You don’t smile in your pictures; you need JESUS!


Hi, my name is Asilee [Az-za-lee], by all means have fun pronouncing my name. Recently I decided to venture to a site most Christians believe will cause any Atheist who did to turn into a puff of smoke. Elev8 is a site powered by Black Planet, which is powered by incompetent idiots. I saw one article that stood out from the rest. It was this one. I posted one of my links and didn’t return to see the after effects. Someone decided to find me on Facebook and tell me that someone said that I’m angry all the time because I need Jesus and that’s why I don’t smile in my pictures. I find it comforting that I’m not the only Atheist that ventures to that site. I guess he was there looking for comic relief as well.

Facebook Message

Click to Enlarge.

My thing is this. Why when Christians don’t have anything better to say they either:

  1. Take a stab at your looks.
  2. Take a stab at [if there is any] grammatical errors.
  3. Try and assume things based on what you say and be totally wrong.
  4. Try to tell you that you need Jesus.
  5. Feel the need to ‘pray for you’.

How can one assume because I have a mug on in my picture that I’m supposedly angry? How did a total stranger get that out of one little message? I’m not angry at all. I find his judgmental slandering hypocritical and absurd.  They’re supposedly Christian’s and here they are judging a very old picture of me. So because I’m an Atheist, and I posted a link, and the silly bastard put together that and what I look like; I need Jesus? I’ve never been so insulted. No, I kid. I’m not insulted, I’m actually flattered.

If anything, he should have just pretty much clicked on the link I posted and said what he had to say in the post. I’m sure a lot of them chimed in with him. Saying, I worship the devil; I’m Satan‘s offspring. I’m cracking up just thinking about it. I can’t help but wonder why did Dennis feel the need to tell me what the character said and that he defended me even after assuming that I don’t need help defending myself. Was he expecting me to go back there and argue with the poor S.O.B? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he came and told me and it’s great that Atheists stick together like that [Thanks Dennis]. I’m all for making new Atheists friends. But my mission was accomplished the moment they got offended.

Asilee's 20th BirthdayYou know what? I think the waste of oxygen was pretty much shocked that I’m Black and a atheist.  It must have threw him for a loop. He couldn’t think straight and all he could think of was me being ‘angry’ in my pictures.

A lot of people don’t smile in pictures. So does that make them angry and in the need of an imaginary friend? If they don’t have one already of course.

By the way, in the mind of a black person who goes to church every Sunday; what DON’T need Jesus these days? I hear black people say that all the time. “That poor child needs Jesus, she got a B on her spelling test”. If you’re doing good you need Jesus, if you’re doing bad you need Jesus and to be ‘saved’. & If you look angry, you need a smile.



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