Coming Out As Atheist

I know it’s been awhile since I have made a post but I have been very busy lately with the Air Force and two jobs. But on to the topic.

So If you have read some of my older post, you will see that I wasn’t big on letting people know that I’m an atheist. Lately this has changed. Now I have found myself telling more and more people, and to my surprise, most people treat me the same.

atheist_scarlet_letterI have found that most people (well most younger people) don’t give two shits about what I believe in. Hell most of them don’t really even know if they believe in god. I personally think they are agnostic and don’t realize it. Now the older people are a little more judgmental about what I believe in. Some of them have taken the time to delete me on Facebook, write me long messages about how I will go to hell and that they are praying for god to save my soul, and even trying to tarnish my name.

But overall I can say that things are going pretty good and it feels a lot better being able to tell some people. I still haven’t told my close relatives (dad, grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt) yet. I think I will wait until I leave with the Air Force in May before  I do that. I would hate to have bad blood between us and I have to stay around and deal with it.




  1. You are learning on this great journey. Most people today are not as entrenched in religion as previous generations. Many claim to be spiritual these days and ‘tolerate’ atheists. They view atheism as a sort of religion because they cannot believe that anyone truly thinks there is ‘no god’. If you delve into deeper conversation with them, you will hear the intolerance for die-hard freethinkers.


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