Saying you “know” God doesn’t exist is equally as ridiculous as saying you “know” God Does


No one can prove God exists, but nobody can prove God doesn’t. I don’t think the “Christian God” is real. Their ideas contradict themselves on who he’s supposed to be throughout the entire bible. Atheism is about the human experience and admitting uncertainty and rolling with the punches and not making excuses for why the world is fucked up. Everyone is ignorant until they drop their pride and just admit that they don’t know. You can’t prove all the things that don’t exist, you have to prove what does exist.

Atheists don’t claim to know for certain that god doesn’t exist. Only a dogmatic moron would claim that. Here is a good way to think about it, and to clarify why atheism is a better position for us than agnosticism. First, agnosticism implies that the existence of something is roughly 50/50. Basically it could go either way. But here’s the thing; if I told you that fairies existed, but that I couldn’t prove it, would you say that you would be agnostic towards the existence of fairies? No. The exact same logic applies to God. There are an infinite number of things I or anyone could believe in. That doesn’t make their likely existence 50/50. Atheism is not a belief that there is no god, but a lack of belief in a god.

I just realized we as Atheists, are all getting extremely arrogant and dogmatic in our beliefs, or lack there of. Atheism is not something to be proud of, and neither is Christianity. I mean we are priding ourselves in the fact we believe there is no god, if we are all supposedly intelligent and intellectual then… why is this a big deal to us? We deny the existence of a fairy tale, shouldn’t this just be common sense?

Saying you “know” God doesn’t exist is equally as ridiculous as saying you “know” God does.


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