The Difference Between Atheism & Spirituality [My Take]

First let me say, atheists can be spiritual, too – I’ve seen then and met them. It’s called  ‘Atheism Spirituality’. They also use ‘Pagan Atheism’ as well. Sounds oxy-moronic if you ask me.They are trying to unite people and get them in a closer relationship with reality.They talk in a vague way, but vague because most atheists couldn’t comprehend why they would need spirituality in their lives; which is understandable.

We often get Christians calling us spiritual because “you still have a belief in something – you believe in the big bang”. They’re looking at our non-belief as a belief in a non-belief – if that makes sense. That is their definition of our spirituality. Which couldn’t be more wrong – for a good amount of us.

Spirituality acknowledges something that is to some degree, mystical. As an atheist I comprehend the unknown, but refuse to attribute any sense of mysticism to it. There is no need for anything but logic. An Atheist is one who disbelieves the existence of any form of deity and thus doesn’t have faith on any form of gods or deities. A person who is spiritual, believes in the existence of a spirit in every life forms of nature who also believes that all our spirits are interlinked with the spirit of god.

The definition of spirituality definitely depends on the person using the term; let’s not forget that. One would ask, how could you know one has a spirit to begin with? Where’s your proof of that? That leaves it open for a much different discussion.

Feeling the awe and wonder of our planet, nature, the stars does not make an atheist spiritual. Maybe we need something different or longer to describe it; sure. At the end of the day we are just playing word games. Plus, it’s a mouthful. The point here is that atheists can have these experience and you can call it whatever you like. The experiences are similar to what religious people often call “spiritual.” I don’t think we have to deny the experiences because we deny the term used to define those experiences. Totally not saying that.

“Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics. You are all stardust. You couldn’t be here if stars hadn’t exploded. Because the elements, the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, all the things that matter for evolution weren’t created at the beginning of time. They were created in the nuclear furnaces of stars. And the only way they could get into your body is if the stars were kind enough to explode. So forget Jesus. The stars died so you could be here today.” -Lawrence Krauss

Atheism is a term so narrow-minded believers can understand where we come from. It doesn’t have an alternate meaning.

A: a derivative of “anno,” meaning without. Theism: a derivative of the Greek word “theo” meaning god/gods deity/deities.Ism: deriving from the Greek and Latin form of ismo(s) meaning the idea of or ideology. So the lack of ideology in pertinence to a god or gods. Meaning the lack of belief or theory of a god(s). 

Spirituality is purely subjective.

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Questions Atheists Are Sick & Tired of Fucking Answering

  1. Where do you get your morals from?
    • I get my morals from common fucking sense. I don’t need a book to tell me to not kill, rape, or steal. Why do you?
  2. What do atheists hate god?
    • Why don’t you understand the true definition of “atheist”? Go and look up misotheism and get back to me.
  3. What happened to you where you’re so mad at god?
    • I don’t know how anyone can be mad at something they don’t believe to exist.
  4. Why are you always bashing a god you don’t believe in?
    • Why can’t gays get married? Why are you trying to tell me what to do with my fetuses? Why can’t atheists take office in 7 States? Why are you convinced that this is a Christian nation?
  5. Why does god answer all of MY prayers if he isn’t real?
    • What makes you so special that your prayers are being answered in the first place? Those that REALLY need him don’t get their prayers answered.
  6. How are you black and not a Christian?
    • How are you a woman and a Christian? Blacks should be the last people who are religious. Just because the mass majority are religious, doesn’t mean I have to be. I’m awake, they aren’t.
  7. Do you have evidence of god‘s nonexistence?
    • Do you have evidence of god’s existence? I mean, telling me to look around and see for myself is an opinion, not a fact. Telling me that he woke me up this morning is fucked up. Handing me a bible isn’t evidence either.
  8. How can you raise your children to have morals if you don’t have any?
    • See question #1.
  9. Do you worship Satan?
    • You’re the one with the god hanging off your tit. Wouldn’t it be you that worships Satan? Seeing as when something awful happens, it’s the “Devils work?” Hmm?
  10. Do you think murder is wrong?
    • Why yes, yes the fuck I do. What in the hell does that have to do with atheism? Your god is totally okay with murder. Why not pray and ask him if he think murder is wrong.
  11. How do you explain near death experiences?
    • It could be the afterlife, as many people who have come close to dying have asserted. But a new study says it might well be a show created by the brain, which is still very much alive. When the heart stops, neurons in the brain appeared to communicate at an even higher level than normal, perhaps setting off the last picture show, packed with special effects.“A lot of people believed that what they saw was heaven,” said lead researcher and neurologist Jimo Borjigin. “Science hadn’t given them a convincing alternative.” Scientists from the University of Michigan recorded electroencephalogram (EEG) signals in nine anesthetized rats after inducing cardiac arrest. Within the first 30 seconds after the heart had stopped, all the mammals displayed a surge of highly synchronized brain activity that had features associated with consciousness and visual activation. The burst of electrical patterns even exceeded levels seen during a normal, awake state. In other words, they may have been having the rodent version of a near-death experience. [Source]Science. That’s how.
  12. Who named all the animals?
    • It is stated that Adam named all the animals in one fucking day; day 6. [See Genesis] God brought all the animals to Adam to name. That in itself is ridiculous. Where’s the record of all these animals that were named? How come there are thousands of species still being found out for the first time? Where’s Adam to name em’? What’s even more funny, if you read the bible – Genesis at least – there would be no need to ask us this question.
  13. Don’t you want to go to heaven?
    • No.
  14. Why do you eat babies?
    • Now, if we were really going around eating babies, wouldn’t there be a national investigation going on? Do you think before asking me these dumb ass questions?
  15. How did something come from nothing?
    • How did god come from nothing?
  16. Why can’t [you people] leave us religious people alone?
    • I’ll do that when religion stop trying to impose their bullshit on everyone. Starting with ‘The Pledge of Allegiance‘ and ‘In god we trust‘. Then after that, when idiots stop carving concrete slabs of the 10 Commandments and sticking them every fucking where. After that, when people stop having to ‘swear on the bible’.
  17. Why don’t you have faith?
    • b (1) : fidelity to one’s promises (2) : sincerity of intentions 2 a (1) : belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2) : belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion b (1) : firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2) : complete trust 3 : something that is believed especially with strong conviction; especially : a system of religious beliefs : without question [Source]
  18. What will you do when the rapture comes?
    • If that day come, I’ll have a lot of questions to ask your absent god.
  19. Why do atheists celebrate Christmas?
    • Who doesn’t like presents? Also, if your god was real, he would have been born in the spring, not December 25th. Your holiday is Pagan. Why do YOU celebrate Christmas?
  20. Do you even know our lord?
    • That’s the main reason I’m an atheist, so yes. I know him/it better than you do.
  21. How did you wake up this morning if god didn’t exist?
    1. My alarm clock/biological clock/son. If god is waking me up before I’m ready to wake up then your god’s a dick. If your god was real, he could allow me to stay asleep; with all the other atheists as well.
  22. Do you believe in sin?
    • Yep. The same way I don’t believe in the Easter Bunny.
  23. Did you know that Jesus died on the cross for you?
    • Yea, he didn’t stay dead though. Dude got up after 2 in a half days. How in the fuck is that a sacrifice?
  24. So who created the world then?
    • The bible dates are 2000 years tops. There are steadily finding proof that the world is much much older. If I had to make a gamble, I’d believe that it wasn’t your bastardized religions god didn’t create it. [Source]
  25. Who do you answer to you when you want something?
    • Um, what?!


God: Thousands died in that typhoon, but you know who’s okay?

God: Thousands died in that typhoon, but you know who’s okay?

The standards of what qualifies as a miracle have really gone down. Now if that statue came to life, put its carpenter skills to work by building some new houses, and magically fed everyone with a few fish, I’d be really impressed.

Ask the statue for some relief funds and see if he’ll answer.

I would rather be awed by nature’s destructive potential, or stand at the base of some bedraggled, lone-surviving coconut palm and be in awe as well of nature’s resilience.

Maybe we should build houses in the shape of Jesus so it will always be left standing.

If you really believe this is real, then you believe god cared more about a statue of himself than all of those people’s lives. Good job!

So many people sending prayers and messages of “god bless” to the people in the Philippines, but surely if you subscribe to their logic and beliefs it was God who sent the storm to mash up their country in the first place. this is cognitive dissonance, when one person holds conflicting beliefs or opinions. Ex: God is good, yet an act of God kills thousands.

Um, wut?: Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus [Video]

An atheist friend sent me this video to check out. She LOVED it. It’s a poem made by a guy who loves Jesus, but hates religion. A poem.

I don’t see what there was to love about it. She told me to spread it around so, here I am, doing just that.

It Has Finally Happened…

My deranged religious cousin came out the woodwork with his religious babble. He even had a chance to demean me and women in general, before he blocked me. Ah…Christian love, can’t you just FEEL it?



The Milk of Jesus

At the last supper, Jesus takes the bread, blesses it, and says,

“Take this, all of you, and eat it, for this is my body.”

He then proceeds to bless the wine and says,

“Take this, all of you, and drink it, for this is my blood.”

Finally, he picks up the milk, but Peter looks at him and says,

“You can fuck off.”

Addressing The Butt-Hurt: “Your Page is Offensive!”


This is for the atheists and theists. If you don’t like the content in which is on my blog/Facebook page, no one is forcing you to stick around.

Maybe I should have a disclaimer:
Warning: This page may cause butt-hurt, if you have the skin of unborn fetus, please exit stage left.


Seriously, apply as much as needed and then get the fuck on.

I’m truly getting sick and tired of the butt-hurt atheists mostly. I post a picture about Jews they get offended. My co-owner posts an image about having sex with an inflatable Jesus and they get offended (you know who you are). All I’m saying is, everything isn’t going to be Gaussian blurred image in the background, with a quote in the foreground. It’s not going to be about Neil deGrasse Tyson, or Carl Sagan all of the time. I shouldn’t have to say this but, everything isn’t going to be unicorn farts of rainbows and skittles.

I’m definitely getting tired of THIS shit:


I don’t need you to give me an ethics lesson, nor do I need you to give me posting etiquette lessons. I’ll post what the fuck I want! If it’s within the guidelines of Facebook, I don’t give a shit about how you feel.

Now, I bet next week, it’s going to be some more bullshit, and all I’m going to do is post this link under their comments and that’s it. Read it, don’t read it. I’m washing my hands of ya’.

What’s funny, it’s usually JUST ONE of you. Every now and again, one of you come out of the woodwork after you supposedly had enough. Well this my version of having enough. You butt-hurt cry-babies bitch and moan like I cross some invisible boundary that only you can see. It’s the internet, get the fuck over it. If you don’t like the content, oh the-fuck well.

Oh, I didn’t forget about you theist trolls, not much to say except that you need new material. Please don’t expect me to respect your religion any time soon. Thanks.

Just a Simple Note…

In order for you to be right about “your” religious beliefs, you would have to be right and everyone else has to be wrong. Do you really believe that you have a monopoly on the truth or even the facts? Even if you don’t want to face it, believing that you are right while others are wrong is a very seductive idea. Why? Because it appeals to your ego.

Why do religions such as Islam and Christianity spend such effort on teaching believers to reject any ideas that come from other faiths? If a religion “truly” comes from God almighty, you’d think it would be self-evident. The ideas and concepts should be obviously and completely inspired; superior. What I have found is that most religions are like pizza, they come in different flavors but the ingredients are pretty much the same.

I don’t think that god would create intelligent, self-aware beings such as ourselves so that he could cast us into eternal punishment for 70 or 80 years for making mistakes. You Jesus folks out there believe in the devil who was Lucifer, who was himself created by god. Then that would mean that the one in charge of tempting us all our lives is also the one who gets put in charge of punishing us when we die; put in charge by the one who created us? This seems ridiculous.

To my mind, it seems much more probable that these ideas are part of a scam, created by men,and perpetrated on gullible people in order to achieve social control and conformity. Heaven is the incentive, hell is the penalty;obedience is the price for achieving one while avoiding the other. A concept like this could have been cooked up by a few scam artists about 4 or 5 thousand years ago, and it worked so well it’s still around today.

How Do We Know We’re Not in Hell Now?

How do we know we’re not in Hell now?

It has been said that Hell is not a place you go if you’re not a Christian; it’s what happens when you fail your life’s greatest ambitions. I have always enjoyed this explanation of hell. Not because it’s different than the traditional depictions of hell. I think of the traditional hell with fire and brimstone being flung everywhere and flames surrounding you, with silhouetted demons mocking you at every turn. For some people like myself, I can imagine getting used to an eternity of annoying demons and balls of fire falling from the sky. At least I would never need to put on a shirt again. No, the traditional description of hell isn’t all that hellish if you ask me. However, I can imagine much deeper darker sets of anguish and torment. I am sure everyone can. Or at least people who have a modern understanding of the Universe and how cosmologically small we all are.

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Whoa there! Putting Christ Back in Christmas? Ha!

Is Jesus the Reason for the Season?:
Many conservative evangelical Christians at this time of year want to “put Christ back in Christmas” and insist that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.” With these slogans, they hope to remind people that Christmas is a Christian holiday and that without Christ, there would be no Christmas in the first place. Such Christians are offended that so many people enjoy the holidays without any reference to Jesus or Christianity and want it to stop. Unfortunately, they don’t have much of a case.


Christmas Wars:
Not having a case doesn’t seem to matter, though, and conservative Christians have been pursuing their so-called Christmas Wars with great vigor. A few influential conservatives are using Christmas as a political weapon against liberals, secularists, and non-Christians by claiming that a secular, anti-Christian conspiracy has removed Christ from Christmas.


Pre-Christian Reasons for the Season:
If Jesus is the Reason for the Season, why are so many aspects of the season pre-Christian and pagan? Christians took over the Decemer 25th Roman holiday of Natalis Solis Invicti, festival of the birth of the invincible sun, as well as Saturnalia. Christians took over German mid-winter festival celebrations which used evergreen trees and holly as symbols of eternal life. Where is Christ in all of this? How is Jesus the reason for the season of mid-winter festivals that pre-date Christianity?

Pagan Christmas Trees:
The most central and recognizable symbol of Christmas today is the Christmas tree — and it has nothing to do with Christianity, Christ, or Jesus. It’s a purely pagan symbol taken from ancient German mid-winter festivals. Even if people hang religious ornaments on the tree, the hanging of ornaments is originally pagan, not Christian. The practice of cutting down trees and taking them home to decorate them with gold and silver is even condemned by God in the book of Jeremiah.

Christian Aspects of American Christmas:
Christmas as it is celebrated in America has just two Christian elements: nativity scenes and Santa Claus. Nativity scenes are unquestionably Christian, but their role is smaller than symbols such as pagan trees. Only Christmas carols which reference the nativity continue to be very important. Santa Claus is central to Christmas, but while his roots are Christian, he has become completely secularized – there is nothing recognizably Christian about him anymore.

Secularization of American Christmas:
Christmas as we know it today is not at all like how Christians used to treat the holiday — for most of Christian history it was a minor holiday, if celebrated at all. Contemporary Christmas has become so secularized that it’s difficult to find the Christian elements sometimes, and this means that for most people Jesus just isn’t the reason for the season today — if he ever was. Christmas is more about a secular Santa than Jesus the Christ and Savior.

Commercialization of American Christmas:
Christmas is more a commercial enterprise than a religious observance – Jesus isn’t the reason for the season, buying consumer goods is. Heavy commercialization of Christmas took off in WWII when people had to buy early to get gifts to troops, but the early shopping season didn’t end with the war. This was when campaigns to “put Christ back into Christmas” started, and look at how successful they’ve been: the buying season is not only longer, but more central both to Christmas and the economy.

Christmas Doesn’t Need Christ or God:

It’s true that for many Christians, Christmas is so religious that there would be little point to the holidays without their religious perspective. At the same time, however, there are millions of non-Christians and godless people who celebrate and enjoy the holidays without much problem. It’s possible to go through the whole Christmas season while encountering few, if any, significantly Christian elements. There is nothing odd or difficult about having a Christmas without Christ or God.

Atheists Celebrating Christmas:

The fact that Jesus is not the Reason for the Season and that there is no particular place for Christ in Christmas doesn’t mean, however, that all atheists are comfortable with celebrating Christmas. Some argue that it would be better to ignore the holiday. Some continue to celebrate it because they aren’t out as atheists or don’t want to rock the boat among religious family members. Should atheists celebrate or ignore Christmas?

Jesus is not the Reason for the Season:

What is most mistaken, and even offensive, about the slogan “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” is that Christians are attempting to claim ownership of and priority over the entire holiday season, not just Christmas. There is, however, no reason to imagine that there would be no mid-winter holidays in the absence of Christ or Christianity.


Modern Christmas celebrations have little or nothing to do with Jesus, the Feast of the Nativity, or the Incarnation. Consider some popular Christmas traditions: erecting and decorating a tree, hanging wreaths, sending cards, drinking eggnog, giving presents, hanging mistletoe…where is Christ in all of this?


Thus we also have slogans about “putting Christ back into Christmas,” but it’s difficult to see how Christ was ever central to Christmas. When Christians celebrated it at all, it was about the nativity of Jesus, not the salvation from Christ. Today, even Jesus has receded into the background.


Our modern Christmas is a large number of ancient pagan practices, a few pieces of Christian traditions, and a large number of modern creations which are almost entirely secular in nature, no matter where they got their inspiration from. I see little room and little need for any “Christ” in all of this – but more importantly, I see little place where a “Christ” could be put back into the mix.


This is why Jesus is not the reason for the season for non-Christians. Whether non-Christians celebrate some form of Christmas or something else entirely, the reason for the season is whatever meaning they invest in their holiday — and that is up to them, not to Christians.


To put it simply, Christians who insist that Jesus is the reason for the season and that Christ needs to be “put back” into Christmas are seeking to assert their cultural superiority over everyone else. It’s yet one more example of attempts to reassert Christian privilege in an America that has moved on to religious pluralism.

The New Testament

The New Testament

by Lev Novak

God: Hey Jews.

Jews: Hey.

God: So listen, guys, I’m thinking we go in a different direction with this whole religion.

Jews: What?

God: You know, do a non-gritty reboot. Same God taste, new God packaging. That sort of thing.

Jews: We don’t follow.

God: Okay, work with me here, guys. Remember the whole “angry God” thing?

Jews: Vividly.

God: Where I killed a whole bunch of you and-

Jews: Yeah.

God: And forty years in the-

Jews: We remember that.

God: Not to mention Robo-Hitler. Yikes.

Jews: Wait, what?

God: Whoops, forget I said that. “Spoiler Alert,” am I right?


God: Anyway, we’re going to re-work this whole “God” thing. For example, kid-friendly is big these days in religion.

Jews: So, like…?

God: For example, I’m super chill now, for some reason. Plus there’s a heaven. Oh, and this is Jesus. He’s my son, and he’s God too, or something. It’s complicated, ok?

Jesus: Yo.

Jews: I think we’ll stick with the old one here.

God: Look, I love the brand loyalty, Jews, I really do. But this whole “God” thing isn’t playing to the right demographics. Jesus is a hip, young God, you know, for the whole “A.D.” generations.

Jesus: Surfs up, dudes!

God: Ha, that Jesus. What a character, right? This is going to play huge in Rome…

Jews: This…goes against everything you’ve ever told us.

God: No it doesn’t, so just shut up. Also, Jesus, you’re going to die.

Jesus: What? I thought I was your son! Or God. Or both!

God: Look, this is just complicated, okay Jesus? Besides, you totally return when you fight the Devil.

Jews: Who?

God: Right, he’s another new character. He’s like an evil God. Plot twist, right? We’re arch enemies.

Jesus: Why would you make your own arch-enemy? That’s really stupid.

God: Shut up, Jesus. And what would you know? You’re made of bread and wine.

Jesus: What? Why?

God: Sponsorships, alright? New testaments aren’t cheap.

Jews: I’m sorry, this is just way too different. Is this your fan-fiction or something?

God: Of course not. This is the logical progression of Judaism which I planned all along. Like when I made all those references to a lamb.

Jews: You made, like, five.

God: Well, they were all about Jesus. Foreshadowing. Um, I guess. So there.

Jews: Couldn’t you have been clearer then?

God: I work in mysterious ways, okay? Look, just go with it guys. I worked really hard on this. And come on, you totally owe me for the whole “creation” thing anyway.


Most Jews: Well, I guess we could.

God: Awesome! “Most Jews,” aka “New Christians”-

New Christians: We’re what now?

God: You won’t regret this guys. I have the whole thing planned perfectly.

Holy Ghost: Oooooooooh!


New Christians:

God: You’re going to love it.

A Religion Rant

My main problem with most religions, is their inability to respect other people’s’ beliefs.

You all can fight with each other about whose religion is right; can place wars upon that concept. Commit genocide over religion and discriminate against us atheist. But DAMN us if we attack you! It’s called logic and reasoning. It’s not our fault that your religions are contradictory and make no logical sense. Don’t blame us! The same way you all can spread your religious incoherent gibberish I can spread my ‘garbage‘ around as well. Religion doesn’t get auto respect. Especially after all the evil things it has done to people and people have done in the name of it. Also believe in whatever I want ? I don’t believe in anything as lack of evidence is needed to believe in something. I accept fact and that’s it. The only thing I believe in are concepts such as love, world peace, and equal human rights.

Up to this point I haven’t talked to a christian explaining to me how the humankind came to be without taking words from the bible as an allegory. What is more insulting is how most if not all of them seem unable to directly answer the close ended question “do you believe in the creation as said by the bible?”

A relationship with Jesus is like the battered woman syndrome – “He loves me. He punishes me. What if he left me? He knows everything. I must love him so I don’t get punished.” The prenuptial is fake and no spousal support; it’s like he was never there.

Free will? Define free will. “You’re free to buy any color bike, but I’ll kill you if you buy any other than blue one” isn’t free will. You can believe or not believe but you’ll go to hell if you don’t believe isn’t free will. But isn’t God omniscient? He should know if we’d believe in him or not. If he knows I’ll be an unbeliever and still doesn’t interfere, it means he’s purposefully created me to send me to hell! God gave us freewill as a gift and yet if we use that freewill to deny him, he will choose to punish us. Stupid isn’t? Right, thought so. This is even more stupid. God creates man and freewill knowing we will use it against him, we sin so he gets a women pregnant so she can give birth to himself. He then speaks to himself and gets himself crucified for our sins which he knew would happen because he knows all and gave us free will in the first place and you believe this!?

Without religion, good people would be doing good things, bad people doing bad things. But it takes Religion for good people to do bad things and feel righteous about their thoughts and actions.

An atheist strives to do what’s right, not what’s easy. An atheist
believes a hospital should be built instead of a church. An atheist
believes a deed should be done, instead of a prayer said. An atheist
strives for involvement in this life, and not an escape into the next.

Some of us always fear that we might get hit by a bus or get murdered in our sleep. Sometimes, we’re afraid that the guy next door will ruin us. Maybe a meteor will fall from the sky at any moment or cancer may destroy our lives. But that is nothing compared to the damage we can do to ourselves–without even trying.

Something you never hear in the news: “200 killed today when Atheist rebels took heavy shelling from the Agnostic stronghold in the North.”

The only good thing that comes from the bible are some great quotes, (the one used by Samuel Jackson in pulp fiction comes to mind.)

“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the we…ak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.”

Too bad too many religions poison and destroy people with their ignorance. So take a bow, fellow atheists. We are doing the good work by guiding the weak through their ignorance and hopefully to the light of knowledge.

Their book even says we are righteous!