Atheism Quotes

“I won’t be screaming in the fires of hell, because hell does not exist. Magma exists in the core of the planet, not horned demons with pitchforks, fangs and lizard tails. Religion was something that was invented thousands of years ago to control the ignorant masses, something it still does today. However, with the advent of free thinking and existentialism, there is no excuse for people to turn to “faith” unless they are merely looking for an excuse to justify their own existence.”

“As to what happens when we die, I can only speculate while believers in religion offer certitude. However, if I was forced to speculate I would say that death would go something like this: Your mind resolves to the fact that this is the end; you begin to feel a euphoric, bliss-like state as your body goes into shock; your cognizant thought processes begin to fail; your internal organs begin to to slow; your bowels release; vision fades to black and you cease to exist. I can’t imagine that the harps and angels would begin to rejoice or the goblins would turn up the furnace in my cell at this point. All existence ends for this organism. Just like it would for a dog, just like it would for a spider, just like it would for any organism with a developed brain. If I had to speculate of course…”

“You are exasperating. There is no such thing as hell. Hell is a fairy tale that was dreamt up by the people who wanted to control the behavior of the populace. I’ll bet as you are dying that you’ll wish you lived a more full and rewarding life instead of waking up early on Sunday to drink blessed, Franzia box wine, eat cardboard and pretend in your charade that you are eating the body and drinking the blood of a two thousand year old man who may or may not have actually existed. I’m sure you are positive that Jesus existed, too, right? There has never been any substantiation of the existence of the man you call Jesus Christ

“Maybe if they took a break from reciting nonsense stories from the bible at Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic College and cracked a basic grammar book, you would know that the word “our” is a pronoun that denotes possession to a group of people. Not sure how you infer “our” means that something belongs to one person. If God made man in his own image, he must not be very bright or rational judging from what you have shown us. Oh, wait. There is no God. Not unless you believe in creating a person out of clay and a rib, burning bushes that talk, vast bodies of water parting, virgins having babies or the world being only a few thousand years old. Enjoy your $60,000 worth of debt in student loans from a worthless school. But, hey, maybe if you pray really hard, God will wipe the record clean.”

“I don’t want your prayers. Don’t waste your time. It is funny that you would search the bible to find those facts. What’s funnier is that the Vatican’s own scientists have said there is no place for science in religion; that religion is for belief in a higher being, not for rationalizing science. It is their belief that there are two different historical periods: biblical times and modern science. They want the followers of the church to not try to mix the two. And, these scientists have said that they themselves do not believe in the historical teachings of the bible. So, if you think you know better than the Vatican’s scientists then your opinion is discounted.

Secondly, don’t you bible-beaters realize that the reason that people who don’t believe in god don’t want you to “bless us?” It is part of the reason that I am so hostile to you believers of fantasy. When you consistently foist your beliefs onto those who have zero interest in listening, you come off as arrogant, obnoxious and rude. It offends me to listen to people bless those who did not solicit such invocations. So, you take take your god, your blessings and your bible and shove them all. Have a pragmatically thoughtful day!”

“I am sick and tired of people who are religious or “devoutly religious” (arguing semantics) tossing their religion in my face and I am supposed to just take it and say nothing. So, when I give my beliefs back to them with the same level of force I think it is ironic that they get upset. So, to recap: religious people want to harp on all day about how great god is, how holy and blessed they are for following the lord and how I should do the same, however, the simple retort of “there is no god” sparks a giant argument and I get bashed. They are supposed to be the humble ones, no? I never said I was better than them; I was trying to illustrate the point that as offensive as it is to them what I say about their god, it is just as offensive to me when they ram god down my throat.”

“First, all religion is dangerous because it allows man to think that he has all the answers when he does not. There has never been a more homophobic, misogynist, racist, and intolerant group on this planet than those who unabashedly call themselves religious. I also think it is ironic that you say that god wants you to love your enemies, yet you denounce the homosexual community. Your statements are offensive and ignorant. Why would you get the idea that they are all “miserable?” I don’t think homosexuals are looking for your acceptance of their choice. They want you accept diversity. You suggest sending all the gay people to a special city where they can live out their days out of your sight. That was tried a few times throughout history. Sensible people would be reminded of the Spanish Inquisition, North American Slavery and the Holocaust. But, I guess, you being a christian, you think those are all high points in history. Certainly you can’t consider a stranger your enemy, so why not just love them like your god tells you to?

Thirdly, there is no such thing as “sin.” There is just what you do and what you don’t do. “Sin” is a concept made up by the church to control the ignorant masses (something it still does today) by frightening people into thinking that if they accrued too many “sins” on their ledger, they would spend eternity burning with demons. Come on. You’ve got to know that’s bullshit. You seem like a smart enough individual to know that there is no such thing as hell. Obviously, we have acts that are mala in se (morally wrong or evil in itself) such as murder, rape, etc. However, you are talking about mala prohibitum acts (prohibited wrongs). The only reason you think the things you speak of are wrong is because the church tells you to think that. You’ve got to more of a free thinker than that.

Lastly, I don’t think any anti-religious people are picking and choosing faiths. It is a blanket rejection of all “gods” and all religions. I mean, there are many religions and they all claim different gods, paths, faiths and teachings, yet they all claim to be right. Clearly, somebody is making something up. The thing that gets me is that they all preach certainty. Aren’t you people supposed to be humble? To reply to someone: “I just want to let you know where you erred in your statements” sound like the words of a prideful, arrogant, holier-than-thou asshole. It is people like yourself, who take credibility away from religion. Why would I ever want to associate myself with a closed minded dogmatist like yourself? Bottom line is religious people insist on shoving their religion in everyone’s face and people have had enough. It is about time that the anti-religionists up step and be heard and for the pseudo-followers take stock of themselves and make an informed decision.”

“1) Beliefs and worship- People’s beliefs and opinions concerning the existence, nature, and worship of a deity or deities, and divine involvement in the universe and human life.
2) System-an institutionalized or personal system of beliefs and practices relating to the divine.
3) Personal beliefs and values-a set of strongly-held beliefs, values, and attitudes that somebody lives by.”

Beliefs and opinions are not facts. And, anything that is institutionalized in this world should be questioned, not taken as fact. Conventional wisdom is one of the most dangerous things on this planet because it allows people to NOT THINK!!!”


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