Religion and Politics

Religion has been a huge annoyance for me, especially when it comes to how it shapes politics. In recent years, there have been struggles to gain grounds in civil issues such as gay marriage, abortion, porn, etc. Most of these issues are hindered because religion says that they are wrong but don’t we have something called the Separation of Church and State?

People usually shape their political views based off of many things, religion being one of them. This creates issues seeing that everyone does not have the same religious beliefs and if you are reading this; you probably are an atheist like me. According to the great book of fairytales (The Bible), gays are an abomination and are bound for hell. It also declares that marriage is between a man and a woman. This makes Christians biased towards allowing gay marriage. They believe that since the Bible says that marriage is between a man and a woman, then two people of the same sex should not be allowed to marry.

Lets take a look at abortion. According to the bible, god knew us when we were still in the womb (laugh hysterically). This brought about the phrase “life begins at conception.” What wonderful crap is that to hear? I was alive when my dad (excuse the language) shot me into my mom’s vagina. I was a full-grown person then with all inalienable rights under the U.S. Constitution!……… That has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Well due to the bible, we have all of these anti-abortion laws being created.

You would think that it is easy to come to a consensus with these issues but religion has completely screwed us here. We have Separations of Church and State for a reason! Government is made to be secular so that religion will not influence our politics/laws. If they ban abortions, it should not be because it was influenced by religion. I do not believe in the bible and I do not feel that I should have to follow laws that are created by it. Religion has to stay out of our politics. I don’t want to live by the fucking Bible and I’m sure most you don’t want to either.

You may ask why did I write this article? Well the answer is simple; I lost a friend (well it turns out that he wasn’t a friend) because of religion and politics. We were debating over abortions on Facebook and his stances were all based off of religion. I made a statement asking him how would he feel if his fiancée was raped and became pregnant; How would he feel about abortions then? He went ape shit (Although I made it clear that it was hypothetical question). I wanted him to see how forcing his religious beliefs can effect people. This eventually led to him ending our friendship. You can read part of the debate below.

Rodney Seay What about the liberties of gays? What about the liberties of women? What about the liberties of a lot of people. This is not the time to stay divided. Things like this are not

helping us as a country.
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Rodney Seay We are acting like liberals are the only problem. That is not true. Its BOTH parties. Actions like this are going to do nothing but start another Civil War
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Brennan M. White I’ll ignore the first one, because the basis of the political perception is in the origin of homosexuality.

What liberties are women having taken away?
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Rodney Seay Requiring women to get a ultra sound before an abortion with no medical reason to do it but because you want them to stop having abortions is one. And there is no way you can ignore the first one.
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Rodney Seay That is just one thing, I don’t want this to get out of control so you know.
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Brennan M. White Addressing the first one is going simply going to end in a stale mate, as will many of the others. I view homosexuality as a sexual perversion. Sure, they are happy.. So are pedophiles. So are polygamists. Both are against the law.

As far as abortion…See More
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Leah Lawless homosexuality is not a sexual perversion. or a medical condition. or a psychological problem.

im sad you lumped pedophilia in the same category. being molested and having consensual sex is not the same thing.

im also sad you cant think of a reason wh…See More
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Brennan M. White So since when does a bad situation for one person justify taking a human life?
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Rodney Seay A embryo is not a baby. We are extremely bad about forcing RELIGIOUS views on others. And and being gay is not a sexual perversion. Its the way people are. So lets say that your fiancee was raped and becomes pregnant (Which I hope NEVER HAPPENS, Just using it as a example). Do you want her to carry that baby? Do you think she wants to carry that baby?
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Brennan M. White My mom had my baby brother even though her life was in danger. Are you saying that he shouldn’t be here?
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Leah Lawless taking a woman’s right to chose is like saying she isnt competent enough to make a decision about her body.

and no one is going to tell me what to do with it.

have you never heard of a situation where it would kill BOTH the mother and baby for her to have it?
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Brennan M. White Rodney Seay that was a horribly inappropriate comment
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Rodney Seay That was her choice, not someone else’s
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Rodney Seay How, I put in quotations so that you know it was a example.
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Rodney Seay I really didn’t mean anything by that but I wanted to show you the point
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Brennan M. White Nah man.. that crossed the line. I would keep the baby, but you and I are no longer friends.
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Brennan M. White If you would have said that in person, this would have led to a fight.
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Rodney Seay Ok man. I see that when it comes to you and the people you love, it is completely different?
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Brennan M. White I have always been happy about the fact that you and I could disagree and still be cool
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Leah Lawless haha. wow. you let a comment interfere with friendship? wow
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Rodney Seay See that is what I mean, you had no problem if that was someone else, but when it is someone that you LOVE, it is a huge problem. Right.
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Brennan M. White No. We would DEFINITELY keep the baby. But you, as my “friend” should never even speak such a thing man.. thats my future wife
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Brennan M. White You expect me to consider that situation and not be upset?
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  1. I read the article you linked to and I completely disagree. Religion is what tells people that gay marriage is wrong. It would be the people in religion if they just made up how the bible feels about gays, but it not. The bible actually tells people that being gay is a abomination. I guarantee you that if we did not have religion, we would not have issues with gay marriage.


  2. I wish more people would understand that their religion and thier god is just that their religion and their god not mine. It’s unforunate that people try to force beliefs on to anyone else. Laws should be based on facts not what makes “god” angry


  3. Religions are only as powerful as those who believe in it. All falsehoods have remnants of truth within, which is why so many confused folks take a portion they can relate to and project a sermon around it. Plus, I am not so sure the social rejection of homosexuality is purely theologically based. Traditional cultural influence and historical analysis may play a role as well.


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