Can You Be a Black Christian and ‘Woke’?


No. Allow me to explain, even though it should be obvious.

Social media has brought on a movement of sorts; the ‘black consciousness’ movement. Let’s discuss that.

How can you be “conscious” and religious?

To be truly “woke” is to be frustrated and angry all of the time. To be Christian and “woke” you’d have to sidestep a lot of black issues and by issues I mean the chokehold religion has on black people.

On social media, I’ve noticed a lot of conscious black people speak strongly against racism, bigotry, misogyny, colorism, and police brutality but in the same keystrokes sending prayers to those who may have lost someone to police brutality. It just seems odd to me that these ‘woke’ black people would still need something as fickle as religion. It’s almost as if they don’t realize that religion is a problem.

You can’t be ‘woke’ and a Christian, Hebrew Israelite, Hotep, Muslim or whatever else you call yourselves these days. Sure, get mad and upset that I’m pointing this out, it won’t change the facts.

Religion is used to justify murder, rape, robbery, and enslaving of black people around the globe. If you believe in hell and satan, god and angels how woke can you actually be? What level of ‘woke’ is that? That’s more like sleepwalking.

Our ancestors weren’t allowed to read when they were brought to America but they got religion shoved down their throats. They were killed on the very basis of religion. Religion told their slave owners that it was okay to have black people as slaves, but we’re going to ignore that and “not trust whitey”. If you’re ‘woke’ and pro-black but religious, you’re skipping a step and it looks more like cherry-picking to me.

There’s something else I’d like to address: Those that say that they’re all ‘woke’ and all, but will walk past each other every day and say nothing to each other, even if a child speaks to them. We cannot be ‘woke’ to what we want and nod off on everything else.

Turning to a white man’s religion to give you the strength to forgive someone who killed your family member or friend is a slap in the face to that very same movement. To ignore so much harm religion has done to black people is the same as accepting it and you can’t call yourself ‘woke’ or ‘conscious’.



  1. Alright, I’m gonna go totally against the grain here, as a WHITE CHRISTIAN who loves my black friends and am embarrassed about a history of white supremacy, and offer a different perspective about being “woke”. I get it! White “Christians” have misused religion to abuse power, enslave blacks, and support unfair laws that maintain power and economic advantage. And blacks have every right and every reason to be angry. No argument so far.

    But let me suggest this: the enemy of wokeness isn’t Jesus Christ or His true gospel. Jesus came to “free the captive”, taught that “the truth will set you free” and came as a ransom to forgive sins and reconcile people — all people, even all races. He is the way forward.

    I don’t deny that “Christians” have misrepresented Jesus, misunderstood God, and mistreated people. But the solution to every social injustice is not more anger and more hate (against whites, Christians, the Bible, Jesus, etc), but rather a redemptive transformation of the human heart. This doesn’t wait for heaven; it begins now!

    It is through a true understanding of Christ that we become genuinely “woke” and turn from hate to love, from oppression to partnership, from injustice to shared justice. Jesus offers the way forward to fully awakened love. Atheism offers the road straight back to the futility of animosity. To be atheist and remain angry all the time is to be only partly woke. To come to love everyone sacrificially from the heart as you have been loved — is the full wokeness. My prayer for each of you here is that you will find this true remedy.


  2. Raven! Exactly! I haven’t brought myself to watch Birth of a Nation yet..I’m still dealing with the Trauma of watching black men women and children cut down on the nightly news..I heard and read about it though


  3. I was just having this discussion today..I dont understand how this is not obvious to black Christians..the conditioning and dissonance moves them to believe that being “woke” and Christians came somehow coexists..I compared this very same ideology to white supremacy..Despite the evidence, white supremacist continue to spread white superiority and oppression..The Bible does the exact samething..we cant move as one people on one accord if I have to submit to your fantasy in order for us to work together..They stuck in lala land…


  4. This is an important post. I finally saw Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation last night. It is the perfect example of what you’re talking about here. The upside is that Nat Turner eventually used religion against the slaveholders. But it was clear that the slaveholders’ purpose in encouraging the slaves to get religion was just to keep them in line. For that reason alone, Christianity should be spit on by us. But it still serves to keep us subservient to the status quo and docile enough for white people to tolerate on a limited basis, just like in the slave days. It’s hard to fight for a good life now when some preacher is telling you that your rewards are in the sky somewhere after you die, if you just act right. But, for some reason white people are allowed to have their heaven in the here and now. I call bullshit. For any belief system to have any value, it should make your life better NOW; it should not be offering happiness on some sort of layaway plan.

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