You’re An Atheist (a black, one at that) It’s Obvious That You’re A Bad Parent!

Gurl, you know you need to turn yourself over to jesus! you’re donning your child to misery and heartbreak. save yoself and save yo son! atheists dont make good parents no way!”

O’RLY?! And parents who try and pray their child’s cancer away which in turn, results in their untimely death aren’t? So, I’m a bad mother because I’m an atheist? What kind of bass ackwards, playground logic is that?

“Your son will grow up a serial killer” this, and “Where will he get his morals?” that. Shut it, okay? Save your rhetoric for those parents who beat their children mercilessly, neglect them, prostitute them, molest them. The only time my parenting should come into question is when I’m actually being a bad parent. My atheism isn’t causing my son’s head to spin 360 degrees and spit hot pea soup. He’s not breaking out into hives or possessed by an atheist demon. He’s 2. He knows nothing of this god and he won’t until he asks. All he want is his belly full and a clean, dry butt. Pushing him to believe what I believe is unnecessary. I want him to grow up and have his own mind, to find his way. If he wants to be religious, so be it. That’s HIS life, not mine and I’ll be damned if I try and live mine through his. One thing I’m not going to do, though:

I’m not going to tell him that Santa Claus is real. Neither am I going to tell him that the Easter bunny is real, or the leprechaun on the Lucky Charms cereal box is real. That’s my decision. There is a difference between Santa, the Tooth Fairy and heaven. Questions like “where do babies come from?” or “why is the sky blue?” and “what happens when we die?” need to be answered in an easy to understand logical, reasonable, unemotional way. Being a parent means you have hard decisions to make all the time, and not just about heaven. I’m not going to bash an invisible god around my son, there’s no need for it.

I will guide my son. I will show him the path to curiosity. I will encourage him to question his surroundings. After all, we can’t find results unless we first make an inquiry.

What is it about atheism that makes me a bad mother? I’m not going around murdering puppies or shooting up orphanages. I bleed the same as everyone else. I live, eat, shit, work and sleep; the only difference is I have one less deity than you. What’s my moral code? Common damn sense.

I’m a mom first and atheist second. I know I shouldn’t give a damn what any of you religious nut-jobs have to say, but I still felt that this needed to be said. So what if I’m black? If you knew anything, you’d know the last people who should be religious ARE blacks.

You religious folk have that judgmental stick shoved so far up your ass when you sneeze, sharpened #2 pencils come out your nose.



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