Jehovah’s be Rollin’

Yea, I said it. They be rollin’. They will ride up and down the street with their faces plastered to the windows looking for unsuspecting people.

I was one of those unsuspecting people when they rolled up. I was waiting on a bus when someone in a car pulled up in a drive next to the bus stop. Minding my own business, not paying attention because I assumed they pulled up to turn around and go about their business. Well that was not the case. A Jehovah witness came out of no where with an Awake! and Watchtower magazine and asked me could she leave them with me. I started to say “No, I’m an Atheist” but I decided not to. What was hilarious about the ordeal was, the woman was Korean or something. When she walked up, it was like I just walked in to a dollar store/hair store owned by someone Chinese.

I don’t know where my mind was between the time the car pulled up and the time I took to tell her no because I don’t even remember them pulling out the driveway and taking off.

This is all new to me because the Jehovah’s I knew walked up and down the street, not religiously drive-by your unsuspecting ass. I know now that catching a bus isn’t safe. I mean yea, an old woman tried to give me one when I was on a bus as well. She actually got upset that I wouldn’t take it. She must have thought all Black people are religious.

I should have took one, just for kicks.


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