From The Members: Roswatheist – ‘Religion of Peace’

First, I love your page. Thank you for maintaining it. Next, I am atheist, but not black, though my husband is; he really likes your page, too.

Because this is relevant to many African Americans, I wanted to share with you what happened last Friday. My father-in-law died and I posted about it on my page. I’ve copied and pasted the post below:
For those of you who don’t know, my father-in-law died last Thursday. We attended a mosque for the service, even though he was Hebrew, not Muslim. The experience was pretty traumatic. Here’s what happened:So, when we arrived for dad’s funeral, I was dressed from neck to feet. But I couldn’t find a scarf, so my hair was up. We had to use a special “women’s entrance”. Then we had to remove our shoes. We entered our section, which was walled off with a window to the men’s side. So we could see them and at the time I didn’t know, but it was one-way glass. There were already a few women there. There were broad lines on the floor like pews, but just lines in the carpet. There were two rows of chairs at the back for nursing mothers and infirm women. We were told to sit there since we wouldn’t be participating in prayer. After about half an hour, we were lead to dad’s body, and had to say, “As-salamu alaykum” to him. I said it, but also said (even though I know he couldn’t hear), “bye, dad”. So the women insulted me in Farsi, but didn’t know my mother-in-law could hear them. They said that I was disrespectful. She asked me a couple of minutes later why I didn’t say it and I told her what had happened, but she’d already set them straight…

Then we were led back to the women’s section, and service started soon after. It wasn’t a funeral service. It was a full-blown service, because it happened to coincide with their Friday meetings. So the Imam, like I said, was talking about jihad, sacrifice, and how it’s shameful that the UN gets to Sudan before the Muslims do to help. Y’know, “what have YOU sacrificed? How have you helped to spread Islam? Before you take vacations you should consider how much $ you have or haven’t given…” The terrifying part was that he kept using the key words sacrifice and jihad…over and over and over! Everyone kept looking at my hair. Then we went to the cemetery. I still wasn’t allowed to have any contact with my husband or son. All the men blocked our view, and we were at least 16 yards from the graveside. Before I knew it, they’d filled the grave and it was over. My husband was LIVID! Even worse, the “sister” who was explaining what was going on to us KNEW that this was insane. She said, “There’s Islam custom and then there’s “HISlam‘.”My husband didn’t know until afterward, exactly how we were treated.



  1. This is one of the stifling aspect of religious zealotry whereby one cannot express their moments of grief unless it is done in the way that is ‘acceptable’ to god (as interpreted by believers).


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