, minding your own business and a wild Christian appears and uses absolve.

“Oh, thank you, Jesus! God is good! How are you today, Lee? I bullshit you not, she says that to me every time. It never fails. “I’m fine, just waiting on the bus.” She gives me a side glance and a once over at the same time. This woman is magical. “Well, you look like you need a hug. God is always by your side. I know how you feel about Jesus, but I pray for you every night.” You know how you sometimes catch yourself before you think you may say something you think you may regret later, you’re not all the way sure, but at the same time, you only care enough to not say anything because you have to socialize with this person almost every day? Yea, that was me. I wanted to say, “Whatever you’re praying for, it’s making shit worse, if it’s working at all. Please stop.” but, all I could muster through gritted teeth was a thank you.

It didn’t stop there.

“Well, girl one of our new neighbors are so nasty. I went over there to help them and whew, god it was BAD! I had to pray about it when I got home. Even the children were nasty, but I prayed about it. I even did a little hail mary as I got in the shower! Oh lord, let me stop talking about them. I’m better than that. Sorry, Jesus.” At this point, I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or Jesus.

It’s just weird seeing them absolve themselves of judgment by bringing up Jesus. She repents on the go! It’s like some of them only help people just to judge them, to make them feel better about themselves. Then they justify it with Jesus. Jesus is the scapegoat that they can use to absolve them of any consequence.

You’re the reason as to why everything is about race. [See: Name of page]

Oh really? So I created white supremacy? I plundered the world and left terror and destruction in its wake everywhere I went? I murdered and almost wiped out an entire race just because I wanted what they had? I created segregation? Really? No, I am the reaction of those actions caused by white supremacy. Also, white power is not a culture. Never will be one.

Oh, and shit like this:


I was born black. You were taught religion

I just called his beliefs bullshit, but all I get is racist rhetoric from the 60’s. Never mind that I questioned his religion. Never mind that it is bullshit. Nope, he saw the word ‘Black’ and that’s all that mattered.

Christians, you have a lot of village idiots running around. Is that by design? So do atheists, but this post isn’t about them. I’m black, first. That’s a fact that’s very obvious in my everyday life. That’s the first thing people will ever see and that’s not even my fault. White supremacy made it that way.

You’ll have those that’ll say, “Well, why stoop down to their level?” Have you been asleep throughout history? Black people sat at counters, minding their own business when they were being bullied out of restaurants by racists. Black people have been minding their own business for quite some time, trying to stay peaceful. Trying to do what other people say, “ignore it and leave it alone”. Well, it isn’t leaving us alone. I refuse to be complacent in the face of any kind of racism. Fuck your arbitrary ass levels you set. Y.O.U. They don’t apply to me.

It’s like someone pissing on me and getting mad that I’m getting mad at them for pissing on me.

You sound fucking stupid.

Shut up.

To the ‘Pro-choice Atheists’ that are not Pro-choice

Being an atheist allows me to call out bullshit when I see it. So here we go, unfortunately…

How exactly are contraceptive consequences entirely our fault? You think you can wipe your hands away with “well, just don’t have unprotected sex and you won’t have unwanted babies” rhetoric? I don’t think so. I’ll get to the part that makes atheists like you hypocrites in a second. 

So, my rights should be taken away because, oops? Birth control isn’t 100% effective, but we have people who have never had a period in their lives make decisions for us. I don’t see a single masturbation law. Shit happens! Condoms break! Let’s not get on the fact that the guy behind this law is accused of domestic violence. Oh, but then I’m just grasping at straws!

I feel like I’m jumping the gun here. First off, that’s not pro-choice. That’s not pro-ANYTHING! Let’s also not forget that there is a male contraceptive well, WAS, but men couldn’t handle the side-effects; the very same side-effects we have to deal with while on contraceptives and that’s if it doesn’t cause other problems. There are some contraceptives that we’re allergic to or just don’t work or can’t use at all. Ever heard of cystic fibrosis? We can get many different types of symptoms from contraceptives in many kinds of flavors. Symptoms that cause weight gain, high blood pressure, mood swings, hormonal changes, swollen ankles, blood clots, missed periods, longer periods, heavier periods, painful cramps, migraines – do I need to fucking continue? – to keep from having children. We’re doing our part at attempting to keep from dealing with what you call the “consequences” before they happen. You know what the religious nutters call that? Murder. But then we have to go through hoops and bounds to get a damn prescription.

In this new law that has passed here in Ohio or any law in the past in that “passed”, where’s the other person’s responsibility? I hoped we haven’t denied science to a point where we’re believing in immaculate conceptions. So if this woman has a miscarriage or the fetus’ father causes harm and the woman has to have an emergency abortion, do they go to jail for murder or does that get a pass under the ‘the fetus wouldn’t have lived outside of the womb’ law?

So, what’s confusing here? How are you somehow morally corrupt when it comes to basic human rights?

Why is it so hard for some of you men who sleep with a ‘Misogyny for Dummies’ under their pillows to let those who actually have the organs make the rights? We’re not dismissing the ones you have, but you’re taking away all of ours.

Still, Kasich’s claim that he is “pro-life with the exceptions of rape, incest and the life of the mother” doesn’t quite rise to the level of a Geppetto Checkmark…-Washington Post

This infringes ‘separation of church and state’ does it not? I only ask because you’re not mad that this is clearly a ‘sanctity of human life’ as John Kasich and the other wackos put it. You’re not mad that this isn’t backed by science and facts, but by religion and feelings? Why?

Not only did that bill and the other one that has yet to make it to Kasich’s desk will just make things worse for those worse off, more and more young women will be putting their lives at stake. How is this helping the poorer families? I’m completely outraged at how intermingled church and state are; you can’t tell the difference! Even with the Affordable Care Act in place, it’s still difficult to get free birth control. So, if legislation’s are being created with these religious barriers or giving doctors religious freedoms on the very thing we need to keep from having to deal with “the consequences”, and they are now making it to where you can’t get an abortion, and you’re still somehow blaming women’s bodies as being the problem, you’re an idiot. Simple.

“You’re irresponsible for getting pregnant, then you’re an irresponsible parent. Abort. Abort. Abort!” Yes, another comment from that very post. These are the same “pro-choicers” who mercilessly attack the “pro-lifers” because then, it’s all about religion and how [god] killed so many babies.

So, it’s our fault for having sex with protection or without, none of the responsibility or culpability for anyone else involved. We’re murderers to religious nutters, irresponsible murderers to atheists – that shit still baffles me – and you have the audacity to laugh when we see our rights once again on the chopping block? That’s some cis-gendered, Stockholm syndrome, victim blaming, hypocritical ass nonsense. The risk is already on us. We’re the ones that have to carry that baby, change our lives during that pregnancy, sometimes end up on bed-rest, during and after the pregnancy. We’re the ones that are already taking a pay cut and now, we’re the ones taking unpaid maternity leave. Yes, yes, changes are coming, slowly but surely, but in the meantime, we’re the ones getting shafted here. For fucks sake, birth control can give women cancer!

It’s amazing that the lot who have so much to say about ‘consequences and responsibilities’ never had a uterus a day in their lives. Stripping away our right to choose because you feel that we are ‘wiping away all consequences and not living with the responsibility of being a woman with birth giving organs‘.

Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2903.01 et seq. (2002) define aggravated murder, murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, aggravated vehicular homicide, aggravated vehicular assault, felonious assault, aggravated assault, assault and negligent assault. The law applies to a person, which includes an “unborn member of the species Homo sapiens, who is or was carried in the womb of another.”

There’s a law like this in 38 states. Notice how life only matters to these people until the umbilical cord is cut. That’s not by accident, that’s by design.

The only individual that should have any control over my uterus is me. I don’t care what you feel, what you think, or what your deity thinks; stay the fuck out of my uterus!



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black santa

Why can’t black kids have a Santa that looks like them?

Let’s put religion to aside here for a second, mostly because I’m black, first.

How foolish of me to believe that there would at least a little reprieve from all the outlandish and ridiculous amount of racism people of color have endured all year long around the holiday season. You online trolls have a lot of nerve.

Let me show you something:

black santa

Black Santa

Guess how many fucks were given? None! Guess who ‘member sitting on either lap? No one, not even me; I don’t ‘member. Guess who lived to see many Christmases after that without any psychological Santa trauma? Me. I’m fine. You know why? I didn’t care! Kids don’t care what color Santa Claus is, you do! The other 364 days of the year we’re told not to sit on strange men laps, but here I am, sitting on a strange man lap. I guess it’s okay since it’s Santa.


Oh shit, a white Santa!


Social media has given racists this awesome medium to use to express their outrage; hypocritical or not. Mall of America is being boycotted over race in 2016 by a bunch of sniveling cowards hiding behind a Cheeto.

They’re boycotting a Black Santa, but they’re not boycotting the pipeline in North Dakota? The war on Christmas is much more important than the war on human decency? These are the same people who have a white Jesus hanging up in their home, not realizing that if Jesus were real, a middle-eastern wouldn’t be welcomed in America.

What’s so wrong with being black in America? Why is it when anything that’s not whitewashed so offensive to so many people? How can white people try and keep a religion white when it was never white, to begin with? Why can’t black kids have hope and see a black Santa for once? Do they realize they’re boycotting a fictional character?

Let’s ask Twitter, shall we?


On second thought let’s not.

See that shit? Do you see that petty, divisive, misinformed ass shit? I do. I also see the fact that “why do you always have to make it all about race?” is bullshit when I see shit like that. You can’t tell me “everything isn’t about race” then turn around and make it about race.

I hate to sound like a broken record to all the victims out there, but Santa isn’t real. He was the Grinch one Christmas, ‘member? I ‘member. It seems that Ol’ St. Nick can be green, blue, and white, but not black. Seeing their beloved Santa being black offends them.

I see what’s going on. It’s okay for it to be “all about race” to racists, but let me tell you something, according to history St. Nick was fourth century Turkish so he wouldn’t have been white anyway.

America is telling black people, black kids especially that it’s not okay to be black. We as parents have to stand up to this regressive nonsense. The importance of representation for black kids is much more important now, especially in the coming 4 – 8 years.

Happy Holidays.


Hey, Social Media, It’s Still Unacceptable to Censor Speech

Offered Thoughts

Technology has made communication fast, and sometimes, exceptionally furious. Even the slightest endeavor into the world of social media leaves you vulnerable to comments from any person, in any mood, of any mental stability, with any intention, and from practically any geographical location. Our participation in this exposure is strictly voluntary, and the responsibility for being engaged, is on us. The almost 3.5 billion people with internet access in the world are under no obligation to be kind, show respect, give support, or agree with anything we submit. To expect any uniform behavior from that many people is delusional. That won’t stop some people.

Malicious words can be delivered instantly with no thought or reflection and desensitized through a lack of personal interaction. Body language, tone of voice, facial expressions,  and proximity are all lost when communicating rapidly through text. As a result, the severity of an attack is often…

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