Famous Black Atheists

Hubert Henry Harrison – The Black Socrates

A. Philip Randolph – “We consider prayer as nothing more than a fervent wish; consequently the merit and worth of a prayer depend upon what the fervent wish is.”
Bayard Rustin – Principal organizer of the March on Washington in 1963. He was openly gay, anti-communistic, a socialist, a civil rights activist and also a freethinker
J. A. Rogers – “The slogan of the Negro devotee is: Take the world but give me Jesus, and the white man strikes an eager bargain with him.”

George S. Schuyler – “On the horizon loom a growing number of iconoclasts and Atheists, young black men and women who can read, think, and ask questions, and who impertinently demand to know why Negroes should revere a God who permits them to be lynched, jim-crowed and disfranchised.”

John G. Jackson – The family minister once asked John G. Jackson when he was small, “Who made you?” After some thought he replied from his own realization, “I don’t know.”

John Henrik Clarke – “As a grade school child in Columbus, Georgia, Clarke recalled inventing notes from local white people to allow his access to library books in his quest for knowledge.”

Yosef ben-Jochannan – “The churches can’t help the people when the chips are down because their interest is with the power structure.”

Bobby E. Wright – “Guess what you talk about when you go to church? Everything but what to do, you talk about some God that nobody ever did find.”

John Ragland – Chauncey Bell Herbert Brown Ken Hamblin Walter E. Hawkins

James Forman – Civil Rights Activist

Lorraine Hansberry – Playwright known for her drama, “A Raisin in The Sun“.

Butterfly McQueen – Maid in MGM’s 1939’s Gone with The Wind.“As my ancestors are free from slavery, I am free from the slavery of religion.”  Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Oct. 8, 1989

Charlie “Bird” Parker – was an American jazz saxophonist and composer. Parker is widely considered one of the most influential of jazz musicians, along with Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. A PBS special on the life of “Bird” (i.e., Charlie Parker) quoted his widow as criticizing Parker’s family for giving him a Christian funeral even though they knew “he was irreligious”.

Deborah Clark
James Baldwin
Richard Wright
Gregory Gross
Zora Neale Hurston
Alice Walker – The Color PurpleInterview with Beliefnet. Calls God “Mama”.

Frederick Douglas
Dr. Carter G. Woodson – Negro History Week was started by him.
Gwendolyn Brooks
Langston Hughes


  1. Many church people have said over and over”God is in control”If God is in control who is responsible for the baby born with aids,thousand of people killed in Africa cause by genocide or the children all over the world being raped by adults over and over?What about more people being killed in the name of religion than any other?Christian Muslim and Jews sending their children to fight in the name of their religion.Does religion turn off the logical part of the brain?What good is a heaven if we are destoying ourselves?What about men covering women faces and bodies,because of their insecurities and ignorance.Womean in many religions are treated like second humans.Little girls having their genitials damaged for man’s stupidity.


  2. I love your point of views, darling! I agree Religion hasn’t and still doesn’t do anything in making this world a better place. God does not interfere in anything that goes on down here, earth. Why can’t people, especially, minorities, get it through their thick skulls, that religion has and is still creating problems for them. For one thing, Black people are still living in the ghettos and are poor; as you mentioned, children are being raped, beaten and killed on a daily basis; Some people are rich while others are hungry; some have access to healthcare while others die because they can’t afford medical care, etc… The list goes on and on in explaining the inactivity of Religion and God. Although, I must admit, I have a belief in God, but on a spiritual level, not a religious one. I believe that God doesn’t solve our problems. We are here to learn how to solve our own problems; it’s part of growing spiritually. That’s my stance. I must say that I agree on a lot of information that Atheists have to say. Well done.


  3. Though I’m not an atheist, I don’t see why some Black people even believe in a made up white god named Jesus. Our homeland has been plundered and exploited for centuries, for the people (slaves) and resources all kind. Blacks were left in bondage here in America for three hundred years, have suffered murder, rape, racism and discrimination to this very day! GOD WAS DONE NOTHING FOR BLACK PEOPLE!

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    1. your last sentence contridicts yourself. if you say that you are not an atheist but god has done nothing for you- then why believe in him? and you are not the only people to be subjected to horror upon horrors. jews for example, they have been exiled, denied a home land, made into slaves, and had genocide attempted on them more then once. need i remind you of the holocaust, there are still jews alive who survived that horror.and there is the entire middle east who wants them GONE. but the difference is- they do not think the world owes them anything. they do not complain of the two thousand years of being treated like garbage cause of who they are and are still treated with hate and distain. and never once did they say that god has done nothing for them. they still praise him and are great full for what they think god has given them. and they too” have suffered murder, rape, racism and discrimination to this very day.”

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      1. Your comment reeks of uninformed misconceptions. First of all, K Gon Zales could very easily be one of the MANY people who believe in a god, but not the Judeo Christian concept of god. Secondly, the Jews and their plight haven’t reached anywhere near the level of brutality and depravity whites have shown to Blacks through out the world, but especially in America. An estimated six million Jews were killed in the holocaust. That figure is paltry compared to the innumerable MILLIONS of blacks who have been murdered, raped, beaten, lynched, brainwashed and discriminated against for over FOUR HUNDRED YEARS, not ten, but FOUR HUNDRED. If you think Jews don’t act as if the world owes them something, you must be dumber than a bucket of dicks.


    2. You may not see this as moderation is in effect, but things aren’t always what they seem

      There’s a reason why slavery lasted hundreds of years in this country, a reason you won’t accept, so it would be useless to reveal it.


  4. @ALVIN you hit the nail on the head…….Religion exploits,degrade,humiliate women. As a Black man is surprising to see educated Black people love (KING JESUS). I am a proud Atheist and will go down in History as one……I use too be quiet about my beliefs but the older i get i don’t care they will throw up their beliefs and think you should follow but no…….HE WHO CONTROLS HISTORY CONTROLS- Darryl Chambers


    1. I just don’t understand how we as black folks got so blind. THAT was the whole point. The devil is a liar and a cunning enemy. If he can get you to hate your situation so bad as to hate the GOD that allowed you to go through it then he has won. GOD is not some white-faced blue-eyed Jesus…GOD is GOD and there is none like HIM. We all go through things and suffer greatly, so it’s not just black people. The problem is we have learned to depend on a white man to get us out of it, when we have the right to fight for ourselves and pray to the real GOD to give us the tools so that we can do just that. We have lost our minds first, then our soul. Firstly, we were crazy enough to give up on our true faith and that is belief in ONE GOD, who none of us has seen, so we surely can’t say that he’s a white man, and started to worship some white man who told us that we were cursed for being black so we started to pray to white man to forgive us for being black…then we decided that the white GOD aint never going to forgive us for a sin we did not commit, so we started hating GOD, and the whole time the white man is laughing because everybody knows there’s a GOD, they just know he aint that white man they been blaming everything on. GOD forgives all sins but that you set up rivals with him and join HIM with the worship of others…so they got what they wanted and now we hate GOD so much we stop praying and believing but very few of us are fighting or standing up against what the white man is still doing, enslaving us and stealing the only thing we do have left—our soul!


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