Video: Why Do Black Christians Hate Atheists?

Simple: They hate things they don’t understand. That or they’re simply threatened by someone who can challenge their idiotic beliefs. They don’t exactly understand their own bible, so it wouldn’t be surprising that someone who’s an atheist comes by and rain on their parade.

Atheists know the bible better than Christians. That’s a fact.

These are suppose to be people who aren’t supposed to judge people because “only god can judge”, but they do a lot of judging and have a lot of hate in their hearts. If they were so secure in their beliefs, they wouldn’t care what someone else beliefs are.



  1. It’s because-and I see it in church-is that many Black Xtians are afraid of Black Atheists; believe that? Yes, anything that could make a church person-especially Black-have to think for him/herself is a scary thought. That something that has given most Blacks a sense of “security” could be challenged. That Black Atheists are making Black Xtians ask themselves the scariest four words they could ask: “What if we’re wrong?”

    And with the Black Church becoming more and more of an anachronism in the community, this hatred will manifest itself more. And as more Black Atheists/Agnostics, and even liberal/non-literal Christians come out, these haters will have to come to grips with their hatred or end up on the sidelines of Black history.



  2. I saw the video. “Good” xtian girl leaves loving Atheist man. She and family gang up on him. At the end, dad is happy that she leaves him.

    This is sickening. And the family did nothing more than identify with their White Xtian oppressor. In the end, the brother will be far better off without that gal. Love is love-no matter your philosophy. Peace!


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