“The reason why your life is so messed up is because you’re an Atheist”

A Christian e-mailed me and had this to say to me…

God is punishing you because you do not believe in his divine ways. Repent and your life will be in turmoil no longer. All you have to do is give in to God and all your prayers and problems will be answered. God hates you because you hate him.

If that’s the case, God is a big ass kid having a temper tantrum if it’s “punishing” me because I don’t believe in it. I have to question the Christians that’s constantly chastising me if they ever think before making that choice to question me. I’m sure there are plenty of Atheists out there that they can pester and annoying the hell out of me isn’t going to change how I feel.

Yes my life could be better, but its not. Am I going to blame it on my Atheism? No, that’s an excuse. I don’t regret being an Atheist and that would be the only reason why an Atheist would actually blame it on their lifestyle of not having a deity to answer to would do. It pretty much pisses me off when some Christian is bickering to me about what I should do to in order to change my life around. To me when Christians say that it just proves one major point to me, they look to the sky to win the lottery, to pay their bills, to get a job, to wish death upon someone because of a rocky marriage due to an affair. You catch my drift. I get through life on my own, I don’t need some imaginary ‘being’ to look up to and talk to when shit hits the fan. Religion is for cowards, nothing more to it. If anything, its a cop-out to those who make it as such as well.

Hell, when you are asked to be questioned by a lawyer and judged by a jury, before all of that you have to swear on the Holy Bible. Why? Because of fear, yes that’s right; fear. Yet people still lie on that book of horrors anyway because in actuality it doesn’t mean squat. I don’t want to get into that, I’ll save that for another blog.

My grandmother prayed day in and day out for her son to get better [he had prostate cancer] but did he get better? No, he died and I lost an uncle. She prayed for her granddaughter to stop being so conniving and mean but is she any less meaner or conniving? No, she’s a lot worse and she gets worse as she gets older. Praying does nothing so when a Christian tells me to repent and to pray [basically revert back to being a non-believing Christian] you’re basically telling me to get my hopes up for nothing.

I can get my ass out of my own problems, I don’t need a book of lies and contradictions to live by. So it would be great if the Christians that read these blogs [which in fact has a category of its own that you have to click on to read] that get offended, leave a idiotic statement or message me directly, could kiss my ass. Stop hovering over this blog so damn much. The world is still spinning and you’re still a Christian as well as I am still an Atheist.


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