If you’re an Atheist because you’re Gay then…

That’s like being a lesbian because its a trend [according to today’s youth]. You don’t have to claim an anti-religion or a religion for that matter because of your sexual preference. Just be gay and non-religious; simple as that.  I’m blogging about this because some gay atheists seem to be using atheism to advance their gay agenda. Some pro-gay atheists believe that ALL atheists should be pro-gay so I’ve decided to distant myself from those group-thinking atheists. The debate goes as this: The only reason that homosexuality is considered wrong is because it is considered evil from a religious standpoint. And atheist wielding that stance has no good arguments. A pro-gay atheist can make the argument that without religion homosexuality is obviously a natural phenomena and should not be banned. As long as the pro-gay isn’t a greatly inferior debater then its going to be a genocide.

It seems like gay atheists are turning to Atheism just to help fight for their gay agenda. I don’t think they care about atheism. They’re only using atheism to fight against Christians for the sake of the well being of homosexuality. If atheists were anti-gay and Christians were pro-gay, homos would be trashing atheists. They’re putting their homosexuality prior to everything. I could be wrong to some extent but we’ll save that for another blog.

However, religion is the main reason for hatred for gays; being that atheists do not believe this silliness, they are much more likely to accept gays [But as for me, I don’t want a homosexual near me. I begin to freak out. I know they don’t want me because of course I’m a female but its just..they’re homo’s. They can turn to any atheist but me]. Atheists are turning to gay atheists to help them prove their point that there is no God.

Here’s some food for thought:

From a gay atheist point of view: In a different, somewhat humane light, view our predicament as being discriminated against by an entire religion. Would you support a book that told you your lifestyle choices were disgusting?

If 99% of Christians accepted homosexuality, would you be an Atheist today?

If Christians were to accept gays, do you think Atheists would accept Christians more?

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