Sinning is okay, atheism is of the devil…


So ‘ve been pondering on this for a while and, I need your help/input Black Atheist.

It’s completely mind boggling how the christian community can be okay with, support, and promote such actions as fornicating, cursing, judging, bitterness, and of course kissing ass for tithes & offerings. They sit front row center for their fav celeb/R&B artist as they are at their concert listening to their music, which is secular and supposedly NOT okay, as they tell them who to fuck, how to fuck them, how many times, with how many people, or how they’ve done this drug deal, that drug, merc’d this person *murdered*, but yet its “okay” right? Praised even!


Then they get up at the grammys after saying all those things to say, “I wanna give honor to god who is the head of my life who without him this wouldn’t be possible!” Crowd goIes crazy. I watched one celeb say, “only person my daughter can date is jesus. Thats my homeboy.” Yet brags about how many bitches he’s fucked, rap about robbing, murdering so on and so forth. This is all acceptable, not given a second thought, yet….let someone come out and say “I don’t believe in god.” Then, of course, all hell breaks loose. *pun intended* Please, shed some light on this fellow members. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.



  1. I be saying the same thing. How the hell can you rap about fucking someone’s baby momma then turn around and thank God. LMAO!!! Just hypocrites they are.


  2. The music industry promotes and advocates a culture of rebellion and pathology. It has been this way for some time. From the blues to hip-hop, it’s about how my life and relationships are troublesome. You know…me against the world. Misery sells.


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