God Could Save A Man At A Gas-station, But Not An 8-Year-Old Boy?

Or anyone else that perished or suffered that horrendous day! The Boston Marathon bombing will be in history books, it will be retold and retold. Soon enough, if humans haven’t killed themselves off by then, there will be a time when someone saying “God was with me” is mocked and ridiculed for its ridiculousness.
damnchristians copy
It’s cute how they try so hard to convert you. I don’t need or want to be your friend. What could you possibly have gone through that would prove to me that your god exist? Did you get nailed to a cross then came back almost 2½ days later? Doubt it. You can keep your testimonies, your friend requests and your made-up zombie Jesus.

Wait, did this deluded person just say she doesn’t know the moon exist? She’s worst than the one yesterday who asked me, “How do you know air exists?”

Oh! It continues!

nosoupforu nosoup damn damn wtf welp oh man canofworms



One comment

  1. Luck had everything to do with it ! Yuck the alleged god was nowhere in sight. With all of the chaos, abuse and other vile situations that take place on this earth, why is he credited only for the good things ???????


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