Dear Conservative Religious Parents,

Michael A. Sherlock (Author)

Keep oppressing your children. Keep telling them that they were born rotten. Please continue to indoctrinate them with fear and self-loathing. Persist in teaching them that they are worthless without the superfluous salvation of your antiquated collection of superstitions. Keep pushing them down – because the more you push them down, the more we will pick them up, and the more you oppress them, the more we will liberate them. The more you indoctrinate, the more we will educate. The more you tell them they are rotten, the more we will reveal to them their magnificence. The more you teach them to be dependent upon depressing delusions, the more we will encourage them to joyfully question and carefully address the absence of evidence for your crazy and insane claims. Atheism will win this ideological war between mindless faith and thoughtful scepticism. We will. And we will, in large part, have…

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