Ever Tried Thanking Yourself Instead of Your God?

Give yourself some damn credit for once. You’re giving this mythical being all the praise and glory and neglect your competence. Let’s thank ‘God‘ shall we? I don’t hear anyone thanking their God for this recession. If you’re going to thank you God for everything, don’t be half-assed thanking it. Thank your God for hurricanes and the tornadoes; the tsunami‘s and volcano eruptions. Don’t give me that ‘God didn’t make hurricanes, tornadoes etc’ then in the same keystrokes  say ‘God make these things happen for a reason’.

You thank your God for waking you up in the morning, for wiping your ass, for getting a job. You mind as well sit back and let ‘God’ run your life…oh wait…never mind. There’s a thin line between being grateful and being an idiot.

Prayer – doing nothing, but thinking you are helping.


If you did not pray would that mean your wish [help a sick loved one for example] would absolutely not come true? Is your prayer preventing their untimely demise? If everything happens as it should then why pray for healing? If everything happens as it should then why give thanks for the food on your table/your health/good fortune/etc? If God REALLY did help get that food on the table then why didn’t He for people who are hungry and prayed? Why does it select who it will help. Or if it is allowing ‘free will‘ and not technically ‘helping’ anyone then why give thanks at all?

Example: Family member is sick and undergoing scary tests. Everyone prays for their restored health. Family member’s results come back good. Everyone rejoices and then thank their God is to why their prayers seem to have been answered. If the family members did not pray, would the test results have been different?

Or what if even with the prayers the tests came back poor-does that mean:

  1. God chose not to answer your prayer because it wants to teach you a lesson.
  2. Everything is predestined and prayers don’t make a difference.
  3. God doesn’t like you.

In layman’s terms, your god is a DICK.


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