Just a Simple Note…

In order for you to be right about “your” religious beliefs, you would have to be right and everyone else has to be wrong. Do you really believe that you have a monopoly on the truth or even the facts? Even if you don’t want to face it, believing that you are right while others are wrong is a very seductive idea. Why? Because it appeals to your ego.

Why do religions such as Islam and Christianity spend such effort on teaching believers to reject any ideas that come from other faiths? If a religion “truly” comes from God almighty, you’d think it would be self-evident. The ideas and concepts should be obviously and completely inspired; superior. What I have found is that most religions are like pizza, they come in different flavors but the ingredients are pretty much the same.

I don’t think that god would create intelligent, self-aware beings such as ourselves so that he could cast us into eternal punishment for 70 or 80 years for making mistakes. You Jesus folks out there believe in the devil who was Lucifer, who was himself created by god. Then that would mean that the one in charge of tempting us all our lives is also the one who gets put in charge of punishing us when we die; put in charge by the one who created us? This seems ridiculous.

To my mind, it seems much more probable that these ideas are part of a scam, created by men,and perpetrated on gullible people in order to achieve social control and conformity. Heaven is the incentive, hell is the penalty;obedience is the price for achieving one while avoiding the other. A concept like this could have been cooked up by a few scam artists about 4 or 5 thousand years ago, and it worked so well it’s still around today.



  1. I honestly do not believe that I am so right. I simply take a scientific approach to what I believe about the world, it’s origin and what’s to come. I admire those who can believe in an alleged deity who they have never seen or heard. Someone who can guide their thoughts and is able to have them believe that everything that has happened on this wonderful globe and it’s surrounding galaxies is the handiwork of of their alleged god. THEY may be RIGHT and I may be wrong, I don’t know! But nothing I have read or seen has made me to believe the opposite. I DO believe that the bible is a great history book which teaches some good guides to living and learning, but nothing more.


  2. I can make the exact same point about atheism. For it to be right then the majority of humans who ever lived were, having believed in a deity of one form or another, wrong. Believing that you are right and others are wrong is an incredibly seductive idea which does appeal to the ego. So what?

    The egoist is more at home with atheism than with Christianity, which supplants man from the center of the universe with the knowledge that there is a power greater than himself which must be obeyed; the consistent atheist has only his own desires to obey.


  3. The ego is subjective and found in practically every sphere of influence. As a freethinker, i would be less than honest if i didn’t admit to reading harsh commentaries coming from fellow non/un-religious colleages. We all bring baggage with us as we grow, develop and learn. However, I have found that the adage, “people do not care what you know until they know that you care” is a universal principle that transcends social indoctrination. Atheism is great and healing but it shouldn’t be used as a battering ram against others. It is a glaring reality that many black atheists are religion’s “frankenstein monster” seeking revenge.


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