A perfect recipe for tears.

This is a great post. If you have a chance, take time and watch the vid.

Atheist One

This entry comes with a warning. The video you are about to watch is extremely painful to see and especially to hear. When you are finished, the question I will ask you is, why?

I found this video being promoted on social network sites as a tribute to the fallen of September 11th. I saw hoards of people sobbing and wailing in anger. What I did not see is anyone answering the question, “Why did you post this?!”. The only fragment of an answer I could find to that question was, “We must never forget that day.” So, I will ask all of you, have you forgotten September 11th, 2001? Why?

If you answered that question with, no, you are lying. You are lying not only to me but to yourself. There have been many days over the past 12 years that September 11th and the victims of that day…

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