Blame The Atheists for the Connecticut Massacre


We all know how some religious people claim they are all for god, but they constantly create lies; and this massacre is no exception. Ignorance use the “No True Christian loophole. “No True Christian™ would have done that, so he must have been a Satan worshiping atheist.” If this isn’t a prime example of Christians pointing fingers for anything bad that happens, regardless of reality, then I don’t know what is.

Since Adam seems to have been a fairly regular churchgoer, Jesus’ hands were tied. Well, nailed down actually; that automatically makes him an atheist because god didn’t stop him.

Apparently, Jesus calls people home when it is their time – and, he doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. To say, “this was all a part of god’s plan.” or, “it was their time to leave this planet” is a pile of bullshit! To say that taking god out of the schools is the reason a psycho killed his mother at home and then went to the school to kill innocent children is absurd! This is not the time to be keeping score, whether you’re theist or atheist. To say that atheists can kill whomever they want, whenever they want because they lack a moral compass is idiotic. It’s that we don’t need a moral compass from a book of fairy-tales to be good in this world.

Whether Adam Lanza was Christian or atheist is irrelevant. I don’t see how it matters unless he had a manifesto related to either Christianity or atheism. For example, Anders Brevic was a Christian killer. My hunch is this guy was just your run-of-the-mill psycho who went hard off the deep end. He killed 20 kids, his mom and then himself! I only see the guns blazing and I don’t think they’re either Christian or Atheist. It doesn’t matter what the man was, it happened. Why do people have to put denominations onto things that happen? Was Hurricane Katrina Christian or Atheist? It doesn’t matter, it happened!
We should be thinking of the kids, not the murderer. Their parents are going through hell now, and we hear nothing about them. Imagine, just for a minute, how you would feel if you lost a loved one, suddenly. Went off to school in the morning, dead by that night. Empty bedrooms, toys around the house, no laughter, no one chasing the dog around.

Nothing can really be said that we haven’t all said before.  It’s heart wrenching that we have to keep repeating these events; like a surreal bad nightmare. Whatever the cause, whether mental or ideological, it’s the human condition and it seems that we have no way to control it.  If it hadn’t happened with this person at this time, it would just happen with someone else on a different day.  I wish I had reasons to be more optimistic.




  1. It just sickens me that people can turn something like this into a religious debate so soon. But the fact remains that children and teachers died due to a psychopath. It does not matter it Lanza was Christian or Atheist, the only thing that stands out about him is that he was a mass murderer.


  2. As long as the finger of blame can be pointed to an ‘other’, which is the classic modus operandi for religious zealots; it guarantees a continuation of denial and strengthens the social grip of fantasy. Freethinkers are easy targets because we have no imaginary shell of ‘higher power’ to hide under. This perhaps is an indication that Atheists should be less judgemental of one another (especially the Black rationalist) lest we will fall prey to the destructive vices of theological venom.


  3. It wasn’t their time. There is no rhyme or reason for this kind of thing. It’s not in God’s plan. It wasn’t in God’s plan that any die. The responsibility for this is on the shooter. No one should be distracting from that. We can band together against a culture that encourages and allows this kind of action, but that won’t make the blow of this tragedy any less. Let’s not use these lives for political, religious, or anti-religious gain. Let’s just mourn their senseless and untimely deaths.


  4. Once and for all. Atheism provides no moral grounds, and that pops up in cases like this. “For example, Anders Brevic was a Christian killer.” No, he acted against christian ethics. Does it make him an atheist? Maybe.


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