I Don’t Have to be A Christian because YOU Want Me to be One

Anyway I honestly wish Christians can give this “you’re going to hell” crap a break. What’s so hard in understanding that I don’t give a damn about what your God told you to do just leave this Atheist out of it? Sending me hate-mail solves nothing and neither does throwing a scripture in my blog comments. Telling me I’m stupid for going from being a Christian to an Atheist just shows me how stupid you truly are. I n ever was a Christian no matter how many times my family forced me to go to church. There is no “seeing the light”. If that’s the case I would of been saw this imaginary “light” you Christians are so freely flashing in my face.

No, I’m not trying to say that all Christians badger me or anything its just that its a pretty damn lot of you who don’t know when to let live. A pastor last week had the nerve to call me and ask me did I really become an Atheist. I guess he was the new pastor at the church I was forced to attend. I knew telling my grandmother that I’m not a Christian would be a bad idea. All that pastor do was tell me to repent and rethink my actions. I had to tell him I was forced to be baptized and to go to church, it was never my choice. Hell I didn’t need my parents to tell me Santa Claus wasn’t real, I figured that out when I learned to walk and talk.

It gets so damn annoying trying to live life and be myself when people are steadily begging me to come back to church. What’s so great about being a Christian? If I truly want an imaginary friend, I would just make one up. If I needed something to pray to, I have a big bag of Sour Neon Crawlers sitting next to me that I can “pray” to. At least I can see and feel the bag to know its there.  If I need something to believe in, I have Science, I don’t need something that neither Christians nor Atheist can tell me is existent or not.

I got a question for you Christians, if you see an Atheist and they know they could care less about what you think and you still fix your fingers or your mouth to try and convince them differently even though you know what you know, why do you care? Why not keep it moving? Why just say, “Oh she’s an Atheist, I’m not gone waste my time on someone who couldn’t care less about my opinion.” and leave it at that? I don’t go around on or offline telling people that they should stop being a Christian and to open their eyes. I don’t throw a Darwin quote in their faces like an asshole. Then again, I don’t expect people to respect me like I respect them.

I know I won’t get the consideration offline because my phone is still ringing off the hook and I know its that pastor if not pastors still calling me. I can at least try and be able to blog online and people who are Christians can try and keep their biblical crap to themselves. I may be asking for too much from you Christians but those who refuse to open their eyes when it comes to other people beliefs and non beliefs.


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