My Yahoo! Messenger Conversation with a Christian

See, I end up having to deal with this on a regular day basis. I don’t see why people feel messaging me through my ping box on my page is going to solve any damn thing. Asking me questions, trying to get inside my head and seek answers to things that shouldn’t even concern you is pointless and a waste of time. Telling me something is wrong with me isn’t going to change anything either. I know what I believe in and don’t believe in. & This child of God needs to get a grip, Yahoo Messenger conversations has just gotten that much more interesting.

A Christian Woman: Hello Lee… this is Ashely, I just got finished reading your blog. There is something awfully wrong with you.
Lee: Oh?
Lee: & What is that?
A Christian Woman: You don’t believe in God.
Lee: Why, thank you Captain Obvious!
A Christian Woman: No, my point is…why? How do you wake up in the morning?
Lee: Its pretty obvious you just skimmed through my blogs like everyone else, because I already answered that.
A Christian Woman: Well you aren’t answering my question.
Lee: Why should I repeat myself because you think I should? Why don’t you go and read the blog?
A Christian Woman: I want to understand you more about this facade you are putting on about God… you believe.
Lee: Well, if I believe he do exist, then you believe he doesn’t exist right?
A Christian Woman: Wrong.
Lee: Who are you to tell me what I believe in, hell who the hell are you to tell me its a facade?
A Christian Woman: You were a Christian once and that part of you will never change. You will always be a Christian.
Lee: Answer this numb skull, how can someone who never believed in God be a Christian?
Lee: You haven’t read my blogs at all.
Lee: You seriously need to do your research before you try and ask questions.
A Christian Woman: So you’re saying you never believed in God?
Lee: So you’re telling me, you didn’t read my blogs?
A Christian Woman: Why are you answering a question with a question?
Lee: Why does it matter what I did or didn’t say?
Lee: Why does it matter what I believe in or don’t believe in?
Lee: Why do Christians waste their key strokes in doing such pointless things?
Lee: Why give a fuck is what I’m asking?
Lee: Is me being a Atheist bothering you that much?
Lee: Do you see me running around asking people to stop believing in God?
A Christian Woman: I’m trying to understand the mind of a Atheist.
A Christian Woman: It really does not matter.
A Christian Woman: I don’t think I’m wasting my key strokes
A Christian Woman: I don’t actually give “a fuck”.
A Christian Woman: No it isn’t bothering me at all.
A Christian Woman: No.
Lee: Well then since most of those questions you just answered with were in fact NO why don’t you go and take a flying leap then?
Lee: If you don’t care, leave me alone.
Lee: Hell if you do care, leave me alone.
A Christian Woman: I need answers.
Lee: Go talk to God then.
Lee: Since he/she/it tells you to do something why don’t you go ask him/her/it hmmm?
Lee: You know, that little voice that you hear when you’re at a crossroad, trying to figure out what to do about someone or something.
A Christian Woman: Ok that was harsh.
Lee: Its the truth!
A Christian Woman: It most certainly isn’t!
Lee: Then what is the truth then?
A Christian Woman: I don’t know what you mean.
Lee: Oh damn well. Hell, you should know what I mean.
Lee: See my thing is, since this God talks to you Christians all the time, you would think you would know everything as far as Atheism is concerned.
Lee: That’s the whole point in the Holy Bible right? To keep you gullible people in line while at the same time coax you on to believing this thing is law and that those who don’t believe will burn in hell forever, right?
A Christian Woman: We aren’t gullible, we just walk in faith.
A Christian Woman: My life was in turmoil, I had no where to sleep, eat, or wash myself but I just prayed everyday and it got better. Even when I was sick I got better because I prayed.
Lee: Well, I’ve survived 7 car accidents, died at birth 4 times, been diagnosed for Cancer every other year, I don’t have a family perse AND I never prayed to this God not once to make things better or stop me from being sick. So what is your point?
A Christian Woman: …
Lee: Right, you have none.
Lee: You Christians only pray to this God when shit hits the fan.
A Christian Woman: That’s not true.
Lee: The hell it ain’t.
Lee: When I was in Church..the only thing the people of the church would pray along with someone was for them to get better and to bring their sons and daughters in Iraq home.
Lee: I mean what else is there to pray about?
Lee: Its all about someone praying for things to get better.
Lee: MOST of the time.
A Christian Woman: I have to agree with you to an extent Lee, if there was no praying, people prayers wouldn’t get answered.
Lee: What the hell? Did you not read what I just said?!
Lee: I didn’t pray and I got through the shit on my own!!!
Lee: Praying does nothing
Lee: at all!
A Christian Woman: God is helping you believe in his divine ways, in the name of the Holy Ghost. He know you don’t believe so hes showing you hes real.
Lee: By doing what? Making me get in 7 car accidents? Getting diagnosed for cancer?
Lee: If he is testing me, he’s no better than the doctors here at Cleveland Clinic.
A Christian Woman: He is going to make you believe, you don’t have to pray for miracles to happen.
Lee: What if everyone on Earth had a God to believe in and they prayed and prayed and prayed…don’t you think all this war and people dying would still happen?
Lee: This God wants you to suffer then if he’s real.
Lee: You pray all night and day but shit is still fucked up.
Lee: Nothing has changed.
Lee: Praying is a waste of time and energy.
A Christian Woman: You’re an Atheist you couldn’t understand why people pray!
Lee: People pray as an scapegoat to their problems!
Lee: They only pray because their life is a living hell, they look towards the sky to this God to make things better!
Lee: You look like an idiot arguing with me though. I don’t know why its so hard for Christians to accept the fact that Atheism is alive and kicking and just leave us the hell alone.
A Christian Woman: You still look like you don’t have a clue what you believe in.
Lee: Yea, well let a Christian tell it.
A Christian Woman: Wow, you will see one day.
Lee: Yea, okay …whatever child of God, are you done?
A Christian Woman: No I will be back.
Lee: Please please take your time…
Lee: We don’t want you to strain your little brain all in the name of the Lord.
Lee: It wouldn’t be right.
A Christian Woman: Bye Lee.
Lee: Bye Ashely…may God protect you from Atheists like me.


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  1. I made the mistake of saying that it was impossible to make a philosophical argument that proved God existed. I wasn’t even saying that God didn’t exist or that I could prove it. All I said was that it was a matter of faith and we should leave it at that. Man did that start a fight. Just saying you are an atheist is offensive to some people. It is absurd.


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