Thank You Atheist Family!

You'll know your true friends when you're in need. My atheist family came through for me.

You’ll know your true friends when you’re in need. My friends…my atheist family came through for me.

I needed 18 more dollars for my son. I asked my family and friends for this money and they pretty much told me no because of my lack of belief. In that split-second, I almost regretted telling my family and my “friends” I was an atheist. If they still believed I was Christian, I would have had the money and then some without question. I was to the point where I was going to tell them that I was no longer an atheist and have converted back over some time ago; just to get the money I needed for my son.

Again, I don’t know if it was because of it being Black Friday or it was because I was an atheist, maybe both, but I went on my Black Atheist’s page to rant and in under 10 minutes I had the money and then some to help my son.

I sat there and cried in anger…it was anger because my family couldn’t help me, but complete strangers did. I was almost disgusted. I wasn’t expecting people to help me, but they did and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you, guys. You are my family, I know that now. You’ve been with me since the beginning and I love you all.

Note: I know not all Christians are this way. I have an ex mother-in-law that proves that. She gave me so many things for my son before he was even born; even her home. This is just to shed light that people will turn away from you just because of something that really shouldn’t matter when the same blood is flowing through their veins as yours.

If I had to sell my belongings, I was going to get that money for my son. Even if it meant he couldn’t watch his favorite learning show or Yo Gabba Gabba! for a while because of it. His well-being is what matters most. I couldn’t call myself a mother otherwise.

Edit: The reason I couldn’t ask my mother-in-law for the money is because she’s no longer talking to me because I divorced her son; she believes I’m the reason he’s homeless and losing 15 lbs.

I’ll try my best to repay you guys back for what you have given my son. I have a sense of peace right now. I don’t have to worry about my son not having what he really needs.

Again, thank you! I cry tears of joy tonight.

It Has Finally Happened…

My deranged religious cousin came out the woodwork with his religious babble. He even had a chance to demean me and women in general, before he blocked me. Ah…Christian love, can’t you just FEEL it?



This Is Why…

When I receive messages from supposed atheists that make simple-minded comments like this: Idiocyforblogtroll2 forblogtroll3

To answer your simple-minded question to “what the fuck is black atheists” or, “why is there a page for black atheists”…this is why:

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thisiswhy0Anymore questions?

List of diverse atheism Facebook pages:

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Free Thinkers of Azania

God Could Save A Man At A Gas-station, But Not An 8-Year-Old Boy?

Or anyone else that perished or suffered that horrendous day! The Boston Marathon bombing will be in history books, it will be retold and retold. Soon enough, if humans haven’t killed themselves off by then, there will be a time when someone saying “God was with me” is mocked and ridiculed for its ridiculousness.
damnchristians copy
It’s cute how they try so hard to convert you. I don’t need or want to be your friend. What could you possibly have gone through that would prove to me that your god exist? Did you get nailed to a cross then came back almost 2½ days later? Doubt it. You can keep your testimonies, your friend requests and your made-up zombie Jesus.

Wait, did this deluded person just say she doesn’t know the moon exist? She’s worst than the one yesterday who asked me, “How do you know air exists?”

Oh! It continues!

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