Starting Over From Scratch

It sucks having to start over from scratch. Especially when it could have been totally avoided. My lovely “family” decided that instead of leaving my things alone and leaving them be; even telling them that I will eventually come and get my things. What do they do? They take, give away and trash my things.

I lost children clothes, essential items for raising a new child. A high-chair, baby blankets, cloth diapers, barely used walking shoes …sentimental value items; my sons’ baby book with his ultrasound photos. Pots, pans, utensils, plates, clothes of my own, toiletries, etc.

I lost a lot and it could have been avoided if my grandmother wouldn’t have taken the lock off the door allowing people to take my things and trash the rest. You can say that I’m pretty sick and tired of my “family”. They’re simply tired of my atheism. So they took out their frustrations on me and my child’s things.

My good friend Leila – as headstrong as she was forced my hand and started a fundraiser for me because she knew I needed help. I was just too prideful to accept the help. I was angry at her for a while because I was trying to find my own way and some times my own way requires a bit of help.

Especially since I’m aspiring to become an EMT and an RN. That is my goal; that is what I want to do with my life. Help people and save lives. I just hope I’m not way in over my head.

The issue with losing all of my things is because I’m pregnant, but have a place to call my own  there’s just nothing in it. I won’t have any furniture – just beds and clothes for me and my son – just no utensils, pots, pans, dressers, tables, etc.

The other issue is getting my things there…the things I do have. Which is another reason Leila started the fundraiser. To help with moving costs and to allow me to get essential things for my place.

It was also Leila’s grand idea to start and Online Baby Shower for me. People have given me things for the new baby off my baby registry and I will be forever grateful for them. Thanks, guys!

Here is the link to the fundraiser.

Here is the link to the Facebook Event Page.

Here is the link to the Amazon Registry for Maya.

Maya Rosalyn Williams is the name of my daughter.

via Starting Over From Scratch.


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