“Go to church or get out!”

What kind of bullshit is that to say to someone you gave birth to?

I guess I should start from the beginning: I hate my in-laws. They’re hard-core, brainwashed bible thumpers. My husband was staying with them because he could no longer stay with me (long story). Well, he told them about his beliefs (or lack thereof) and, from that point on; they started treating him like a stepchild. They wouldn’t let him have a key so he could get in at night after he got off work, he had to deal with his undisciplined nephew because his sister feels that he can run the house because she too damn lazy to be a mother. Now, it has resorted to him having to leave and live on the streets because they told him, “You either go to church this Sunday, or get out”. What?! What kind of god-fearing sheep would tell someone that?

What’s even crazier is that they feel he’s worshipping the devil and invited demons to live inside of him. I have one question: If one doesn’t believe in that kind of sanctimonious bullshit, how can they worship an entity that doesn’t exist? You cannot not believe in one and believe in another. It’s obvious the irrational part of their brainwashed mind has taken over.

I know one thing; my son will never see them again. He will not visit them, talk to them on the phone, send them pictures; nothing! When they said that and meant it with every fiber of their being, that mean they didn’t want to see their grandson. They’re kicking their son; their brother out with nowhere else to go because he’s no longer a sheep is absolutely ridiculous. Now my son cannot visit his dad unless we go to my grandmother’s house. He can’t spend quality time with his son because they want to treat him like a Satan worshipper.

They’re missing out on a beautiful relationship with their grandson and I because they want to do the judging that was so-called left up to their maker. What they’re doing tells me that they’re afraid; afraid that what we have said is true – which it is. They resort to that book of lies for the answers but where’s the proof? God has killed more people in the bible than Satan itself. They wouldn’t know that though because they’ll only read Deuteronomy, Genesis and Psalms. They’re not going to read the shit that’ll throw their beliefs upside down on their ass. If they do, they’ll interpret it as something that needed to be done or that the deaths were warranted – the plagues were warranted.

These very same people who would give you a place to sleep will throw you out without blinking. If you don’t follow their way of thinking then all is lost and you can’t stay with them; even if you’re working and trying to get into college to better your life. None of that matters if you don’t believe in the man in the sky.

They’re just furthering my point: religion makes people do stupid, and reckless shit. They knew he didn’t have anywhere else to go but because he’s not religious, he had to go. You would think there would be more pressing things to be damning someone to hell about but in this case there isn’t. Kicking their son out contradicts everything they ever preached in Sunday school, everything they preached in morning service. They’re nothing but hypocrites and I’ve lost all respect for them. They chose their religion over flesh in blood that they can actually see, feel, hear, and smell.



  1. At one point in my life, I lived in a “Bible-thumping” household. I had to run away to China for two years to find my “own way.” (Literally.) I’ve come to realize that religion is an intensely personal relationship between an individual and the God they worship. Pressing my own beliefs upon someone does nothing to further my cause or my religion. I’ve found, in my personal quest, that it doesn’t matter WHAT I say, if the way I live doesn’t back up what I say I believe, what good am I?

    I’m so very sorry that you’ve been treated like this — or, your ex, and by extension, you and your son. If more people lived what they believed, it would be a better, more civil society.

    I don’t know you, but take care.


  2. I am so sad to hear that a son was kicked out because he does not believe.

    My husband and I are born-again Christians. One of our three children has chosen to be an atheist. I love this son as much as the other son and daughter. We agree to disagree with love and respect. Often we get into heavy discussions and they always end with each of us still respecting and accepting each other.

    We have an agreement. I’ll try to be the nicest Christian he knows and he’ll try to be the nicest atheist I know. So far – so good!

    Faith or no faith is a personal choice. Yes, I pray that my son may one day believe… but I as importantly pray that I will live and act graciously to all.

    I think you have a reason to be upset. God is love – not hate!

    ~ Wendy


  3. It sounds like they believe in Spiritual Warfare, which essentially puts a deus ex machina (no pun intended) on any argument they want to make. What you actually believe becomes irrelevant, because the question is what spirit caused you to say or think that. And those of us who do not believe in Satan become his minions with or without our consent, much less belief. Of course this kind of argument can be turned around and put on anything such people say, but of course they aren’t that interested in the logic of it anyway.

    When I encounter such beliefs I tend to file the ones who spout them into the unapproachable category and minimize all contact with them. At the very least I make a point to avoid discussing religion with them, because there is simply nothing to be gained by it,


  4. I think the best way to handle dealing with the religous,, is doing your best to keep communications open and not get into petty squables. But when you do get into the religous disagreements, answer the question with the same respect you would desire. Stand your ground and stand up for yourself but don’t be overbearing and rude.

    I think this is a good start. In a very good situation.

    And lastly, in your conduct, give them nothing for them to talk about you negatively.


  5. “religion makes people do stupid, and reckless shit.”

    Absolutely. In some cases, the sadist can hide behind “religion” in order to inflict the pain of their will on others. Good post.


  6. Desperate people seek desperate means and desperate measures. we are witnessing a dying breed that is trying to hold on to a crumbling, weak wall.


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