Accomplishments Off The Backs of Others: Atheist Facebook Page Owners Who Are Intellectually Dishonest

I’m Proud to be an AtheistAtheists and Rational Thinkers, and Global Secular Humanism Movement are guilty of stealing the work of others. Removing links, cropping out logo‘s, or simply posting it and saying it was from a fan. When asked to give credit, people are then blocked or ignored altogether. We are supposed to be an example of good moral standing but when there are people like Edward, Waleed, and Faisal doing the very opposite of that, makes it harder for pages like mine and others to get the exposure we need.


When you find an image on Google and it has a trademark or logo from another source, it is not of sound morality to remove said logo or trademark and say you found it on Google that way. You give credit where it’s due.


One owner has went as far as quoted from a famous atheist as if it came from off the top of his head. When confronted about said quote he claimed that a fan sent it. Well, who is this fan? Where did they get it from? Why didn’t you at least mention them? The logic behind “well, a fan sent it” I don’t seem to get. If they sent it, why can’t they site the source and then they can just implement it to whatever it is they’re posting?


They ‘like’ other atheist pages to steal content. Once something is posted, they immediately steal it and upload it – after removing logo’s, links as their own without giving a shred of accreditation. It’s usually within minutes of posting when they do their image robbing.

So I guess you’re wondering. “Well, they’re a part of the atheist movement, who cares if they steal an image or two?” It’s not just an image or two and this kind of dishonesty is to be expected of theists, not atheists. We are a people united and when there is a group of dishonest people among us, it is in our character to expose them for the lying thieves that they are.


As of August 3, 2013, it seems that AaRT has been taken down. I repeat, the Facebook page is no more. This is a means of celebration! So, the haters who down-rated this post and people’s comments can get that tofu burger out of their ass and sit down.



  1. We have all the arsenals before our eyes. As along as we stay focused, the road to elimiating global religious indoctrination is around the corner.


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