Pokemon: You’re Summoning Out A Demon

If the title have you scratching your head then you’re not alone. Watch this video:

If he really knew the truth about Jesus, he wouldn’t be a religitard. Notice how he picks the weakest people to spew his garbage to. Pokemon is evil, Yu-Gu-Oh, Dungeons and Dragons, etc, etc are evil. 

First, Pokemon and all of the aforementioned games are just that, GAMES! I’ve played all the games mentioned in this video and I don’t recall seeing any demons spawning in my room, or in my classroom. Charizard didn’t come out of his Pokeball and bite my teacher’s head off. The Dark Magician didn’t chase my siblings around the house.

Then he goes on and says that there are scriptures in the Liebull that will tell them about staying away from things like Pokemon. 

My…my brain hurts…



  1. Well I was a big fan of Yata which almost guaranteed me a win in Yu-Gi-Oh. So maybe he has a point with it being some type if evil magic….. Lmao! He is one of those Christians that needs his ass whooped!


    1. Some think that he’s a closeted pedophile but to me, he’s just a deranged imbecile who would push his agenda on children, rather than keep it to himself.


  2. I have a huge problem with this man spewing this none sense to unchaperoned children. He very well could be some type of creep. His face was never shown in any of the video.


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