The Biggest Hypocrites Carries a Bible

Don’t get me wrong, everyone is hypocritical and judgmental as well as other ‘mental’s’ in some aspects but not like this…

A former teacher claims she was fired after admitting that she conceived a child several weeks before marrying the baby’s father.

Jaretta Hamilton was fired by St. Cloud, Florida’s Southland Christian School after asking for maternity leave.

She says when she made the request her boss asked if the child had been conceived before she was married.

Principal Jon Ennis says Hamilton committed an immoral act and that he does not regret the decision.

Hamilton is now suing the school.

Her attorney points out that there was nothing in the school’s personal conduct policy barring sex out of wedlock.

I could have sworn that I read somewhere that Christians were non-judging, forgiving, loving and understanding people but it seems to me that all of that was just bullshit. Well its always been bullshit and of course no one is perfect but why fire the woman? She’s only pregnant.

This woman conceived a child a few weeks before marrying the man. She still did the right thing as it were, so the pre-marital sex trumps the actual union at the present as well as the life growing in her? Christianity has some of the most shameful people representing.

If anything, these “Christians” should be teaching the message of forgiveness for being human, not terminating her job when it says that there were no rules broken in their conduct policy. As trying as these times are they must have a bunch of sheep…er um teachers on standby to just fire someone based on …shit…LIFE! “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” This woman better be all bruised and beat up then. Also, its not even a church, its a school so what the hell are they doing?

Yea she better sue them and I hope she wins.

Christian trolls, can you keep your schizophrenia to yourself? You say that your God said this and your God said that, it’s funny how ‘he’s not the one doing all the talking…you are. If ‘he came to you in your sleep, please let ‘him’ stay there.


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