black santa

Why can’t black kids have a Santa that looks like them?

Let’s put religion to aside here for a second, mostly because I’m black, first.

How foolish of me to believe that there would at least a little reprieve from all the outlandish and ridiculous amount of racism people of color have endured all year long around the holiday season. You online trolls have a lot of nerve.

Let me show you something:

black santa

Black Santa

Guess how many fucks were given? None! Guess who ‘member sitting on either lap? No one, not even me; I don’t ‘member. Guess who lived to see many Christmases after that without any psychological Santa trauma? Me. I’m fine. You know why? I didn’t care! Kids don’t care what color Santa Claus is, you do! The other 364 days of the year we’re told not to sit on strange men laps, but here I am, sitting on a strange man lap. I guess it’s okay since it’s Santa.


Oh shit, a white Santa!


Social media has given racists this awesome medium to use to express their outrage; hypocritical or not. Mall of America is being boycotted over race in 2016 by a bunch of sniveling cowards hiding behind a Cheeto.

They’re boycotting a Black Santa, but they’re not boycotting the pipeline in North Dakota? The war on Christmas is much more important than the war on human decency? These are the same people who have a white Jesus hanging up in their home, not realizing that if Jesus were real, a middle-eastern wouldn’t be welcomed in America.

What’s so wrong with being black in America? Why is it when anything that’s not whitewashed so offensive to so many people? How can white people try and keep a religion white when it was never white, to begin with? Why can’t black kids have hope and see a black Santa for once? Do they realize they’re boycotting a fictional character?

Let’s ask Twitter, shall we?


On second thought let’s not.

See that shit? Do you see that petty, divisive, misinformed ass shit? I do. I also see the fact that “why do you always have to make it all about race?” is bullshit when I see shit like that. You can’t tell me “everything isn’t about race” then turn around and make it about race.

I hate to sound like a broken record to all the victims out there, but Santa isn’t real. He was the Grinch one Christmas, ‘member? I ‘member. It seems that Ol’ St. Nick can be green, blue, and white, but not black. Seeing their beloved Santa being black offends them.

I see what’s going on. It’s okay for it to be “all about race” to racists, but let me tell you something, according to history St. Nick was fourth century Turkish so he wouldn’t have been white anyway.

America is telling black people, black kids especially that it’s not okay to be black. We as parents have to stand up to this regressive nonsense. The importance of representation for black kids is much more important now, especially in the coming 4 – 8 years.

Happy Holidays.



  1. Lee-

    Thank you for sustaining the energy.
    It has so much heat, I enjoy the burn to excess!
    Keep up the good work and much love for you!
    Here are a few words on the abortion issue and
    why it’s such an emotional issue for many whites.

    At this point in time, whites have reached a zero birth rate.
    That means for each white person who dies, only one is born.

    The darker races are being born at a rate of two, three and four to one death. Whites understand this science better than they can accept the science of climate change. The abortion issue centers around saving white babies so that the white rate of extinction might be postponed to delay the inevitable.

    To support this delay, incarceration rates for Blacks and men of color must remain high so that their sperm is denied entry into the gene pool to make more black babies. Therefore, prisons and jails are live sperm banks invested to make sure the penal gun does not go off outside of prison. And to the same end their seems to be the killing of Black and brown men to beat back the possibility of that Black sperm be destroyed where possible.

    So when whites think that are hurling an insult by saying that blacks are apes or come from apes. Actually, this is a compliment. The speaker is unaware of his own gene pool. If Black people had not evolved, whites would have no genetic grandparents! The come from us. Our genetic history is much older.

    This white supremacy, also known as fake news, is designed to suggest to us that we don’t belong, that we are outsiders. After all, there can be no white supremacy if there are no white people. And the become more irrelevant!


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