The Owners At AaRT (Atheists and Rational Thinkers) Are Pathetic!

Yep, they finally made it around to my page and stole content. It’s quite sad, really.


They are spineless, lazy, shameless, cowards. Here is where the post originated from (yep, my page):


Now here is theirs:  fuckignthieves

Notice the difference? -Lee is taken off and’ their’ status was posted 2 hours ago while mine was posted 9 hours ago. These cunt bags probably knew nothing about the victims, where it happened, who it was. They just saw that it had a lot comments, it was shared a lot and liked and reached a lot of viewers. This owner of this page is sad and pathetic.

aartarethieves fuckingthieves

Update: They’ve since did a change-eroo on the status.



These are the owners of AART:



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