Undateable Black Atheist

This is disgusting that this kind of shit is celebrated. So, the man could be everything you want in that person, but if he’s not a sheep, like you, he’s undateable? WTF is wrong with you people?

I hope I never had to deal with this when it came to people I’ve dated, maybe it has something to do with me being a female and it being a catch-22.



  1. That’s too effing funny.
    If I were watching a show like that, I’d quit watching immediately.
    End of story.
    If I were dating a girl like that; End of story.

    And I’d live happily ever after.


    1. I didn’t know about this, either until someone posted it on a wall. I too, don’t watch television. I’m glad this was made it to me so I could post it here.


  2. It’s good to see the problem out in the public eye. That can only help.

    I once had a person start shouting hysterically and then ran away from me yelling that I was the devil when they found out I don’t believe in gods.

    It’s getting better and shows like this help that happen.


  3. I watched the posted episode via Reader, so my ‘Like’ is for the video. I also didn’t notice that the name of this site was Black Atheists until after I read through the chorus of united comments. I offer this background, such as it is, to relate that my questions/comments are spontaneous and not meant to incite, but simply to engage. I was once dumped after my girlfriend at the time, who I known for years, but had only been dating for a few months,upon discovering I was a cigarette smoker. While she was disgusted by the unhealthy habit, my nicotine crave had nothing to do with her breaking it off. But the trust level had faded, as she explained it his way…”If you were able to conceal smoking for all these months, what else is it about you that I don’t know?” The scene you posted was handled beautifully. No disrespectful words were exchanged, only shocks in expression and natural questions. More importantly, and directly to this point, nor did the young lady leave him for being an atheists, she left him for the indirect lies of the person that he portrayed. So my question to you is why are your comments so filled with rage? The exact same situation plays out among faiths, races, and preferences of rather one dates a boy or a girl. Most families, most people experience the same type of emotional response, but many of the families learn of acceptance as long as the person is good with clean thoughts. What if he had told her earlier in their relationship, and she had chosen to stay aboard, allowing her to speak with her parents prior to their meeting him. The reaction found in this forum was perplexing at best. How much more respectful could this scene had been played out? And how much of it should be considered the gentleman’s fault?


  4. Atheism aside, speaking from a Black Woman’s perspective, this is the exact reason we are the least married. Here is a man who seemed to care for the woman. More than likely had all her list of demands, i.e tall, dark and handsome. However, because he does not believe in a book “Mother Goosery”, she ends up alone. My bad, living in her father’s home and married to Jesus.


  5. That’s just ridiculous. I don’t even know what else to say. I couldn’t even watch all of that. Thank goodness I don’t watch TV, or have cable for that matter, either.


  6. Great blog, stumbled onto it today and started reading some of your old posts. Watching that clip makes me livid. As a single black man I have this happen to me several times a year. Black women in the south are so heavy into the church that they often bring up religion on a first or second date. Because atheism is seen as such a negative, rarely is there a third or fourth date. I’ve found myself lying by omission just to try and build a relationship with a woman, thinking maybe if she likes me as a person she can look past it. If I open up about my atheism the relationship is over, if i bite my tongue then I’m a liar. Its sad that the black community is so close minded that the writers of this show would actually invalidate this productive loving man while a drug dealing murderer would be OK because he believes.


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