I Wake up on my own in the morning…

By opening my eyes and sitting up in bed is how I wake up in the morning. By making it home safe on my own is how I make it there. People are so quick to say, “I’m not trying to judge you or anything but…” but don’t realize you are judging me just in a tone that is in means of a question. They don’t know for sure if this God is waking them up in the morning or allowing them to make it home safely. Yet they feel they can ask me that, which is very disrespectful I may add. Knowing that I’m an Atheist and yet still ask me that stupid ass question like that is going to make me sit and go “hmmmm?” is disrespectful as hell.

I’m the one making sure I get to and fro safely, I wake my damn self up, half of the time its my bladder that wakes me up. People have been asking me that for the last two damn days and its getting very, very, very annoying. Why would people ask me that? If its already set in my mind that this “God” doesn’t exist, why do people bother? What are they getting out of asking me such stupid questions? How do they know for sure if this God is real or not? Oh, because they pray and then something miraculous happen. Its called timing and that’s it.

As much hatred is going on in the world you would think this God would do something about it but he/she/it is just allowing it to happen, for what…Judgment Day? BULL….SHIT! What is wrong with me being an Atheist? Especially amongst other black people? I guess they expect everyone who is black to be a Christian all for the sake of sticking together well why stick together with people who rather shoot someone over a pair of NIKES than go to school? Why would I want to stick together with individuals and more pinpoint females who want to pin some child on a man knowing damn well he’s not the father? Why? Call me a racist but blacks are a disgrace to a lot of people, its not all of them but its most of them with this hood-rat/thug mentality.

Their rebuttal to anyone who is an Atheist is their million dollar question, “How do you wake up in the morning?” I stretch, rub my eyes and make a beeline to the damn bathroom that’s how. Waking up thanking some THING that I don’t even know if it exist or not is not in my jurisdiction and never will be. So those who feel that they would prove a point asking me that dumb ass question, please save it, you really won’t get any where with that tired ass question. Oh, don’t take me wrong here, I’m grateful that I’m alive cause hell I’m not supposed to be…I mean who get in 7 car accidents and lives to talk about it? Who dodges Cancer over 3 times and is diagnosed for it every damn other year? Who dies over 4 times at birth cause of their high drunk ass mother and had to be revived numerous times? Me, that’s who so don’t even entertain the idea that I’m some unappreciative bastard cause I’m not, I’m just not believing this God is the reason to why I’m still here. Hell if that’s the case, I should of been dead long ago then if he exist. “It’s not your time to go/you are here for a reason.” my ass!

I’m sorry for the language, I am trying to cut back on all of that but this was the last straw and since I type better than I write I prefer typing it out but I can’t just ball this up and throw it away.


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  1. Excellent post! And I could not agree with you more. I have never been able to fully understand, just why blacks are a thousand times more hateful and act so damn ignorant towards another black person who simply doesn’t share their delusion, than most other races of religious people tend to act.

    Years ago, I stopped hanging with most black Christians, and most other Christians for that matter. It’s not that I feel that I’m better than anyone – nor am I a self-hating black man – I simply don’t have much in common with someone who worships a virgin-born sky-fairy; and least of which, one who hates me simply because I choose to live my life within the realm of reality.


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