Black People…

I haven’t made a post like this in a while and I know I’m going to get slack for it. There’s just something that’s been on my mind..

Black people…

You’re too forgiving; too fucking peaceful to the very people who’d rather see you dead. You’ll argue all day about what the next person is doing with their lives. but won’t put that energy into something that can possibly make a change. You’ll kill someone over a corner in a neighborhood that you don’t own but can’t put that same goddamn energy into something that makes much more sense.

Out of all the things you shouldn’t be doing is praying. It hasn’t solved anything. You’re giving the white man your prayers and forgiveness. but people in your own lives get disowned for less; kicked to the curb over something you’ll regret later. You’re your own worst enemy and something needs to change. Stop the fucking praying, you’re wasting your time. You think those white people you’re so readily and easily able to forgive is actually praying? Do you think they actually believe that nonsense they brainwashed you with?

Black people, we need to do something and hands clasped in prayer is the definition of doing absolutely nothing. You won’t be able to see change because you’re afraid. That’s what they want you to be; they want you to be afraid, delusional, and blind. They want you think people like us are crazy.

Wake up!

The worst thing you could do is give racist people your “forgiveness”. They damn sure wouldn’t give you theirs.

That’s my five cents…


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