“Atheists Are Just Spiritually Lazy” ….O’RLY?!

Only those with a book of ‘cop outs’ would say such a foolish thing. We have to sit and read a book Christians refuse to read thoroughly and abide by but we’re spiritually lazy? Yea ok and I’m the pope.

We’ve researched, we’ve asked questions; hell some of us were even saved. What actually classifies us as being spiritually lazy? Wouldn’t we have had to have some type of spiritual awareness to even become Atheists? We didn’t just sit up one day and say, “Well since reading the bible is just so much work and going to church is something I rather not do, I’m going to just sit on my ass and act like god doesn’t exist”. In other words since religious folk believe that we’re stubborn bastards and refuse to understand and listen to this god, that makes up spiritually lazy. That’s poor logic because how in the hell do you know what I am? Did god tell you?

While I’m on that, to be spiritually lazy means you are apart of a religion but you’re lazy as hell. There are various definitions but being an Atheist is not someone who is ‘spiritually lazy’. That’s B.S.. It takes a jackass to decide that Atheists are spiritually lazy when we know the bible better than Christians do. That has been scientifically proven as well. People have prayed and tried to seek out this god but guess what? You guess it, nothing happened. They took it a step further and opened up their ears, eyes and brains and realized that they’re living a fairytale. A magical sky being is up there with the rest of the dead people looking down on us with its never-ending pad with an ink pen writing down every damn thing we do. So when ‘judgment day’ comes he moisten his thumb and look through the pages and look for your name to read off your list of sins. Remind you, he does this to every last person on earth.

If questioning the bible makes me spiritually lazy, then so be it. I’ll be that. I’ll join the rest of the spiritually lazy sheep that got their eyes open and asking questions. I bet I’ll fit right in.




  1. I agree 100%. If anything, and yes I may get some flack cause of this but I don’t give a fuck, and agnostic is one that is lazy. To sit on a fence and say, I won’t say that it isn’t one, however I won’t say that it is either….come on. We are T.R.U. to what we believe which is there is no omnipotent being in the air saying give me money follow my rules and do as I say and though you can’t see me, when you die you will 😐 Come on really. I’ve stated this before and I’ll say it again. I know more than many pastors and can hold a very intelligible conversation with them past, I just don’t think there is a such thing. The never answer my questions sufficiently past, You just have to believe, yet when I question them its a lot of back pedaling, shucking and jiving, You stepped to the plate, thought you had me because I said I don’t believe, tried to “convert” me, and not only walked away with your tail between your legs but now you your questioning your own “faith” just get out.


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