“Christians aren’t scared to die or how because they’re all going to heaven…”


This guy of course he was a Christian and of course he was arrogant and rude was telling me that Christians aren’t scared of death, scared to die, scared of how or when they die because they know they’re all going to heaven. Out of all of the ignorant statements that has been said on my blog in my comments, this one takes the cake…

So basically, if you’re a Christian you have no fear because you know for a fact that you’re going to heaven? So all that praying Christians do about making it home safely or praying that their sons over there in iraq don’t die in the war or just so happen to get hit by a stray bullet is for show? Either way whether they are praying for themselves or for others, that still looks like they’re scared to die or scared that one of their loved ones will die. Fear is fear it doesn’t exclude Christianity, it doesn’t exclude ANY religion.

Yea, it may mention in the Holy Bible that Christians shouldn’t fear death or their deity but I don’t think every Christian abide by everything they read in that book. Actually I’m positive they don’t abide by half of whats in that book. Not the point. The point is, Christians are humans too, they are going to be scared to die, how, when [not saying all]. To sit there and single out that Christians [all] are not scared to die because they are going to heaven makes no sense WHAT SO EVER. Its always the brainwashed, rude, arrogant Christians that leave insane comments on my blog.


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