A Racist, Homophobic Atheist Visits Black Atheists’ Facebook Page

A Racist, Homophobic Atheist Visits Black Atheists' Facebook Page

The quote of the year: “Black people can’t be racist”



  1. This guy clearly has issues with logic, and is an obvious bigot. But that doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING he says is wrong, just because he said it. Idiots say idiotic things by default. But a broken watch is right twice a day.

    The problem here is with the colloquial misuse of technical words. This is like the popular claim that evolution is “only a theory”. Racism is a very specific concept in the discipline of sociology, and technically speaking, Black people *in a country in which they are a political minority* can’t be racist *against the political majority*. So, for instance, Blacks cannot be racist toward Whites in the USA. They can be prejudiced bigots that discriminate against Whites for reasons of racial bias, but they cannot contribute to a systematic imbalance of power that results in an overall general disparate experience of marginalization by an outgroup in favor of a privileged ingroup. Because *that* is what racism is. If we just start calling any individual act of racially-based negative behavior “racism”, how do we distinguish the broader, more significant phenomenon?

    Blacks can certainly be racist in, say, Zimbabwe, where Mugabe has instituted racist policies against Whites for decades. Blacks in America can be racist by voting for or supporting policy that perpetuates the historical, systematic imbalance of power that disproportionately negatively affects non-Whites (in the sense that Clarence Thomas is a racist). But a Black person in America is not racist because she thinks that Blacks are superior to Whites in some way.

    Furthermore, as long as this individual does not accept that the proposition “at least one god exists” is true, he is an atheist. Any other wildly nonsensical, irrational beliefs he has have zero bearing on his atheism.

    His grasp on epidemiology, history, and critical thinking are incredibly poor, and it’s very likely due to a bias against homosexuals (and Whites). For that, everybody responding to him in this thread was correct. But to say he’s not an atheist because he has some irrational views is just wrong. He’s just a hard-headed, bigoted ass who is incredibly wrong and proud of it.


  2. Ridiculous! I’m married to a black man and have experienced firsthand how racist some black people can be. Pair that with the fact that he’s an atheist…I MUST have influenced him…


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