“Wait, what? A black female Atheist… I thought that was just a myth!”

I sure do know how to pick the days to decide to go venturing. That’s worse than people saying someone who is black but don’t like Kool-Aid is a myth. I’m Black and I don’t like Kool-Aid, I think the crap is disgusting, its like syrupy death. Yes the fool who said it was in fact BLACK just like the fool who think being black and an Atheist is a myth was BLACK.

I’ve met more Black Atheists than I’ve met of any other race. I could see if the fool said, “I thought Black female Atheists were scarce” but a myth? Come on he can’t be that naive, can he? I knew Black folks could be ignorant, but I didn’t know they could be THAT damn ignorant. Since when though were black females more spiritual than any other race? Yea they’re spiritual as hell after ‘sinning’ all week and want to’ repent’ thinking that’s going to solve anything when they know they have a motive.

Anyway, I feel so sorry for that idiot and the fact that he couldn’t seem to think outside of the box. A color of ones skin shouldn’t have to matter when it comes to having certain beliefs. “You’re black and a female so you’re a “Christian.” Here I am thinking I’ve done read/saw/heard it all but here I am shocked and amazed once again.


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