Um, wut?: Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus [Video]

An atheist friend sent me this video to check out. She LOVED it. It’s a poem made by a guy who loves Jesus, but hates religion. A poem.

I don’t see what there was to love about it. She told me to spread it around so, here I am, doing just that.



  1. I’ve never really understood this sentiment…unless these people are “in love” with the historical Jesus. Because for the most part, this video has been circulating among all the non-denom Christians I know…who can be equally as illogical and uninformed on a number of major issues… but they LOVE to pronounce that their particular kind of Christianity is “not religion, we hate religion” but that it’s “faith”. But they think the bible is infallible. To me, it’s nothing but a re-branding of Christianity. They know the word “religion” has such a stigma to it…so they re-brand their Christianity (that is of the obvious Non-denom Evangelical type) as “faith” and just “loving Jesus”.
    I’m not buying it.


  2. Distinction without a difference. Too funny. I have seen this video before. This argument has been around a while. I see why she finds it funny. It’s just a crappy argument to an illogical belief. Really? You love Jesus? Wow.


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