“You have too many white people on your ‘Black Atheists’ page…”

So? Leave. I’m sorry, let me rephrase that: Leave the planet. It’s unavoidable. It’s also pretty fucking foolish. Want proof? Exhibit A:

when youre too pro black

What makes him a special delicate little flower where I’m supposed to just scrap everything and start over, but this time, nitpick through all my likes making sure there’s no sign of the “white devil”? I applaud the white people that like my page.  They liked the page for a reason and whichever reason that may be, I hope they left knowing a different perspective on atheism as well as black people. This “anti-white” to me is a bunch of bullshit! Sorry, not sorry if I piss off some of you so-called “pro-black” apologists.

I guess you can call this post a disclaimer for the present and future members of the Black Atheists page.

Black people like Julian who want solidarity are no different than racist white people. They’re actually worse because they should know better. They’re a different kind of self-hatred and it stems from a perspective of indoctrination. I didn’t make this page for just YOU, Julian. I made this page originally for this very blog. It started getting popular and the rest is history. You wouldn’t believe how many other black atheists are simply glad to have found a page like this. This page is for the learning experience, not for you to be free to say, “fuck white people”.

If he’s so damn afraid of the very thing he doesn’t want any part of, what exactly does that make him? Tell me. I can answer that: Prejudice. He responded the same way white people did when we were allowed to enter into their white spaces; when they had to let us sit in the front of the bus and sit at their restaurant counters. It was met with apprehension, resentment, anger, confusion, hatred, and a bunch of fucking lashing out.

Black atheists are rare. A lot of them are still closeted and a lot of them cannot like a page called black atheists because it’s not worth losing their family, relationships, jobs, homes, etc.. I don’t blame them, it’s fucked up enough out here as it is for us. Protip: There are more of them than there are of us. That is why we are a minority. Also, my page is still relatively small compared to other atheist pages. The demographic isn’t there for people to be bitching about who is liking my page and commenting. Teach them something instead of worrying about what others think. Explain, engage, help them understand.

You can’t learn from other people from other ethnic backgrounds if you don’t open up that dialogue, and or that opportunity to do so. What would a bunch of black atheists all in one secluded group is going to teach other black atheists? We know it already! We are living it right-the-fuck-now! In order to allow for things to change, we have to allow people to learn from us. All black spaces…can’t be just black spaces; especially those that’s all about blaming the white man all the fucking time. That shit gets so old. Yes, white people do benefit from what happened to us and what was implemented in the past; yes that bullshit still affects us today. Yes, we fought and fought and fought for equal rights. We have them, sort of. We’re still marching today about the same kind of shit that happened when my 80-year-old grandmother was a child. So something needs to change. But, with all that in mind, what has it stopped exactly? Black people are really making moves out here. We are making changes. We’re opening businesses, we’re making statements [ I mean, we’ve always been doing that], and we’re making a difference. Black women have been deemed the most educated in the United States. That wouldn’t have happened if people weren’t learning. We all have our place in this world. Allow me to do me, please.

Protip: No one is making you like my page. Page subscriptions work both ways.

I cannot control who ‘likes’ this page. There are over 19,000 likes. You think I’m going to sift through all those people and remove all the white likes? Are you fucking kidding me? This is a public page, and I’m not doing that for you or anyone. There are plenty of GROUPS like that for you to join and they’re not what you think. Most of them are full of hatred and discontent. They antagonize anyone that’s not black. A lot of them have been homophobic, misogynistic, and have complete and total disrespect towards black women especially. Atheism is never the focal point of these pages. They just shine a big bright spotlight on everything that’s wrong in the black community, to them. It’s quite regressive if you ask me.

Most importantly: I wasn’t put on this earth for you to like.

I’m finally getting back into “writing” so excuse me if this is all over the place, but I hope my point was made. If not, I don’t mind further explaining myself.

Also, let’s not get it twisted: White people, you need to take a backseat as well. Yes, this page is open for everyone to be a part of, but if you haven’t been black a day in your life you have no grounds to tell me how to feel about being in my skin. You don’t have the right. You cannot turn systematic racism around on the ones it was meant for. Y’all try that shit A LOT on there and if you think about it, you’ll understand how absolutely ridiculous that is. You should try and understand and possibly learn something, not try and tell us our experiences of being black in America  – or anywhere for that matter – is wrong. Also, miss me with that “race is just a construct, we’re all people” bullshit that you like to spout when race is addressed. Want to know why race is addressed? Because race is why we’re racially profiled, race is why we are treated less than equal, race is why there isn’t a safe place that I know of that don’t have a problem with the color of my skin. You guys, on the other hand, are seen as angels. I wonder why the fuck that is. SO, before you fix your fingers to say that, consider why you’re saying it. Why would you have to say that if race wasn’t an issue? The kicker, that’s not even the fucked up part`. Colorism due to racism and European ideals of what beauty is …is the smoking gun.

Y’know what….

Never mind.

Thank you for reading.



  1. I have one experience I can compare this to; when I was a student pilot, I was an active member of my local Women in Aviation group. Women were about 6% of the pilot population (I think its still the same) and most of us experienced blatant sexism at some point during the training process. Regardless, it was just fun to connect with others like ourselves. But, we had a few male group members who were welcomed and appreciated; they supported us as much as they could even though obviously they weren’t having the same experiences.

    Huge differences here, but some parallels.


  2. Lee-

    Please continue your good work.

    It helps others understand that to be an atheist does not require permission or approval from anyone.

    For thousands of years before the onset of the rumor and superstition that there was a god or religion, the original human, Black people, had no need to believe or be infected by the defective notion that there was ever a god at any time.

    To be an atheist and to be Black at the same time presents a clear and present danger to many who insist on upholding and supporting ideas that are false and do not make sense.

    Is no wonder that suicides, murders, assaults and unchecked mental health behaviors continue to increase, especially in the heads of too many Blacks spooked out and numbed by false and crippling religious teachings!

    It seems to be a natural inclination of the ignorant to embrace what is not true. I am in full agreement with those who say that that the teachings of a god and religion have caused more misery to all human beings in all stages of human history than any other single idea!

    We are who we are and who we have always been from the beginning, without apology.
    We are ATHEIST!

    Sylvio Lynch Jr.

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