1st Atheist Monument Allowed On Government Property Unveiled

“If you can’t beat em’ join em” is not something any atheist should say, but in this case this was a win.

The monument is the first atheist monument allowed on government property. Which is absolutely heart-breaking.

The founding fathers of this nation did not come here to start a country full of religious dogma. That was the whole purpose of them finding their own nation; to get away from religion. America has not quite gotten that separation of church and state thing down yet.

Anyway, the monument sits alongside ‘The Ten Commandments‘ monument in front of the Bradford County courthouse. Also, what in the world is so great about the Ten Commandments? At best they’re grossly deficient and putting them on government property is an insult to everything this nation stands for. The States were built on a foundation of liberty and freedom and the first four commandments are nothing more than the throat clearings of a self-aggrandizing tyrant.

Finally this is the start of truth and reasoning which will eventually beat out superstition. I welcome the day in near future when there will be a marble monument with Christopher Hitchens‘ 10 commandments in front of every courthouse and then it will be clear what we stand for.

The only thing is, I wonder how long will this monument last? Atheists cars being vandalized, magnets being torn to shreds, notes being left of the intolerable Christians is proof of what they are capable of. An atheistic monument next to a religious one? Let the hatred ensue!

It’s about time we start standing up to these so called Christians. There’s a major resurgence of trying to ram Christianity down everyone’s throats.

When fascism come to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible.

As far as the whole win/lose situation concerning the monument…

It’s funny that they say the American Atheists lost because from what I remember reading, they won, and the 10 commandments were supposed to be taken down, but the group that put them up refused the court order. So rather than suing a second time, they were given the choice: waste more taxpayer money to remove the 10 commandments, or erect your own monument with your own money. So…I wouldn’t call it losing, rather, it’s a creative solution to a problem that still stands, yet is addressed.




  1. Although I support and applaud the recognition, we must be careful not to allow ourselves to be swept away into the realm of ‘idol worship’. A statue to Chris Hitchens (or any freethinker) would be a grave mistake and would be the beginnings of a religious movement within the atheist circles.


  2. I am not here to stir pots. Actually I am here to kind of agree with you. I am a Christian as per societies definition. I love Jesus and claim Him to be my best friend. I believe this nation is the greatest nation in the world because we can have the 10 Commandments next to an Atheist bench. The bench or the fact that this is an atheist post is not what prompted me to post a comment. My comment is not even towards the atheists either. This comment of this article kills me:

    “The only thing is, I wonder how long will this monument last? Atheists cars being vandalized, magnets being torn to shreds, notes being left of the intolerable Christians is proof of what they are capable of. An atheistic monument next to a religious one? Let the hatred ensue!”

    I know these individuals exist. Christians need to do better than this. Acts like this are the reason many turn from the love Jesus can give. The word Christian is tied to these acts, the crusades and many other bad things.

    I just wanted to voice that although there are many “hateful christians” there are those like myself who love all. I would even take your pic as you sat on your monument. To the others who claim to be Christian; stop conforming to this world and truly look into the Bible to see what love really is.


    1. You’re not getting brownie points, ok?

      The apologetic Christians are so cute. No, honey, I didn’t “turn away from the love Christ has to offer” because of ornery Christians and vandalism. And I know you believe that being a nice Christian is somehow getting you brownie points with god because you believe you’re being a witness. But I’ve been where you are and I’m atheist because I realized it was all wishful thinking, Quite ridiculous way to live. But I’m glad you’re nice. Just learn a thing or two about the average atheist before you make erroneous assumptions about how best to “reach us for Christ”.


    2. “The love Jesus can give” is like the love of a psychotic stalker who makes sure that nothing bad happens to you unless they WANT something bad to happen. Then one day they’ll be caressing you’re hair while you’re dying in their arms, whispering in your ear, “it’s ok, I’d already decided long ago that it was going to be this way.”


    3. What a pity…it’s very obvious you’ve only made it past ‘Holy Bible’ on the front cover of your buy-bull. It shows in your comment. You should sit down and actually read what you’re selling. You’ll see it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. See you on the other side.


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