Black Atheists That Have a Problem with Homosexuality, What the Fuck is Your Problem?

Black atheists, what is your problem with homosexuals? How is it that you can remove the shackles of religion, but cannot remove the veil of ignorance? You’re an atheist but you’re a bigoted atheist? You’re okay with atheists as long as they’re not gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc? I understand completely that atheism is nothing more than the denouncing of gods, but it’s important for me to ask, why not go a step further?

I made a post yesterday wishing all my queer members a happy pride day and of course those who didn’t agree had to say they’re unfollowing and that “Atheists subscribe to nature, science, logic. (since when?) This pride stuff isn’t natural or logical.”(homosexuality is found all over the animal kingdom, but that’s another blog post) and proceeded to block me. Those that didn’t leave like they said they were, stuck around for their five minutes of fame until they were blocked. It’s like this every year so sure, I’m expecting it, but it just shows how far we as a black community have to go and to grow. Some of us may have removed religion from our lives, but still, have religious-like beliefs stunting our growth.

As we all know, the black community is pretty homophobic, but let me point something out that one of the “atheists” said:

real black atheists don’t support homosexual in no forns. Fuck that white shit

I should not give this person the time of day just based on their grammar alone, but I must bring this up, seeing as this isn’t just one bad apple. He’s on a tree with a fuckton of other bad apples. I’m seeing parallels between people like him and religious people. If it can’t be explained, god did it. If black people are doing it, but it’s disapproving to other black people, it’s “white people shit”. Skateboarding, atheism, veganism, not spanking your children, being LGBTQ+, etc. is “white people shit”.  It’s as if the realm of possibilities for certain social constructs, ways of life, and the like are limited to their small, simple minds. The list seems to grow incessantly and recklessly. It’s like [they] have their own special list of detestable things that only “white people be or do” and black people shouldn’t be or do. You know what? Soon, someone is going to walk up to me and snatch my black card away and tell me I’m no longer invited to the ‘cookout’.

This does confirm that religion cannot be blamed for this person’s hatred of LGBTQ+ (wait, he said that he’s okay with lesbians, which also makes him a contradictory, hypocritical misogynist). For him and atheists like him (men make up most of the black atheist community), it’s simply ignorance and hate.

But to note, homophobia is a European concept. The buggery laws that were passed in 1533 made homosexuality a crime and of course, those laws, like a disease spread to other countries, especially those they colonized. The Buggery laws are still active for many countries, the West Indies, South America and, North & West Africa just to name a few. This also confirms that not a lot of people educate themselves and just go along with their own misguided beliefs. It’s sad because we as a people can do better.

I think it would be in the best interest of the black community to be more informed than this, more open-minded than this, more educated than this. It saddens me to see that no matter what god or lack thereof, there is always going to be that crab in the bucket mentality.

We still have a long way to go.



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  1. Fuck ‘me!! I’m glad ignorant fucks outed themselves.

    👋 beyotches #ProudMemberOfRainbowTribeForOver20years 🌈 🌈 🌈


  2. Certain humans and animals practice incest and cannibalism as well but that doesn’t mean that every living creature were designed to behave exactly the same way.There are variations in the ways animals utilize methods to ensure survival, however, survival of the species is universal observation. The urge to procreate is perhaps the most fundamental desire second only to the living organism’s need for nourishment. There is no definitive, credible, scientific research to date that points to a homosexual gene. It’s more psychological underpinning than a biological truism. Perhaps your knee-jerk, emotional reaction to anyone questioning or disagreeing with the validity of the homosexual claim as being ‘born this way’ and labeling any opposition as homophobic or problematic, speaks more to your insecurity and latent doubt than to the target of your wrath.


    1. You clearly missed my point and of course, your own biases keep you from seeing that regardless of how many people aren’t in your eyes “straight” there will be enough of them to procreate. While we’re on the matter of procreation, what’s evident too that fact is that foster homes stay full, so procreation isn’t the problem. So what does it matter to you what they do with their lives? You defeated your own argument and yet I’m the one wrong? Right. Keep on being on the wrong side of religion because “but the animal kingdom also does this”…which is, in fact, my point. Humans also commit incest and cannibalism, but I see you left that out of your rebuttal. Nice try, though. The laws of nature don’t care about how you feel. Just because we as a species have higher brain functioning doesn’t mean we have the right to deem right and wrong about nature. The laws and rules of nature are why we’re even here. Seriously, at the end of the day, what someone does with their life doesn’t affect you at all. Cishet men, y’all have a lot of nerve.


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