Black Folk Don’t Do Atheism

“When is the last time you met a black atheist? Having faith has been a long tradition for black folk in the US and across the world? So is it true that black folk don’t do atheism?”

People have the nerve to still ask me “what the fuck is a black atheist”? If this misinformed video isn’t even to show why I made this blog, my facebook page then, what else do you need to understand its existence?



  1. Don’t you just love cultural stereotypes? As a Soviet born American, I am often surprised with the assumption that I must be Russian Orthodox. Leads me to question how is it that they know of Russian Orthodoxy…and not ye ole’ Red revolution that plunged the country into atheism. Even now, Orthodoxy, while the biggest sited majority at 41% according to wiki, if all the undecided’s non religious can be lumped into one pool, the Orthodox would be a minority. For quite some time my parents and people I knew simply defaulted to calling themselves Russian Orthodox simply because it seemed to be the ‘right religion for them’.

    I don’t have to tell you how much pull a vague assumption that everyone around you believes one way can have. My bet is that if more people of ‘color’ spoke up as you do, people will be less likely to default to what they think is the natural choice.


  2. Okay so now after all these years of trying to be heard as a people we’ve started silencing those of us who do not tow the line?

    That video made me cringe. Did they not even try to include Neil DeGrasse Tyson, one of the most prominent popularizes of science and a “card carrying” Atheist? So much for diversity within our own communities.


  3. I think there is not enough free-thinking black folks when it comes to religion. We need more individualism and fewer followers to realize what atheism is about. Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest, yet the”people” wake up robotically and wander off to church for a variety of reasons.


  4. Blacks (I am also black) act as if Xianity is something we are born into, just like they act as if we were born Democrats. I’m not that either.


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