The Daily Beast, you thought making a .gif of a Black Man’s death was okay?

You’re disgusting. This is disgusting and you should be ashamed. Question: Where’s the .gifs from Paris? Why can’t we get the same fucking respect? Not just you, everyone who does this nonsense with black deaths.

You made a .gif of a black man getting shot 16 times and you thought that was okay, that it was tasteful? That’s how much Black lives matter to you?

The outrage I have for the stunt you’re pulling is steadily rising. You don’t even have the common fucking decency to take the post down, to remove the .gif at least; after so much backlash. I guess all that matters is how many people you can get to click on your deplorable post. I’m in no way helping with that, but a point needs to be made here.

I can’t feel fine about a “news” outlet that creates .gifs of someone being murdered. Black death is not and should not be entertainment. Black pain is not a fucking cartoon. There’s no excuse, there’s no way to defend your stance, either. It’s kind of hard because it’s inconsiderate, hurtful, disgusting, and unprofessional. I don’t even think TMZ would have done that shit and they’re at the bottom of the barrel.

You said you were taking the .gif down and it’s still there. I know this because I checked. Just when I thought the internet couldn’t stoop any lower, The Daily Beast proves me wrong.

Update: Finally! THANK YOU FOR TAKING IT DOWN. You’re still deplorable.